Ammas Pastries Menu

Ammas Pastries Menu

A cake shop you just can’t resist! Though there is no dearth of bakeries in and around the Bangalore region, yet the Ammas Pastries stand in a league of their own. Beautifully presented, delicious-tasting, freshly baked cakes, pastries, and cookies – rest assured, you’ll get all of this and more in the Ammas Pastries menu. Judging by the large number of people ordering every day, Ammas Pastries is definitely one of the most popular cake shops in Bangalore.

This is a chain of outlets with about three a dozen cake shops spread all over Bangalore, 7 in Kerala, 1 in Hyderabad, 4 in Coimbatore, and 6 outlets in UAE. Whether you’re a fan of fresh fruit or chocolate almond pastry, exotic blueberry or butterscotch, or even the ubiquitous vanilla or black forest, the Ammas Pastries will cater to every fancy of yours.

Ammas Pastries Menu with Prices

Check out the full menu of Ammas Pastries with price information in rupees.

Something Special Cakes

Choco Chillz₹96
Chocolate Almond Pastry₹96
Six Wonders₹110
Triple Queen₹103
Almond Pastry₹96
Fruit N Nuts₹96
Red velvet cake₹110
Baked Cheese Cake₹165
Baked Blueberry Cheese Cake₹178
Russian Honey Cake₹110

Exotic Fruitz Cakes

Classic Black Forest₹96
Fresh Kiwi Fruit₹110
Fruit Forest₹96
Fruit Truffle₹96
Green Apple Pastry₹96
Pineapple Tidbits₹96
Fresh Strawberry₹110

Premium Cakes

Black Currant₹89
Choco Butterscotch₹96
Choco Mars₹89
Choco Truffle₹96

Regular Cakes

Black Forest₹62
Pineapple Pastry₹62
Pure Chocolate₹75
White Forest₹62
Wonder Chocolate₹75

Mousse & Cheese Cakes

Blueberry Cheese₹96
Choco Cheese₹96
Choco Mousse₹89
Mango Mousse₹89
Strawberry Mousse₹89
White Cheese₹96


Choco Bar Cake₹21

EL Cakes

EL Blue Berry₹96
EL Choco Cheese₹96
EL Choco Truffle₹103
EL Pineapple₹69
EL Red Velvet₹116
EL Triple Queen₹110
EL White Forest₹69
El Black Forest₹69


Masala Bread 300gm₹62
Bread (Sweet)₹55
Sandwich Bread₹55
Bread (Multigrain)₹62

Dry Items

Cup Cake Vanilla W Cream₹48
Cup Cake Choco W Cream₹55
Cup Cake No Cream Choc (2 pcs)₹89
Red velvet cup cake₹75
Red velvet cup cake EL Mini₹84
Vanilla Tart₹48
Chocolate Tart₹48
Chocolate Cake Rusk 100 Gms₹89
Bread Rusk₹75
Coffee Walnut₹151
EL Fruit Cake₹103
Tea Cake Chocolate₹116
Tea Cake Vanilla₹82
Sponge Cake₹110
Rich Plum Cake₹41
Arabian Cake₹144
Carrot and Dates Cake₹123
Coconut Banana Cake₹123
EL Rich Plum Cake (No Egg & No Wine)₹45
Apple Pie₹55
Butter Toffy₹34
Mixture Big 200gms₹110
Mixture Bombay 200gms₹110
Mixture Medium 200gms₹110
Banana Chips Plain 200gms₹137


Season Cookies 150gm₹89
Butter Cookies₹82
Cashew Cookies₹89
Choco Chip Cookies₹82
Salt Biscuit₹82
Masala Biscut₹82
Melting Moment₹82
Vanilla Nuts₹82
Guraiba Cookies₹103
Dates Maamoul Cookies₹103
Almond honey cookies₹158
RedVelvet Cookies₹137


Egg Burger₹ 55
Croissant Veg Sandwich₹ 41
Chicken Burger₹ 62
Veg Burger₹ 55

Chocolate Bars

Choco ChBar₹30
Orange Chbar₹30
Pista Chbar₹30
White Chbar₹30
Strawberry Chbar₹30
Mango Chbar₹30
Pinenapple Chbar₹30
Pista mini chbar₹20
White mini chbar₹20
Orange mini chbar₹20
Strawberry mini chbar₹20
Choco mini chbar₹20
Pineapple mini chbar₹20
Mango mini chbar₹20

Imp Hmc Chocolate

IMP HMC Crispy 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Almond 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Orange 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Mango 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Galaxy 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Pineapple 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Strawberry 100gms₹100
IMP HMC White 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Dark 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Milk 100gms₹100
IMP HMC Pista 100gms₹100

Birthday Items

Party Popper₹144
Balloons Printed 10 Pcs Pkt₹75
Magical Candle₹41
Balloons Metallic Pkt₹219
Snow Spray₹90
Balloons Printed Heart Shape 10 Pcs Pkt₹75
Balloons 35 Pcs Pkt₹137
Rotate Candle₹116
Fancy Candle (12 mm)₹27
Fancy Ribbon (15 mm)₹7
Fancy Ribbon (18 mm)₹14
Fancy Ribbon (23 mm)₹19
Fancy Ribbon (30 mm)₹34
Fancy Ribbon (32 mm) special₹41
Fancy Ribbon (50 mm) special ₹130
Birthday Decoration Mix Item (21 pcs)₹548
Birthday Decoration Mix Item (31 pcs)₹548
Cake Topper (violet)₹69
Cake Topper (gold)₹69

Combo Pack

Dry Items-Combo₹397


Ammas Water Btl₹15

Packing and Disposable

Paper Plates PKT₹41
Wooden Spoon Pcs₹3
Tissue Paper₹69

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Ammas Pastries Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.