Barista Menu

Barista Menu

Barista is the second-largest and oldest coffee house chain in India with 275+ outlets. Barista brings to you the finest coffee beverages! The Barista menu also has pasta, momos, wraps, puffs, and sandwiches. Barista is the perfect cafe to unwind and refresh with friends or a date over a cup of coffee. Barista is just the need of the hour when you want to catch up with a friend or two.

Refresh your senses with a cup of coffee or tea, and snacks to go with it, at Barista! If you are sweet-toothed, then, simply order a delicious cake to go with your coffee! Barista is the ultimate coffee shop for those looking forward to stretching their legs while grabbing a bite! You can order online on Swiggy or Zomato from Barista or head to the Barista cafe for an evening of refreshments!

Barista Menu with Prices

Below down is the updated menu of Barista India with a price list.

Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot (Serves 2, 4 & 6)₹190
Black Coffee Pot (Serves 2, 4 & 6)₹190


Cappuccino + Smoked Chicken Sw (LCH)₹299
Cappuccino + Spinach Corn Sw (LCH)₹299
Cappuccino + Veg Biryani (LCH)₹299
Cappuccino + Paneer Roll (LCH)₹299
Americano + Pasta Arabiatta (LCH)₹299
Americano + Chicken Roll (LCH)₹299
Brrrista Frappe + Smoked Chicken Sw (LCH)₹299
Brrrista Frappe + Spinach Corn Sw (LCH)₹299
Brrrista Frappe + Veg Biryani (LCH)₹299
Brrrista Frappe + Chicken Biryani (LCH)₹299
Lemon Iced Tea + Paneer Roll (LCH)₹299
Lemon Iced Tea + Pasta Arabiatta (LCH)₹299
Lemon Iced Tea + Chicken Roll (LCH)₹299


Cafe Americano₹195
Cafe Mocha₹275
Cafe Latte₹220
Flat White₹240


Barista Tea₹185

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate₹270

Shake & Smoothie

Shake Chocolate Tiramisu₹300
Chocolate Smoothie₹295
Smoothie Rose Faluda₹275
Smoothie Berry Frappe₹275

Ice Tea

Peach Iced Tea₹220
Lemon Iced Tea₹220

Cold Coffee

Brrrista Blast₹365
Brownie Frappe₹390
Iced Cafe Mocha₹280

Cakes & Dessert

Cheese Garlic Bread (Pack of 4)₹150
Pineapple Gateau Cake – 500g₹499
Chocolate Excess Cake – 500 g₹680
Chocolate Excess Cake – Slice₹220
Banana Walnut Cake₹150
Red Velvet Cake₹155
Blueberry Muffin₹185
Choco Chip Muffin₹185
Indulgent Almond Muffin₹185
Brownie Fondente₹200


Vegetarian Puff₹125

Pasta & Momo

Pasta Arabiatta Veg₹210
Pasta Alfredo Veg₹210
Mix Veg Momo₹130
Chicken Momos₹140

Sandwiches & Wraps

Spinach & Corn Sandwich₹230
Smoked Chicken Sandwich₹275
Paneer Tikka In A Curry Bread₹210
Chicken Tikka In A Curry Bread₹235
Achari Paneer Kathi Roll₹210
Achari Chicken Kathi Roll₹235

Barista Pantry

Hazelnut Spread – 170g₹200
Choc-O-Affair Slab (Dark Choco Slab)₹180.95
Choc-O-Affair Slab (Milk Choco Slab)₹180.95
Drip Coffee Box (Pack Of 6 Pouches)₹476.19
Biscotti Box Pack of 3 (India Box)₹542.86
CHOC-O-AFFAIR Pack of 4 (Milk N Dark)₹665.71
Peanut Butter Cookie₹180.95
Mint Chocochip Cookie₹180.95
Espresso Biscotti₹180.95
Choco Mocha Cookies Tin – 100g₹180.95
Honey Oat Rissian Cookies Tin – 100g₹180.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies Tin -100g₹180.95
Premium French Press₹380.51
Premium Cookie Box (Pack of 3)₹542.86
Morning Glory- Ground Coffee Powder₹285.71
Barista House Blend₹276.19
Evening Twilight- Ground Coffee Powder₹285.71
Ginger Honey Tea jar₹161.90
100% Pure instant coffee-100 GM Jar₹271.43

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Barista Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.