Baskin Robbins Menu

Baskin Robbins Menu

Whether it is summer or winter, hot or cold, it is always the perfect time for a treat at Baskin Robbins which is now almost a household name for ice creams in most cities. They have 725+ outlets in 190 cities across India like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and more.

Baskin Robbins menu has various categories including, Shakes, Ice Cream Cakes, Sundaes, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Fruit lovers have ice cream in fruity flavors including mango, black currant, pineapple, strawberry, litchi, coconut, and banana. The kids will love the Mango and cotton candy flavors and the all-time favorites include flavors like coffee, butterscotch ribbon, black forest, etc. So there is always something for everybody at Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins Menu with Prices

Here is the full menu of Baskin Robbins India with a price list. Choose from over 31 flavors of ice creams with a wide variety of toppings.

Twin Combo Packs Gifting Pack No Added Sugar (factory sealed homepacks) Fruits (factory sealed homepacks) Classics & Nuts (factory sealed homepacks) Chocolates (factory sealed homepacks) Dairy Free Vegan (freshly scooped homepacks) Fruits (freshly scooped homepacks) Classics & Nuts (freshly scooped homepacks) Chocolates (freshly scooped homepacks) Dairy Free Vegan. (scoops) Fruits (scoops) Classics & Nuts (scoops) Chocolates (scoops) Signature Thick Shakes Fruit-Thick Shakes Classics & Nuts-Thick Shakes Chocolate-Thick Shakes Celebration Cakes (ice cream) Roll Cakes (ice cream) Sundaes Ice Cream Sandwich

Twin Combo Packs

Menu ItemsPrice
Vanilla + Mississippi Mud (500ml + 500ml)₹610
Vanilla + Fresh Very Berry Strawberry (500ml + 500ml)₹541
Vanilla + Honey Nut Crunch (500ml + 500ml)₹602
Mississippi Mud + Dutch Chocolate (500ml + 500ml)₹648
Fresh Alphonso Mango + Dutch Chocolate (500ml + 500ml)₹619
Cotton Candy + Mississippi Mud (500ml + 500ml)₹670
Fresh Alphonso Mango + Fresh Very Berry Strawberry (500ml + 500ml)₹580
Vanilla + Dutch Chocolate (500ml + 500ml)₹612
Hop Scotch Butterscotch + Dutch Chocolate (500ml + 500ml)₹659
Honey Nut Crunch + Mississippi Mud (500ml + 500ml)₹670

Gifting Pack

BR Happyness Pack₹1099

No Added Sugar (factory sealed homepacks)

DLites Bavarian Chocolate (450 ml)₹333
DLites Very Berry Strawberry (450 ml)₹333

Fruits (factory sealed homepacks)

Fresh Very Berry Strawberry (450ml)₹280
Fresh Very Berry Strawberry (700ml)₹351
Fresh Alphonso Mango (450ml)₹280
Fresh Alphonso Mango (700ml)₹399
Black Currant (450ml)₹333

Classics & Nuts (factory sealed homepacks)

Vanilla (450ml)₹280
Vanilla (700ml)₹351
Butterscotch Ribbon (700ml)₹351
Roasted Californian Almond (450ml)₹309
Roasted Californian Almond (700ml)₹399
Cotton Candy (450ml)₹333
Cotton Candy (700ml)₹475
Honey Nut Crunch (450ml)₹333
Honey Nut Crunch (700ml)₹475
Roasted Coffee Creme (450ml)₹333
Hop Scotch Butterscotch (450ml)₹333

Chocolates (factory sealed homepacks)

Mississippi Mud (450ml)₹357
Mississippi Mud (700ml)₹522
Three cheers chocolate (450ml)₹280
Choco Caramel Nut (450ml)₹324
Dutch Chocolate (700ml)₹399
Mint Milk Chocolate Chips (450ml)₹333
Gold Medal Ribbon (450ml)₹357
Gold Medal Ribbon (700ml)₹522

Dairy Free Vegan (freshly scooped homepacks)

Dairy Free Fresh Alphonso Mango (500ml)₹377
Dairy Free Fresh Alphonso Mango (700ml) ₹529
Dairy Free Fresh Alphonso Mango (1000ml) ₹749
Dairy Free Mississippi Mud (500ml) ₹377
Dairy Free Mississippi Mud (700ml) ₹529
Dairy Free Mississippi Mud (1000ml) ₹749

Fruits (freshly scooped homepacks)

Raspberry Sorbet₹377₹553₹739
Fresh Chikoo₹301₹406₹579
Fresh Litchi₹301₹406₹579
Fresh Tender Coconut₹301₹406₹579
Fresh Very Berry Strawberry₹301₹406₹579
Fresh Alphonso Mango₹344₹459₹659
Fruit Overload₹344₹459₹659
Banana N Strawberries₹344₹459₹659
Black Currant₹368₹530₹709

Classics & Nuts (freshly scooped homepacks)

Items (500ml) (700ml) (1000ml)
Morning Mystery₹377 ₹553₹739
Butterscotch Ribbon₹301 ₹406₹579
Kesar Pista₹344₹459₹659
Roasted Californian Almond₹344₹459₹659
Splish Splash₹344₹459₹659
Cotton Candy₹368₹530₹709
Honey Nut Crunch₹368₹530₹709
Roasted Coffee Creme₹368₹530₹709
Hop Scotch Butterscotch₹368₹530₹709
Pralines N Cream₹377₹553₹739

Chocolates (freshly scooped homepacks)

Hershey’s Kisses Caramel₹377₹553₹739
Hershey’s Chocolate Overload₹377₹553₹739
Three cheers chocolate₹301₹406₹579
Choco Caramel Nut₹301₹406₹579
Dutch Chocolate₹344₹459₹659
Belgian Bliss₹368₹530₹709
Chocolate Almond Praline₹368₹530₹709
Mint Milk Chocolate Chips₹368₹530₹709
Bavarian Chocolate₹377₹553₹739
Chocolate Mousse Royale₹377₹553₹739
Gold Medal Ribbon₹377₹553₹739
Mississippi Mud₹377₹553₹739
Very Berry Chocolate₹377₹553₹739
Hazelnut Rocher₹377₹553₹739

Dairy Free Vegan. & (scoops)

Dairy Free Fresh Alphonso Mango₹104₹146₹208
Dairy Free Mississippi Mud₹104₹146₹208

Fruits (scoops)

Items (118ml) (180ml)(236ml)
Raspberry Sorbet₹104₹146₹208
Fresh Chikoo₹74₹107₹148
Fresh Litchi₹74₹107₹148
Fresh Tender Coconut₹74₹107₹148
Fresh Very Berry Strawberry₹74₹107₹148
Fresh Alphonso Mango₹89₹126₹178
Fruit Overload₹89₹126₹178
Banana N Strawberries₹89₹126₹178
Black Currant₹99₹136₹198

Classics & Nuts (scoops)

Morning Mystery₹104₹146₹208
Butterscotch Ribbon₹74₹107₹148
Kesar Pista₹89₹126₹178
Roasted Californian Almond₹89₹126₹178
Splish Splash₹89₹126₹178
Cotton Candy₹99₹136₹198
Honey Nut Crunch₹99₹136₹198
Roasted Coffee Creme₹99₹136₹198
Hop Scotch Butterscotch₹99₹136₹198
Pralines N Cream₹104₹146₹208

Chocolates (scoops)

Hershey’s Chocolate Overload₹104₹146₹208
Hershey’s Kisses Caramel₹104₹146₹208
Three cheers chocolate₹74₹107₹148
Choco Caramel Nut₹74₹107₹148
Dutch Chocolate₹89₹126₹178
Belgian Bliss₹99₹139₹198
Chocolate Almond Praline₹99₹139₹198
Mint Milk Chocolate Chips₹198₹139₹198
Bavarian Chocolate₹104₹146₹208
Chocolate Mousse Royale₹104₹146₹208
Gold Medal Ribbon₹104₹146₹208
Mississippi Mud₹104₹146₹208
Very Berry Chocolate₹104₹146₹208
Hazelnut Rocher₹104₹146₹208

Signature Thick Shakes

Berry Bubble (300ml)₹295
Cotton Candy and Marshmallows (300ml)₹320
Mango Bubble (300ml)₹310
Lotus Biscoff (300ml)₹295
Hershey’s Chocolate Overload (300ml)₹335
Splish Splash (300ml)₹280
Cafe Mocha (300ml)₹280

Fruit-Thick Shakes

Fresh Chikoo (300ml)₹205
Fresh Litchi (300ml)₹205
Fresh Tender Coconut (300ml)₹205
Fresh Very Berry Strawberry (300ml)₹205
Fresh Alphonso Mango (300ml)₹220
Fruit Overload (300ml)₹220
Banana N Strawberries (300ml)₹220
Black Currant (300ml)₹230

Classics & Nuts-Thick Shakes

Morning Mystery (300ml)₹240
Vanilla (300ml)₹205
Butterscotch Ribbon (300ml)₹205
Kesar Pista (300ml)₹220
Roasted Californian Almond (300ml)₹220
Splish Splash (300ml)₹220
Cotton Candy (300ml)₹230
Honey Nut Crunch (300ml)₹230
Roasted Coffee Creme (300ml)₹230
Hop Scotch Butterscotch (300ml)₹230
Pralines N Cream (300ml)₹240

Chocolate-Thick Shakes

Hershey’s Chocolate Overload (300ml)₹240
Hershey’s Kisses Caramel (300ml)₹240
Three cheers chocolate (300ml)₹205
Choco Caramel Nut (300ml)₹205
Dutch Chocolate (300ml)₹220
Belgian Bliss (300ml)₹230
Chocolate Almond Praline (300ml)₹230
Mint Milk Chocolate Chips (300ml)₹230
Bavarian Chocolate (300ml)₹240
Chocolate Mousse Royale (300ml)₹240
Gold Medal Ribbon (300ml)₹240
Mississippi Mud (300ml)₹240
Very Berry Chocolate (300ml)₹240
Hazelnut Rocher (300ml)₹240

Celebration Cakes (ice cream)

KitKat Ice Cream Cake₹732
Lotus Biscoff Ice cream Cake₹761
Hershey’s Kisses Ice Cream Cake₹732
Pineapple (500g)₹609
Mango (500g)₹618
Black Forest (500g)₹570
Black Forest (1000g)₹951
Chocolate Truffle (500g)₹580
Chocolate Truffle (1000g)₹951
Cotton Candy (500g)₹618
Red Velvet Fantasy (500g)₹637
Blueberry Cheesecake (500g)₹637
Berry Dark Chocolate (500g)₹637

Roll Cakes (ice cream)

Classic Fudge Roll (90g)₹125
Classic Fudge Roll (900g)₹780
Bavarian Knight Roll (90g)₹125
Bavarian Knight Roll (900g)₹780
Mississippi Mud Roll (90g)₹125
Mississippi Mud Roll (900g)₹780
Red Velvet Roll (90g)₹125
Red Velvet Roll (900g)₹780


Hershey’s Chocolate Heaven₹235
Hershey’s – A nutty Affair₹280
Thunder Hot Fudge₹200
Banana Royale₹255
Nutty Professor₹245
Oreo Cookie₹225
Brownie A La Mode₹320
Banana Split₹325

Ice Cream Sandwich

Italian Wafer Sandwich – Vanilla₹110
Italian Wafer Sandwich – Chocolate₹110

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Baskin Robbins menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.