Biryani Zone Menu

Biryani Zone Menu

Biryani Zone was started with the motive of serving the best Hyderabadi Biryani to the foodies in Bangalore. Biryani zone is among the very few restaurants in Bangalore to cook Biryanis in the most authentic and cumbersome way, the way it is actually meant to be cooked. The low flames of an oven and genuine mixture of spices perfectly blended by the chef results in the most delicious Hyderabadi Biryani you can treat yourself with. This is clearly reflected in the delicious lip smacking Biryani that has gathered a fan following in recent days!

Biryani Zone menu has Indian, Tandoori, and Hyderabadi delights. With amazing food, made with traditional magical spices the food at Biryani Zone is a must try for any foodie. Biryani Zone currently has over 10 outlets in Bangalore and assures prompt delivery.

Biryani Zone Menu with Prices

Below is the complete menu of Biryani Zone restaurant with pricing details.

Traditional Biriyani

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani₹320
Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani Half₹229
Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biriyani₹350
Mutton Keema Biriyani₹370
Egg Biriyani (Non Veg Rice)₹230
Egg Biriyani Veg Rice₹210
Veg Biriyani (Hyderabadi Style)₹210
Biriyani Rice Full₹210
Biriyani Rice Half₹110

Family Pack Biriyani

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani Family Pack₹660
Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani Boneless Family Pack₹715
Leg Piece Chicken Dum Biriyani Family Pack₹715
Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biriyani Family Pack₹750
Fish Biriyani Family Pack₹770
Prawn Biriyani Family Pack₹820
Veg Biriyani Family Pack₹460
Paneer Biriyani Family Pack₹680
Mushroom Biriyani Family Pack₹680

Special Biriyani

Boneless Chicken Biriyani₹249
Leg Piece Chicken Biriyani₹249
Prawns Biriyani₹285
Fish Biriyani₹265
Paneer Biriyani₹230
Mushroom Biriyani₹230
Kaju Biriyani₹250

Chicken Starters

Guntur Chicken Dry₹265
Chicken Kabab₹265
Dum Ka Chicken (Semi Gravy)₹300
Chilli Chicken (B/L)₹300
Chicken Manchurian (B/L)₹300
Lemon Chicken Dry₹300
Chicken Lollipop₹300
Chicken Pepper Dry (B/L)₹300
Chicken 65 B/L₹300
Chicken Sholay Kabab (B/L)₹300
Garlic Chicken₹300
8 To 8 Chicken₹300
Mangolia Chicken₹315
Majestic Chicken Dry₹315
Honey Chilli Chicken B/L₹315
Shanghai Chicken₹315
Ginger Chicken₹315
Green Pepper Chilli B/L₹315
Hunan Chicken B/L₹315
Sweet & Sour Chicken B/L₹315
Chicken Satay₹315
Dragon Chicken₹315
Crunchy Chicken Dry₹315
Boneless Crispy Chicken₹315
Chicken Red Chilli Boneless₹315
Chicken French Fry₹315
Chicken Roast₹290
Chicken Ghee Roast₹315
Egg Pepper Dry₹205
Egg Chilli₹205
Egg Manchurian₹205
Egg Sholay Kebab₹205
Egg 65₹205
Boiled Egg₹40

Non Veg Tandoori Starters

Kalmi Kebab (2 Pieces)₹210
Tandoori Chicken (Full)₹580
Tandoori Chicken (Half)₹300
Chicken Tikka₹320
Kasturi Kabab₹320
Achari Tikka B/L₹320
Lasooni Tikka₹320
Adharaki Tikka₹320
Afghani Tikka₹320
Banjara Tikka₹320
Peshavari Chicken Tikka₹320
Hariyali Chicken Kabab₹320
Murgh Malai Kabab₹320
Irani Leg Kabab₹320
Reshmi Kabab₹320
Tangdi Kabab (2 Pieces)₹350
Fish Tikka₹350
Ajwaini Fish Tikka₹350
Mustard Fish Tikka₹350
Tandoori Prawns₹375

Mutton Starters

Mutton Fry₹350
Mutton Pepper Dry₹350
Dum Ka Mutton (Semi Gravy)₹350
Mutton Chilli₹350
Mutton Roast₹350
Mutton Keema Balls₹375
Mutton Seekh Kabab₹370

Sea Food Starters

Phuket Fish₹350
Fish Manchurian₹350
Fish Chilli₹350
Fish Schezwan₹350
Fish Pepper Dry B/L₹350
Fish Koliwada₹350
Fish Garlic Chilli₹350
Prawns Pepper Dry₹375
Prawns Manchurian₹375
Prawns Chilli₹375
Prawns Schezwan₹375
Prawns Salt & Pepper₹375
Satay Prawns₹375

Veg Starters

Crispy Chilli Veg Dry₹230
Gobi Manchurian₹230
Gobi Chilli₹230
Gobi Schezwan₹230
Gobi 65₹230
Aloo Jeera Dry₹230
Aloo Pepper Dry₹230
Mushroom Pepper Dry₹250
Mushroom Manchurian₹250
Mushroom Chilli₹250
Mushroom Schezwan₹250
Corn Pepper & Salt Dry₹250
Baby Corn Pepper Dry₹250
Baby Corn Manchurian₹250
Baby Corn Chilli₹250
Baby Corn Schezwan₹250
Baby Corn Lemon₹250
Crispy Baby Corn₹250
Honey Chilli Potato₹250
Paneer 65₹275
Paneer Satay₹275
Paneer Manchurian₹275
Paneer Chilli₹275
Paneer Schezwan₹275
Green Salad₹75
Mixed Veg Raitha₹105
Boondhi Raitha₹105
Pineapple Raitha₹110
Panneer Pepper Dry₹265
Panneer Sholay Kabab₹265
Mushroom Sholay Kabab₹250
Baby Corn 65₹250
Mushroom 65₹250
Fried Papad₹65
Roasted Papad₹65
Masala Papad₹65

Veg Tandoori

Veg Manchurian₹280
Harabara Kabab₹240
Paneer Tikka₹240
Veg Shami Kabab₹240
Veg Hariyali Kabab₹240
Veg Sheek Kabab₹240
Stuffed Mushroom Tikka₹265
Paneer Makmalai Tikka₹275

Indian Bread

Butter Roti₹55
Butter Naan₹70
Butter Kulcha₹60
Garlic Naan₹75
Butter Paratha₹70
Methi Roti₹55
Methi Paratha₹60
Masala Kulcha₹75
Aloo Paratha₹80
Stuffed Naan₹80
Stuffed Kulcha₹65
Kashmiri Naan₹125

Indian Non Veg Curry

Chicken Masala (Bone)₹265
Chicken Masala (Boneless)₹305
Butter Chicken (Boneless)₹285
Chicken Pepper Masala₹285
Chicken Hyderabadi₹285
Chicken Kadai₹285
Chicken Kolhapuri₹285
Lasooni Chicken Gravy₹285
Ginger Chicken Gravy₹285
Chicken Kali Mirch₹285
Chicken Saagwala (Palak)₹285
Chicken Nawabi₹285
Chicken Patiyala₹285
Chicken Lababdar (Boneless)₹310
Chicken Keema Masala₹310
Biriyani Zone Spl Chicken Curry₹305
Chicken Tikka Masala₹310
Punjabi Chicken₹310
Lara Mutton Masala₹350
Mutton Masala₹345
Mutton Pepper Masala₹350
Mutton Keema Masala₹375
Mutton Rogan Jhosh₹350
Mutton Hyderabadi₹350
Mutton Shai Kurma₹345
Mutton Kadai₹345
Fish Curry₹350
Prawns Masala₹375
Egg Masala₹175

Veg Curry

Dal Fry₹200
Dal Thadka₹205
Dal Batti₹230
Paneer Butter Masala₹265
Aloo Gobi Masala₹230
Veg Hyderabadi₹230
Palak Paneer₹230
Plain Palak₹230
Veg Kadai₹230
Aloo Mutter Masala₹230
Mix Veg Curry₹230
Veg Kolhapuri₹230
Capsicum Masala₹230
Baby Corn Masala₹230
Malai Kofta₹250
Veg Jaipuri₹250
Mushroom Masala₹250
Kadai Paneer₹250
Palak Corn Masala₹250
Paneer Malai Masala₹250
Veg Bhuna Masala₹250
Paneer Tikka Masala₹250
Dhal Makhani₹250
Makkai Paneer Masala₹250
Stuffed Capsicum Masala₹250
Kaju Curry (Spicy)₹285
Kaju Curry (Sweet)₹285

Chinese / Rice

Veg Fried Rice₹190
Veg Noodles₹190
Schezwan Veg Fried Rice₹210
Schezwan Veg Noodles₹210
Egg Fried Rice₹210
Egg Noodles₹210
Chicken Fried Rice₹230
Chicken Noodles₹230
Schezwan Egg Fried Rice₹215
Schezwan Egg Noodles₹215
Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice₹230
Jeera Rice₹170
Ghee Rice₹170
Mushroom Fried Rice₹210
Gobi Fried Rice₹205
Paneer Fried Rice₹230
Mixed Non Veg Noodles₹280
Mixed Non Veg Fried Rice₹280
Prawns Fried Rice₹270
Curd Rice₹120

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Biryani Zone Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.