Burger Singh Menu

Burger Singh Menu

For the best desi burgers in all of India! Burger Singh is a quick service restaurant which boasts of a wide variety of burgers. Although a purely burger eating joint, Burger Singh has no dearth of choice when it comes to the items on the Burger Singh menu. The restaurant finds its name amongst one of the fastest-growing burger chain of Indian origin.

Having become a favorite haunt of Indians, Burger Singh now has over 50 stores in 11 cities. A few must-haves on the menu include the Burger Singh special burger, Amar-Prem veg burger, Dilli-6 fries, and chocolava cake.

The highlight of the menu is the various combos on offer; very economical and each served with French fries plus a soft drink. You may also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from the Burger Singh and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Burger Singh Menu with Prices

Check down below is the latest menu Burger Singh with pricing details in rupees.

Holiday Special Menu – Big Discounts!!

Crispy Chicken Strip (3 Pcs) + Cheesy Pizza Pocket (3 Pcs) + Cheesy Coins (6 Pcs)₹349
6 Veg Snacker Burgers₹549
6 Chotu Singh Burgers₹599
6 Udta Punjab Junior Burgers₹649
6 Junior Fried Chicken Burgers₹699
4 Veg Burgers + 2 Dilli 6 Fries Regular + 2 Cheesy Coins (3 Pcs)₹599
4 Non-Veg Burgers + 2 Dilli 6 Fries Regular + 2 Cheesy Coins (3 Pcs)₹649
2 Chunky Paneer + 2 Chotu Singh + 2 Dilli 6 Fries Large₹749
2 Big Crispy Chicken + 2 Junior Fried Chicken + 2 Dilli 6 Fries Large₹799
3 Veg Burgers + 1 Cheesy Coins (3 Pcs) + Cheesy Pizza Pocket (3 Pcs) + Crispy Chicken Strip (3 Pcs)₹599
3 Non-Veg Burgers + 1 CheesyCoins (3 Pcs) + CheesyPizza Pocket (3 Pcs) + Crispy Chicken Strip (3 Pcs)₹649
6 Cheesy Coins (6 Pcs)₹649
Chicken Snacker + Junior Fried Chicken + Dilli 6 Fries Large + 2 Pepsi (250 ml)₹389
Big Crispy Chicken + American Grilled Chicken + Dilli 6 Fries Large + 2 Pepsi (250 ml)₹509
Veg Snacker + Chotu Singh + Dilli 6 Fries Large + 2 Pepsi (250 ml)₹349

2 Burgers starting at Rs. 119

Amar — Prem Veg₹119
Chicken Snacker + Chicken Snacker₹209
Amritsari Murgh Makhani + Amritsari Murgh Makhani₹319
American Grilled Chicken + American Grilled Chicken₹339
Jai — Veeru Chicken₹149
Veg Snacker + Veg Snacker₹155
Veg Snacker + Chotu Singh₹169
Veg Snacker + Chicken Snacker₹179
Udta Punjab 2.0 + Udta Punjab 2.0₹399

Large Burgers starting at Rs. 149

Bunty Pappeh Da Aloo₹169
Amritsari Murgh Makhani₹179
CHUNKY Paneer Pandey₹179
Dum Aloo₹179
American Grilled Chicken₹189
BIG CRISPY Chicken₹189
Chicken Pind-er₹189
Chicken United States of Punjab₹199
Potato Crunch₹149
Jattputt Chicken₹179
Paneer Pind-er₹179
Udta Punjab 2.0₹219

Regular Burgers

Veg Snacker₹99
Chotu Singh₹109
Chicken Snacker₹119
Junior Fried Chicken₹129
Junior Udta Punjab₹119
Veg United States of Punjab Junior₹159

Fries & Sides

Dilli-6 Fries (Regular)₹70
Dilli-6 Fries (Large)₹119
Hot Shock Fries (Regular)₹70
Hot Shock Fries (Large)₹119
Classic Salted Fries (Regular)₹70
Classic Salted Fries (Large)₹119
Moroccan Fries (Regular)₹70
Moroccan Fries (Large)₹119
Cheesy Coins₹69
3 Crispy Chicken Strips₹169
Cheesy Pizza Pockets (3 Pcs)₹119


Regular Combo – Veg₹184
Regular Combo – Chicken₹204
Large Combo – Veg₹234
Large Combo – Chicken₹264

Momo Bros!

Steamed Veg Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹109
Steamed Paneer Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹139
Steamed Chicken Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹139
Fried Veg Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹129
Fried Paneer Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹139
Fried Chicken Momo Bros (6 Pcs)₹149

Drinks (Beverages)

Shunya Cola (300 ml)₹60
Shunya Lime & Lemon (300 ml)₹60
Pepsi Can (330 ml)₹60
Lemon Ice Tea₹100
Peach Ice Tea₹100
Coolberg Peach₹79
Coolberg Ginger₹79
Coolberg Mint₹79
Ice Mineral Water₹40


Chocolava Cake₹99
Frozen Yoghurt – Mango Cheesecake₹99
Gajar Halwa₹99


Hot Bihari Dip₹25
Tandoori Dip₹25
Cheese Dip₹25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Burger Singh Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.