Byepass Dhaba Menu

Byepass Dhaba Menu

If you are looking for good North Indian and Chinese cuisine visit Byepass Dhaba. They have an outlet in Tangra, Kolkata. The Byepass Dhaba menu features a good assortment of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood starters, rice specialties, breads, dals, salad, raita, and dessert.

The lajawab paneer tikka and cheese garlic naan are Byepass Dhaba specialties that are popular with patrons. The seafood lovers will love the kung pao prawns and fish tikka lababdar. The full-fledged Chinese menu includes soups, appetizers, fried rice, noodles, and gravies. The chicken sweet corn soup and the paneer manchurian gravy are strong favorites on the Chinese menu. A typical meal for two costs Rs.1000 and they offer home delivery as well.

Byepass Dhaba Menu with Prices

Below down is the menu of Byepass Dhaba restaurant with updated price information.


Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹160
Veg Manchow Soup₹160
Veg Hot and Sour Soup₹160
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup₹180
Chicken Manchow Soup₹180
Chicken Hot and Sour Soup₹180

Veg Appetizers

Glazed Paneer Tikka [6 Pieces]₹270
Lajawab Paneer Tikka [6 Pieces]₹290
Chilli Paneer Dry₹240
Chilli Mushroom₹240

Non Veg Appetizers

Tandoori Murgh₹250
Murgh Reshmi Kebab [6 Pieces]₹300
Murgh Tikka Kebab [6 Pieces]₹300
Murgh Malai Kebab [6 Pieces]₹350
Roasted Chilli Chicken₹320
Crispy Honey Chilli Chicken₹330
Tangdi Kebab₹220
Mahi Tikka Kebab [4 Pieces]₹550
Drums of Heaven Beiging Style [6 Pieces]₹330
Pan Fried Chilli Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Butter Garlic Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Butter Garlic Prawns [5 Pieces]₹550

Veg Main Course

Jeera Aloo₹190
Aloo Do Pyza₹210
Mix Vegetable₹240
Khumb Masala₹250
Malai Kofta [2 Pieces]₹260
Dilkhush Kofta [2 Pieces]₹260
Kadai Paneer₹270
Paneer Dainya Adraki₹270
Paneer Tikka Lababdar₹290
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala₹290

Dal Main Course

Dal Fry₹180
Yellow Dal Tadka₹180
Veg Black Dal Tadka₹200
Makhanwal Dal₹205
Egg Black Dal Tadka₹210

Mughlai Main Course

Chicken Kasa [4 Pieces]₹290
Chicken Chaap₹250
Mutton Kasa [4 Pieces]₹390
Mutton Bhuna Masala [4 Pieces]₹395

Non Veg Main Course

Murgh Tikka Lababdar [5 Pieces]₹360
Murgh Tikka Butter Masala [5 Pieces]₹360
Tandoori Chicken Butter Masala [4 Pieces]₹340
Murgh Reshmi Butter Masala [5 Pieces]₹370
Lahori Murgh Masala [4 Pieces]₹270
Kadai Murgh [4 Pieces]₹280
Handiwala Methi Murgh [5 Pieces]₹310
Boneless Murgh da Bharta₹300
Chicken Curry [4 Pieces]₹270
Fish Tikka Masala [4 Pieces]₹590
Fish Tikka Lababdar [4 Pieces]₹590
Jhinga Mirch Masala [4 Pieces]₹560
Chingri Malai Curry [4 Pieces]₹560


Plain Naan₹55
Butter Naan₹65
Garlic Naan₹70
Cheese Garlic Naan₹90
Plain Tandoori Roti₹30
Butter Tandoori Roti₹40
Masala Kulcha₹75
Aloo Parantha₹75
Onion Kulcha₹75
Butter Garlic Naan₹80


Steamed Rice₹120
Jeera Rice₹160
Veg Pulao₹160
Green Peas Pulao₹160


Veg Manchurian Gravy₹240
Paneer Manchurian Gravy₹290
Chilli Paneer Gravy₹290
Chilli Chicken [8 Pieces]₹310
Hot Garlic Chicken [8 Pieces]₹310
Schezwan Chicken [8 Pieces]₹310
Chicken Manchurian [8 Pieces]₹310
Kung Pao Chicken [8 Pieces]₹310
Chilli Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Hot Garlic Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Schezwan Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Fish Manchurian [6 Pieces]₹470
Kung Pao Fish [6 Pieces]₹470
Chilli Prawns [5 Pieces]₹550
Hot Garlic Prawns [5 Pieces]₹550
Schezwan Prawns [5 Pieces]₹550
Prawns Manchurian [5 Pieces]₹550
Kung Pao Prawns [5 Pieces]₹550

Fried Rice 

Veg Fried Rice₹190
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice₹220
Egg Fried Rice₹200
Egg Schezwan Fried Rice₹230
Chicken Fried Rice₹210
Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice₹240
Mixed Fried Rice₹240
Mixed Schezwan Fried Rice₹270


Veg Hakka Noodles₹190
Veg Schezwan Noodles₹220
Veg Pan Fried Noodles₹200
Veg Gravy Noodles₹200
Egg Hakka Noodles₹200
Egg Schezwan Noodles₹230
Egg Gravy Noodles₹210
Chicken Hakka Noodles₹210
Chicken Schezwan Noodles₹240
Chicken Gravy Noodles₹220
Chicken Pan Fried Noodles₹200
Mixed Hakka Noodles₹240
Mixed Schezwan Noodles₹280
Mixed Gravy Noodles₹250


Green Salad₹90
Onion Salad₹80
Roasted Papad₹25
Mixed Raita₹110
Boondi Raita₹90

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Byepass Dhaba Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.