Chung Wah Menu

Chung Wah Menu

If you are in the mood to tickle your taste buds with some authentic Chinese food, then look no further. Try Chung Wah’s delicious Chinese delicacies. Every dish in the Chung Wah menu is prepared with care to ensure that you get a taste of authentic Chinese food, typical of the region!

Also it has many outlets in Bangalore, so it’s quite easy to order!! So head out to Chung Wah today and lose yourself in the yummy flavors of China!!

Chung Wah Menu with Prices

Below is the latest menu Chung Wah Menu restaurant with price details.


Veg Coriander Soup₹195
Veg Roasted Garlic Soup₹195
Veg Lo Han Choi Soup₹195
Veg 3 Treasure Soup₹195
Veg Manchow Thick Soup₹195
Veg Hot and Sour Thick Soup₹195
Veg Lung Fung Thick Soup₹195
Chicken Coriander Soup₹220
Chicken Roasted Garlic Soup₹220
Chicken 3 Treasure Soup₹220
Chicken Manchow Thick Soup₹220
Chicken Hot and Sour Thick Soup₹220
Chicken Lung Fung Thick Soup₹220
Seafood Clear Soup₹215
Seafood Coriander Soup₹215
Seafood Roasted Garlic Soup₹215
Seafood 3 Treasure Soup₹215
Seafood Manchow Thick Soup₹215
Seafood Hot and Sour Thick Soup₹215
Seafood Lung Fung Thick Soup₹215


Veg Stir Fried Asian Veggies salad₹230
Chicken Larb Gai Salad₹255


Korean Style Chicken Bulgogi₹305
Chicken Kolu Wantons₹330
General Tsos Chicken₹330
Sweet and Sour Chicken₹330
Sanpei Chicken₹330
Korean Sticky Chicken₹330
Fish in Plum Sauce₹360
Mandarin Fish₹360

Main Course

Veg Thai Red Curry₹310
Veg Thai Green Curry₹310
Chicken Thai Green Curry₹395
Chicken Thai Red Curry₹395
Seafood Thai Green Curry₹400
Seafood Thai Red Curry₹400

Fried Rice

Veg Fried Rice₹235
Veg Malacca Fried Rice₹235
Veg Spicy Fried Rice₹215
Veg Chung Wah Fried Rice₹235
Chicken Fried Rice₹260
Chicken Malacca Fried Rice₹260
Chicken Spicy Fried Rice₹235
Chicken Chung Wah Fried Rice₹260
Seafood Fried Rice₹255
Seafood Malacca Fried Rice₹255
Seafood Spicy Fried Rice₹255
Seafood Chung Wah Fried Rice₹255


Veg Noodles₹235
Veg Chung Wah Chowmein₹235
Chicken Noodles₹260
Chciken Chung Wah Chowmein₹260
Seafood Noodles₹255
Seafood Chung Wah Chowmein₹255


Veg Spring Roll₹275
Veg Dragon Roll₹275
Chicken Spring Roll₹320
Chicken Dragon Roll₹320
Lamb Dragon Roll₹310
Seafood Dragon Roll₹310

Basos and Dimsums

Veg Gyoza₹275
Chicken Char Siu Bao Dimsums₹320
Malai Chicken Wontons Steamed Dimsums₹320
Chicken Gyoza₹320
Chicken and Veg Momos Dimsums [8 Pieces]₹290

Small Eats

Mushroom Peppercorn₹285
Sichuan Crispy Potatoes₹285
Chilli Crispy Potatoes₹285
Hor Garlic Crispy Potatoes₹285
Pepper Salt Crispy Potatoes₹285
Sichuan Crispy Vegetable₹285
Chilli Crispy Vegetable₹285
Hot Garlic Crispy Vegetable₹285
Pepper Salt Crispy Vegetable₹285
Sichuan Button Mushroom₹285
Chilli Button Mushroom₹285
Hot Garlic Button Mushroom₹285
Pepper Salt Button Mushroom₹285
Sichuan Paneer Cottage Cheese₹285
Chilli Paneer Cottage Cheese₹285
Hot Garlic Paneer Cottage Cheese₹285
Pepper Salt Paneer Cottage Cheese₹285
Chicken Drumettes in Chilli Tomato Relish₹330
Chicken Satays with Peanut Chutney₹330
Dancing Prawn₹380
Fish Finger₹380
Chilli Chicken in Curry Leaves₹330
Chicken in Lemongrass₹330
Drunken Chicken Wings₹330
Pan Fried Chicken₹330
Pan Fried Lamb₹395
Sauteed French Beans with Minced Chicken₹330
Ginger Soy Steamed Fish₹395
Chiang Mai Chicken₹330
Crispy Devils Lamb₹395
Wok Tossed Black Pepper Prawn₹395
Minced Chicken₹300
Drums of Heaven₹300

Rice Bowl

Veg Nasi Goreng₹285
Veg Triple Sichuan Rice₹285
Veg Kung Pao with Rice₹285
Veg Fujian Rice₹285
Chicken Nasi Goreng₹330
Mongolian Chicken Rice₹330
Chicken Triple Sichuan Rice₹330
Chicken Larb with Egg and Rice₹330
Chicken Kung Pao with Rice₹330
General Taos Chicken with Rice₹330
Chicken Fujian Rice₹330
Chicken Claypot Rice₹300
Seafood Nasi Goreng₹335
Seafood Triple Sichuan Rice₹335
Seafood Kung Pao with Rice₹335
Seafood Fujian Rice₹335
Seafood Claypot Rice₹335

Noodles Bowl

Veg Mamak Mee Goreng₹260
Veg and Peanut Noodles₹285
Veg Pad Thai₹285
Veg Chiang Mai Noodles₹285
Veg Koi Theo₹260
Veg Mee Foon₹260
Veg Cantonese Chow₹285
Veg Chinese Chopsuey₹285
Veg American Chopsuey₹285
Veg Dragon Chopsuey₹285
Veg Hokkien Chowmein₹285
Veg Peking Noodles₹260
Veg in Thai Curry₹260
Chicken Mamak Mee Goreng₹300
Sichuan Chicken Noodles₹330
Chicken Pad Thai₹330
Chicken Chiang Mai Noodles₹330
Chicken Koi Theo₹300
Chicken Mee Foon₹300
Chicken Cantonese Chow₹330
Chicken Chinese Chopsuey₹330
Chicken American Chopsuey₹330
Chicken Dragon Chopsuey₹330
Chicken Peking Noodles₹300
Chicken Hokkien Chowmein₹330
Chicken in Thai Curry₹300
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Ho Fan Noodles₹300
Seafood Mamak Mee Goreng₹335
Seafood Pad Thai₹335
Seafood Chiang Mai Noodles₹335
Seafood Koi Theo₹335
Seafood Mee Foon₹335
Seafood Cantonese Chow₹335
Seafood Chinese Chopsuey₹335
Seafood American Chopsuey₹335
Seafood Dragon Chopsuey₹335
Seafood Peking Noodles₹335
Seafood Hokkien Chowmein₹335
Seafood in Thai Curry₹335

Broth Bowl

Veg Noodle Soup₹285
Veg Wonton Soup₹285
Chicken Noodles Soup₹330
Chicken Wonton Soup₹330
Chicken Dumpling with Spicy Broth₹330
Thai Style Broth with Fish₹370
Seafood Noodles Soup₹335
Seafood Wonton Soup₹335

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Chung Wah Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.