Frozen Bottle Menu

Frozen Bottle Menu

For freshly made delicious milkshake of every flavor! Frozen Bottle is the ultimate one-stop shop for all types of milkshakes. Frozen desserts, ice cream jars, signature thick shakes, waffles (100% vegetarian) – name it and you have it and a lot more in the Frozen Bottle menu! Serving some of the best desserts, The Frozen Bottle is the most loved milkshake brand in India.

Having gained immense popularity among the people over the years, The Frozen Bottle now has more than 150 outlets spread all over 26 cities. You may also now order online on Zomato or Swiggy from Frozen Bottle and await delivery at your doorstep.

Frozen Bottle Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Frozen Bottle with pricing details in rupees.

Big Saver Combos

Frozen Star Special Combo₹634.74
Arabian Delight Combo₹634.74
Modern Twist Combo₹592.37
Chocolate Overload Combo₹592.37
Healthful Treat Combo₹550
Good Old Days Combo₹507.63
Fruity Affair Combo₹465.26

Signature Dessert Jars & Sundaes

Dark Fantasy Sundae- Melt In Your Arms₹221.57
Dark Fantasy Sundae- Karamel Kiss₹221.57
Red Riding Hood Dessert₹227.96
Nutty Choco Jumbo Dessert₹236.43
Melting Pot Dessert₹219.49
Banana Caramel Goodness Dessert₹219.49
Choco Chip Cookie Dessert₹219.49
Tutty Fruity Dessert₹219.49
Dark temptation Sundae₹177.12
The Rainbow Sundae₹177.12
Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae₹168.64

Signature Thick Shakes

Pop Corn Time₹185.59
Nutty Thandai Thick shake₹219.49
Desi Kheer Milk shake₹168.64
Black Forest Thick shake₹219.49
Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Thick shake 500 ML₹278.81
Dark Fantasy Thickshake- Tall Dark & Handsome₹194.87
Dark Fantasy Thickshake- Up All Night₹194.87
Banana Gulkand Milk shake₹194.06
Snickers Surprise Milk shake₹194.06
Kesar Badam Milk shake₹168.64
Filter Kaapi Milk shake₹168.64
Mango Milk shake₹194.48
Berry Blast Milk shake₹194.06
Red Velvet Thick shake₹194.06
Salted Caramel Milk shake₹194.06
Good Ol Vanilla Milk shake₹194.06
Persian Thick Shake₹211.01
Loving Lychee Milkshake₹194.06
Peanut Butter Brownie Shake₹194.06
Nutty Chocolate Thick shake₹219.49
Fig & Honey Thick shake₹219.49
Ferroro Rocher Thick shake₹295.76
Kitkat Oreo Thick shake₹194.06
Belgian Dark Chocolate Thick shake₹295.93
Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Thick shake₹202.54

Healthy Cravings

Cold Coffee – Sugar Free Milkshake₹219.49
Nutty Vanilla – Sugar Free Milkshake₹219.49

Knockout Ice Creams

Caramel Kit Kat Ice Cream – Single Scoop₹134.74
Caramel Kit Kat Ice Cream- Double Scoop₹168.64
Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream₹109.32
Dry Fruit Delight Ice Cream₹109.32
Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream₹117.79
Caramel Nuts Ice Cream₹117.79
Alphonso Mango Ice Cream₹109.32
Chickoo Ice Cream₹109.32
Black Current Ice Cream₹109.95
Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream₹117.96

Refreshing Mocktails

Berry Poppins₹117.79
Skinny Dip₹117.79
Peach Me₹117.79

Stone Ice Cream Dessert Jars

Nutts Overdose Stone Dessert₹202.54
Caramel Sutra Stone Dessert₹202.54
Brownie Overdose Stone Dessert₹202.54
Choco Ferroro Rocher Stone Dessert₹236.44
Chocolate Factory Stone Dessert₹202.54
Crak Eh Belgian Stone Dessert₹202.54
Death By Chocolate Sundae₹202.54
Exotic Fruitscream Stone Dessert₹177.12
Paan Stone Dessert Jar₹202.53
Candilicious Stone Dessert₹177.12
Pink Panther Stone Dessert₹177.12


Oreo Dark Fantasy Waffle₹117.79
Banana Caramel Delight Waffle₹117.79
Sticky Choco Hazelnut Waffle₹117.79
White Chocolate Fantasy Waffle₹117.79
Choco Peanut butter Waffle₹117.79
Crunchy Nutella Waffle₹126.27
Mr.Black & White Waffle₹160.16
Choco Hazelnut Overload Waffle₹160.16
Choco Snicker Twist Waffle₹160.16
Nutellla Kit Kat Fashion Waffle₹177.12
Ms.Pink Beauty Waffle₹168.64
Choco Brownie Temptation Waffle₹168.64

Seasonal Creations

Sitaphal Milk shake₹194.06
Sitaphal Ice Cream₹109.31

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Frozen Bottle Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.