Cafe Hunan Menu

Cafe Hunan Menu

Café Hunan is a Michelin recommended place to try authentic Hunan cuisine in the heart of Hong Kong! One defining characteristic of Hunan food is its sharp spicy flavor. Cafe Hunan Menu has signature dishes, soups, or seafood – mixed, topped, or fried with chopped red chili peppers. All meals from Cafe Hunan can be finished off with a refreshing choice of soft drinks. Loved for the robust, rich flavors and famously spicy notes, this Chinese restaurant is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.

As a key component of Hunan cuisine, griddled dishes are a comforting one-pan option that at this eatery include premium ingredients such as frog, succulent pork, beef, and gourmet vegetarian options. Griddled dish menu options at this restaurant start at around HK$88.

Those looking for the lighter, healthier option can choose from the restaurant’s steamed dishes, whilst those wanting something more substantial can choose from a huge range of fried chicken, fish, or pork dishes and from an extensive selection of vegetable sides, breads, and rice options.

Cafe Hunan Menu with Prices

Here is the full menu of Cafe Hunan restaurant with pricing information.

Signature Dishes Steamed Dishes is thriving Cold Dishes Water Boil Dishes Griddled Dishes Griddles & Iron Plates Fried Dishes Vegetables Rice and Noodles Latest Additions Soups Nourishing Soup Desserts Drinks

Signature Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Mandarin Duck Fish Head KingHK$168
Spicy ShrimpHK$118
Iron Pot Stinky Mandarin FishHK$158
Classic BuckleHK$126
Flavored Bacon BeefHK$118
Overlord ElbowHK$238
Farmhouse Fried PorkHK$93
Cumin Inch BoneHK$142
Youxian Fragrant Dried PorkHK$93
Mao’s Braised PorkHK$122
Fried Ear Tips with GarlicHK$108
Sizzling Cumin BeefHK$133
Changsha Stinky Tofu PotHK$108
Dry Pot Lettuce BaconHK$128
Steamed Fish Head with Chopped PepperHK$168
Dongting Fish Head KingHK$168
Spring Water Oil TofuHK$101
Spicy CrayfishHK$228

Steamed Dishes is thriving

Laoganma Steamed Pork RibsHK$95
Changsha Steamed EggHK$68
Fan Steamed Baby VegetablesHK$93
Steamed Enoki Mushrooms with Chopped PeppersHK$75

Cold Dishes

Changde Sauce Pan Duck WholeHK$198
Burnt Chili Preserved EggHK$58
Pat CucumberHK$58
Iced Fern Root PowderHK$65
Red Oil FungusHK$58
Kelp SaladHK$58
Half A Saliva ChickenHK$118
Whole Saliva ChickenHK$208

Water Boil Dishes

Fish Fillet with Pickled Cabbage and OsmanthusHK$378
Sauerkraut and Carp FilletsHK$208
Boiled BeefHK$208
Boiled Osmanthus Fish FilletsHK$378
Boiled Carp FilletsHK$208

Griddled Dishes Griddles & Iron Plates

Griddled Millennium ChickenHK$128
Dry Pot Chiba TofuHK$102
Sizzling Potato ChipsHK$89
Iron Plate Crystal PowderHK$88
Dry Pot FrogHK$138
Iron Pot Yellow Bone FishHK$142

Fried Dishes

Salt and Pepper Chicken CartilageHK$103
Stir-fried Yellow Beef (sour and spicy)HK$138
Small Fried ChickenHK$128
Spicy ChickenHK$138
Stir-fried Pork Belly with CeleryHK$108
Braised pork belly with green peppers (with soup)HK$108
Fried Pork with Beans and CarbsHK$98
A Bowl of IncenseHK$112
Bandit Pork LiverHK$95
Hot and Sour Chicken GizzardsHK$98
Xiangxi Rice TofuHK$85
Fried Bacon with Baby VegetablesHK$106
Scrambled Eggs with Green PeppersHK$85
Fried Egg with Chopped PepperHK$85
Fried Bacon with Chicken and Bamboo ShootsHK$108
Stir-fried Dried CeleryHK$93
Braised Chicken with Yellow Gong PepperHK$151
Beer DuckHK$151
Phoenix FlowerHK$101
Hengdong DusiHK$105
Stir-fried Deboned MeatHK$112


Hot and Sour Lotus Root TipHK$83
Casserole YamHK$88
Large pot of Long BeansHK$86
Dry Pot Organic CauliflowerHK$95
Spicy EggplantHK$86
Green Bean CasseroleHK$86
Eggplant and BeansHK$92
Shredded CabbageHK$82
Hot and Sour Shredded PotatoHK$82
Stir-fried Lettuce ShredsHK$83
Sour Bean Minced PorkHK$83
Snow Red Fried Minced PorkHK$86
Peasant Grandmother DishHK$78
Shawo YamHK$88
Sand Wo Thong CaiHK$85
Stir-fried LettuceHK$82
Salted Egg Yolk Shredded PotatoesHK$81
Salted Egg Yolk Green BeansHK$81
Eggplant with Salted Egg YolkHK$83

Rice and Noodles

Changsha Fried Rice NoodlesHK$68
Shuxiang Fried RiceHK$72
Noodles in Clear SoupHK$50

Latest Additions

Stir-fried Chicken Gizzards with White ChiliHK$108
Fried sausage with white pepperHK$122
Fried Sausage with Bitter GourdHK$122

Soups Nourishing Soup

Noyama Bakso MaruyuHK$115
Wild Mushroom Chicken SoupHK$125


Sweet Wine Soup Balls (serves 2)HK$58
Sweet Wine Soup Balls (serves 4)HK$58
Osmanthus cake (8 pcs)HK$78


Cream SodaHK$20
Diet CokeHK$20
Soda WaterHK$25
Mineral WaterHK$20
Soy Milk (bottle)HK$25
Bamboo Slushy Root (bottle)HK$25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Cafe Hunan Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.