Pizza Box Menu

Pizza Box Menu

Back in 1985 Pizza Box was a franchisee of the well-known Domino’s pizza for Hong Kong and Macau. However, in 2003 Pizza Box started its own business after the expiration of a company franchise agreement with Domino’s Pizza. They inherited the merit of Domino’s on food quality control and developed their own pizza and pasta concept, expanding a wide variety of food at a more competitive price. An important place in the Pizza Box menu also goes for meals with pasta, rice, and wings.

Now Pizza Box has more than 10 stores in Hong Kong located in Tai Po, Kwun Tong, Mong Kok, Sha Tin, and more places, serving quality food and services to their valuable customers. 

Pizza Box Menu with Prices

Here is the full pizza box hong kong menu with detailed price information.

Combos Wings Pastas & Baked Rice Pizza Sides Beverages


Menu ItemsPrice
Value Medium Pizza ComboHK$198
Value Medium Pizza Combo (with side)HK$238
Value Large Pizza ComboHK$228
Value Large Pizza Combo (with side)HK$272
Baked Chicken Thigh Medium Pizza ComboHK$208
Baked Chicken Thigh Medium Pizza Combo (with side)HK$238
Baked Chicken Thigh Large Pizza ComboHK$258
Baked Chicken Thigh Large Pizza Combo (with side)HK$288
Combo Set For 4-5HK$375
Combo Set For 6-8HK$535
2x Large PizzaHK$298
3x Large PizzaHK$452


Baked Chicken Thigh (3 pcs)HK$85
BBQ WingsHK$85
Korean Spicy WingsHK$85

Pastas & Baked Rice

Bacon and Mushroom Spaghetti with Carbonara SauceHK$85
Bacon and Mushroom Baked Rice with Carbonara SauceHK$85
Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti with Cream SauceHK$85
Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice with Cream SauceHK$85
Meat Sauce Lasagne with White Cream SauceHK$98
Spaghetti with Meat SauceHK$85
Baked Rice with Meat SauceHK$85
Chicken Fillet SpaghettiHK$98
Chicken Fillet Baked RiceHK$98


Bacon Cheese Burger (Medium)From HK$150
Bacon Cheese Burger (Large)From HK$198
Meat Lover’s (Medium)From HK$166
Meat Lover’s (Large)From HK$218
Spicy Deluxe (Medium)From HK$158
Spicy Deluxe (Large)From HK$212
Tropical Special (Medium)From HK$153
Tropical Special (Large)From HK$202
Deluxe (Medium)From HK$158
Deluxe (Large)From HK$212
Super Deluxe (Medium)From HK$166
Super Deluxe (Large)From HK$218
Cheese Pizza (Medium)From HK$118
Cheese Pizza (Large)From HK$165
Hawaiian Delight (Medium)From HK$158
Hawaiian Delight (Large)From HK$212
Mexican Deluxe (Medium)From HK$166
Mexican Deluxe (Large)From HK$218
Tuna Island (Medium)From HK$158
Tuna Island (Large)From HK$212
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Medium)From HK$158
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Large)From HK$198
All Star Vegi (Medium)From HK$153
All Star Vegi (Large)From HK$202
Hawaii Island (Medium)From HK$150
Hawaii Island (Large)From HK$198
Manhattan (Medium)From HK$150
Manhattan (Large)From HK$198
Salmon Island Pizza (Large)From HK$232


French Garlic Bread with Ham and Cheese (4 pcs)HK$58
Cream of Mushroom and Corn SoupHK$28
Potato Vegi SaladHK$20
Mini Hash Brown (30 pcs)HK$52
Homemade Meatball with Cheesy Sauce (10 pcs)HK$66
Teriyaki Chicken Skewer(6 pcs)HK$63
French Garlic Bread with Cheese(4 pcs)HK$52


Pepsi ColaFrom HK$15
Pepsi LightHK$15
7-UpFrom HK$15

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Pizza Box Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.