Yoshinoya Menu

Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast-food chain that was founded in Tokyo in 1899. Over the last years, the restaurant gained a good reputation. The most popular dish on the Yoshinoya menu is the Japanese beef bowl (Gyudon) which is indeed their signature item that is worth giving a shot at. By using premium beef, pearl rice, and healthy vegetables as ingredients, it is no wonder that the beef bowls are loved by many customers. Actually even their logo transmits the meaning of Yoshinoya being the best restaurant selling the best beef bowls.

Some interesting facts in the restaurant’s history are that its first open 24 hours store opened doors in 1952 and only several years after that the chain made its 1st million dollars in sales. This opened up the possibility of expanding the business beyond Japan which resulted in over 2000 branches worldwide today, including Hong Kong.

Yoshinoya opened its first outlet in Hong Kong in 1991 and since then the Japanese chain has 60+ outlets in New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island.

Yoshinoya Menu with Prices

Here is the latest yoshinoya hong kong menu with detailed price information.

Tea Set Shabu Shabu Combos Individual Meal Snacks Drinks

Tea Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef Bowl (regular)From HK$40
Beef & Hot Spring Egg Bowl (regular)From HK$42
Teiyaki Chicken & Vegetable Bowl (regular)From HK$39
Beef & Vegetable Bowl (regular)From HK$39
Beef Kelp UdonFrom HK$41
Chicken Kelp UdonFrom HK$40
Beef Demae RamenFrom HK$41
Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Demae RamenFrom HK$40

Shabu Shabu

Opt Set for 1 (sukiyaki soup)From HK$118
Special Set for 2 (sukiyaki soup) – with 2 beef or pork or chicken portionFrom HK$178
Premium Set for 2 (sukiyaki soup) – with 2 beef or pork or chicken portionFrom HK$188
Shabu Set for 3 (sukiyaki soup)From HK$258


Combo for 2From HK$136
Special Combo for 2From HK$172
Combo for 3From HK$196
Special Combo for 3From HK$242
Combo for 4From HK$256
Special Combo for 4From HK$312
Combo for 6From HK$398

Individual Meal

Beef Bowl (large)From HK$60
Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Bowl (large)From HK$59
Beef & Hot Spring Egg Bowl (large)From HK$66
Beef & Vegetable Bowl (Sumo)From HK$65
Beef & Vegetable with Hot Spring Egg Bowl (large)From HK$65
Beef & Vegetable with Hot Spring Egg Bowl (sumo)From HK$71
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken BowlFrom HK$66
Japanese Curry Beef & Chicken BowlFrom HK$67
Pork & Vegetable Bowl (large)From HK$62
Mushroom, Beef & Chicken BowlFrom HK$69
Pork & Chicken BowlFrom HK$69
Japanese Curry Pork & Chicken BowlFrom HK$72
Mushroom, Pork & Chicken BowlFrom HK$72
Braised Pork Belly & Vegetable Bowl (large)From HK$65
Chicken Nanban Bowl (large)From HK$80


Enoki Beef Roll (3 pcs)HK$20
Grilled Saba FishHK$32
Pickled GingerHK$1
Mini Oden (x1)HK$18
Hot Spring Egg (1 pc)HK$10
Chicken Frank (2 pcs)HK$18
Soft Boiled Egg (1 pc)HK$18
Chicken Nanban (3 pcs)HK$46


Miso SoupHK$12
Pepsi (can)HK$12
7 Up (can)HK$12
Mirinda (can)HK$12
Pepsi Black (can)HK$12
Peach Delight with Nata de CocoHK$25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Yoshinoya Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.