Hocco Eatery Menu

Hocco Eatery Menu

Feel the freshness, with Hocco Eatery! A variety of burgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, and the like are all set to welcome you at the eatery, located prominently in two of the very widely frequented hot spots of Gujarat – Ahmedabad, and Baroda. Hocco Eatery menu also has rice meals, milkshakes, ice creams, fries, and beverages. Due to the fan following which has built up for the eatery over time, Hocco Eatery has come to be counted as one of the very popular quick service restaurants.

The best part about Hocco Eatery? You can have all those delectable tit-bits from Hocco Eatery right in the comfort of your homes as well! All you have to do is order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Hocco Eatery and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Hocco Eatery Menu with Prices

Check down below is the full menu of Hocco Eatery restaurant with a price list.

Hocco Specialities

Butter Bhaji Pav₹229
Chana Kulcha₹229
Chana Puri₹229
Kulcha [1 Pcs]₹35
Punjabi Samosa [2 Pcs]₹80
Samosa Chaat₹115
Single Pav₹29
Vegetables Cutlets [2 Pcs]₹100
Cheese Chutney Sandwich₹115
Cheese Corn Capsicum Sandwich₹170
Cheese Sandwich₹150
Double Decker Mumbai Masala Sandwich₹229
Jumbo Grilled Sandwich₹229
Paneer Taka Tak Sandwich₹180
Vegetable Coleslaw Sandwich₹99
French Fries [Large]₹80

Thick Pizza

Cheesy Mexicana Thick₹400
Double Cheese Margherita Thick₹345
Four Cheese Thick₹460
Hocco Special Italian Farmhouse Six Inch Thick₹265
Hocco Special Italian Farmhouse Ten Inch Thick₹345
Margherita Thick Pizza Six Inch₹115
Margherita Thick Pizza Ten Inch₹230
Oh So Cheesy !thick₹400
Paneer Exotica Thick₹400
Rock Corn Veggie! Thick₹400
Smoked Paneer Thick Pizza Ten Inch₹399

Thin Pizza

Ahmedabadi Style Thin Pizza Ten Inch₹285
Cheesy Mexicana Thin₹400
Double Cheese Margherita Thin₹345
Four Cheese Thin₹460
Hocco Special Italian Farmhouse Thin Ten Inch Thin₹345
Margherita Thin Pizza Ten Inch₹230
Oh So Cheesy !Thin₹400
Paneer Exotica Thin₹400
Rock Corn Veggie!Thin₹400
Smoked Paneer Thin Pizza Ten Inch₹399

Hocco Burger

Aloo Tikki Burger₹70
Paneer Taka Tak Burger₹115
The Ultimate Vegetarian Fix Burger₹100

Hocco Rice Meals

Butter Pulao₹205
Cheese And Herb Rice₹229
Paneer Taka Tak Biryani₹250
Vegetable Biryani₹250

Milk Shakes

Chocolate Milk Shake₹149
Cold Coffee Milk Shake₹149
Dry Fruit Milk Shake₹170
Kesar Pista Milk Shake₹149
Nutty Belgian Milk Shake₹195
Oreo Blast Milk Shake₹170
Strawberry Milk Shake₹115
Vanilla Milk Shake₹100

Hocco Combos

Aloo Tikki Burger + Regular Fries + Coke 250 Ml₹135
Butter Pulao + 1 Chaas₹229
Chana Puri +Butter Pulao + 2 Chaas₹480
Cheese Corn Sandwich + Cold Coffee₹299
Hocco Special Pizza 10 + Double Decker Sandwich + 2 Coke [250Ml]₹520
Hocco Special Pizza 10 + Jumbo Grilled Sandwich + 2 Coke 250 Ml₹575
Pav Bhaji + Butter Pulao + 2 Chaas₹480

Ice Cream Cakes

Choco Bliss Cake₹951.43
Mocha Brownie Cake₹951.43
American Fruit & Nut [Cake] 1L [1X1]N₹809.52

Hocco Ice Cream Tub

Almond Carnival [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹160
American Nuts [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹160
Butter Scotch [ Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹125
Chocolate Chips [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹150
Chocolate [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹125
Cookie Cream [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹160
Kaju Draksh [Loose Tub 500Ml]₹125
Kesar Pista [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹160
Mocha Brownie Fudge [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹200
Nutty Belgain Dark Chocolate [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹230
Raj Bhog [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹200
Strawberry [Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹115
Vanilla [ Loose Tub 500 Ml]₹115


Masala Chaas₹35


Cranberry Almond Energy Bar₹39.29
Phab Choco Almond Bar₹33.90
Phab Cold Coffee Shake₹84.75
Phab Fruit & Nut Bar₹42.37
Phab Strawberry & Creme Shake₹84.75
Phab Swiss Chocolate Shake₹84.75

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Hocco Eatery Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.