Asian Haus Menu

Asian Haus Menu

Asian Haus, striving to be the one and only destination when it comes to great contemporary Pan- Asian cuisine, has come a long way over the past years and managed to establish a name for itself. Focusing on cuisines ranging from Chinese, Japanese, and Malaysian, to Multi-cuisine, Thai, and further to Vietnamese cuisines, the Asian Haus menu is never a disappointing choice.

Asian Haus provides choices ranging from Soups and Appetizers to great main courses of vegetarian, chicken, and mutton, as well as a variety of seafood, curries, salads, breads, rice, and noodles; drinks and desserts are also available depending on your craving and appetite.

Asian Haus Menu with Prices

Check down below the complete menu of Asian Haus restaurant with prices.

Make Your Own Sushi Platter Sushi Platters Bento Box [ah] Haus Noodle Bowls Dim Sum Sushi New Haus Baos Soups & Salad Rice & Noodles Appetizers Wok & Curries Poke Bowls Sushi Burritos Japanese Pizza’s

Make Your Own Sushi Platter

Menu ItemsPrice
Veg Sushi Platter {32 pcs}₹1980
Non Veg Sushi Platter {32 pcs}₹2475

Sushi Platters

Haus Veg Platter₹1550
Midori Platter₹1550
Veg Tempura Platter₹1550
Haus Non Veg Platter₹1825
Seafood Lovers Platter₹1825
Non Vegetarian Platter (20 pcs)₹1825
Midori Platter (32 pcs)₹1550

Bento Box [ah]

Veg Bento [ah]₹325
Chicken Bento [ah]₹425
Seafood Bento [ah]₹595

Haus Noodle Bowls

Haus Khao Suey Veg₹545
Haus Khao Suey – Non Veg₹595
Pan Fried Noodles Veg₹325
Miso Pork Ramen₹425
Sichuan Udon – Dan Dan Noodles With Tofu₹395
Spicy Vegetable Ramen₹415
Pan Fried Noodles Chicken₹345
Sichuan Udon-Dan Dan Noodles With Chicken₹445

Dim Sum

Spinach & Mushroom Crystal Dumpling₹370
Edamame & Truffle Dumpling [ah]₹370
Orient Veg Dumpling₹370
Veg Dimsum Platter (20 pcs) [ah]₹1310
Veg Dimsum Platter (12 pcs)₹805
Bok Choy Dimsum₹370
Four Style Mushroom & Water Chestnut Dumpling₹370
Sichuan Mix Vegetable Dumpling [ah]₹370
Chicken Cashew Nut Dumpling₹385
Chicken Scallion Dumpling₹385
Non Veg Dimsum Platter (12 pcs)₹895
Chicken & Chilli Oil Dimsum₹385
Chicken & Basil Dimsum₹385
Chicken And Spinach Roll (5 pcs) [ah]₹385
Prawn Butter & Garlic Dimsum₹385
Prawn & Chive₹385
Garlic Prawn Dumpling With Chilli Oil₹385
Ds Prawn Har Gau₹385
Hoisin Duck Dumpling₹385
Lamb & Curry Dimsum₹385

Sushi New

Asparagus Tempura₹355
Crunchy Spicy Mushroom₹355
Spicy Asparagus Tempura₹355
Spicy Avocado₹355
Spicy Edamame Roll₹355
Tempura Tofu₹355
Veg Rainbow₹355
Veggie California₹355
Wasabi Veggies₹355
Edamame Maki₹355
Avocado Maki₹355
Cream Cheese & Chives₹355
Crunchy Teriyaki Tofu Roll₹355
Crispy Chives₹355
Chicken Katsu₹370
Crispy Chicken₹370
Crunchy Crab₹370
Haus Dynamite₹370
Prawn Tempura₹370
Salmon Avocado₹370
Spicy Salmon₹370
Tokyo Roll (4 pcs)₹370
Salmon Maki₹370
Tuna Maki₹370

Haus Baos

Beetroot Bao (3 pcs)₹370
Korean Tofu Bao (2 pcs)₹345
Wasabi Truffle Mushroom Bao (2 pcs)₹345
Korean Chicken Bao (2 pcs)₹345
Pork Belly Bao₹395
Singapore Chilli Crab Bao (2 pcs)₹445

Soups & Salad

Lemon Coriander Soup Veg₹335
Manchow Soup₹335
Tom Yum Veg (spicy)₹335
Veg Wonton Noodle Soup [ah]₹335
Miso Tofu Soup₹370
Hot & Sour Veg₹335
Lemon Coriander Soup Chicken₹365
Manchow Soup Chicken₹365
Wonton Noodle Soup Chicken₹365
Chicken Tom Yum Soup (spicy)₹365
Hot & Sour Soup Chicken [ah]₹365
Chicken & Shrimp Tom Yum Soup (spicy)₹430
Shrimp Tom Yum Soup (Spicy)₹430
Som Tam Salad₹325
Edamame & Quinoa Salad₹365
Soba Noodle Salad With Silken Tofu [ah]₹375
Lettuce Cups Veg₹325
Thai Crunchy Salad Veg₹325
Asian Chicken Salad₹375
Lettuce Cups Chicken₹345
Thai Crunchy Salad Chicken₹375

Rice & Noodles

Steamed Rice₹195
Sticky Rice₹215
Edamame Tokyo Rice veg [ah]₹355
Hawker Fried Rice Veg₹325
Thai Basil Fried Rice Veg₹325
Basil Sticky Rice Veg₹345
Edamame Tokyo Rice With Chicken [ah]₹395
Nasi Goreng₹395
Orient Fried Rice – Egg₹345
Basil Sticky Rice Chicken₹375
Thai Basil Fried Rice Chicken₹375
Singapore Noodles Veg₹325
Pad Thai Veg₹335
Sichuan Udon-Dan Dan Noodles – Tofu₹395
Singapore Noodles Chicken₹345
Hawker Chilli Garlic Noodle Chicken₹345
Sichuan Udon-Dan Dan Noodles – Chicken₹445


Crispy Veg Wonton (5 pcs)₹370
Truffle Cheese Wonton (5 pcs)₹370
Asian Spring Rolls Veg [6 pcs]₹375
Burnt Garlic Tofu [AH]₹375
Crackling Corn₹375
Lettuce Cups Veg₹375
Classic Chilli Paneer₹325
Spicy Edamame₹395
Crispy Chicken Wonton (5 pcs)₹420
Asian Spring Rolls Chicken (6 pc) [ah]₹385
Sesame Honey Chicken₹410
Crispy Korean Chicken₹ 430
Lettuce Cups Chicken₹440
Sichuan Spicy Chicken Dry₹345
Chicken Satay (8 pcs) [ah]₹430
Crispy Sesame Lamb₹465
Pepper Lamb₹465
Golden Fried Prawns (4 pcs)₹475
Wasabi Prawns (4 pcs)₹475
Sesame Honey Prawn₹475
Sichuan Spicy Shrimp₹475
Fiery Chilli Fish₹455
Fiery Chilli Sole [ah]₹655
Haus Chilli Pork₹395
Hoisin Duck Wonton (4 pcs)₹385

Wok & Curries

Thai Yellow Curry Veg with Steamed Rice₹450
Red Curry Prawns With Steamed Rice₹545
Yellow Lamb Curry | Steamed Rice₹545
Yellow Curry Prawns | Fragrant Rice₹545
Thai Green Curry Veg Steamed Rice [ah]₹450
Thai Red Curry Veg | Steamed Rice₹450
Cold Soba Noodle Salad With Silken Tofu₹430
Exotic Veg In Teriyaki Sauce [ah]₹450
Oriental Greens With Roasted Garlic₹450
Schezwan Style Spicy Vegetables₹450
Claypot Tofu₹450
Sriracha Kung Pao Tofu₹450
Spicy Long Beans₹415
ATM (Asparagus, Tofu & Mushroom)₹475
Crispy Spinach₹450
Mixed Vegetables In Black Bean Sauce₹450
Sichuan Udon – Dan Dan Noodles With Tofu₹450
Stir-fried Veggies In Hot Garlic Sauce₹450
Spicy Basil Minced Chicken₹475
Chicken In Hot Bean Sauce₹475
Schezwan Style Spicy Chicken₹475
Soy & Garlic Chicken₹475
Sichuan Udon- Dan Dan Noodles With Chicken₹475
Classic Chilli Chicken₹475
Mangolian Lamb₹495
Wok Seared Pepper Lamb₹495
Cantonese Style Ginger Fish₹515
Haus Burnt Garlic Fish₹515
Schezwan Style Spicy Fish₹515
Singapore Chilli Garlic Fish₹515
Sriracha Kung Pao Fish₹515
Steamed Ginger Oyster Fish₹515
Thai Basil Stir-Fry Fish₹515
Thai Steamed Fish In Chilli Lime Sauce₹515
Sriracha Kung Pao Prawns₹545
Chilli Ginger Cashew Prawns₹545
Haus Burnt Garlic Prawn₹545
Singapore Chilli Garlic Prawn / Crab₹545

Poke Bowls

Edamame Water Chestnut₹475
Truffle Mushroom₹475
Crunchy Wasabi Shrimp₹575
Crunchy Chicken₹555

Sushi Burritos

Fiery Avocado₹425
Smoky Teriyaki Tofu₹425
Spicy Karaage Chicken₹495
Ninja Crab₹595
Salmon Samba₹595

Japanese Pizza’s

Red Pepper Truffle₹585
Salmon Avocado₹645

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Asian Haus Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Asian Haus Online Delivery

Asian Haus is now closer to you than ever. In a few simple steps, you can enter your order and have your favorite dish delivered to your home.

All you have to do is go to Zomato, Swiggy, or Asian Haus’s official website, and go through the menu, selecting everything you desire. They will process your order and deliver your favorite Asian Haus dish straight to you.