Barbeque Nation Menu

Barbeque Nation Menu

Barbeque Nation is the 1st restaurant in India that brings the unique idea of live grilling. Barbeque Nation menu has both non-veg and veg dishes.

Apart from veg and non-veg starters, a sumptuous main course with biryanis, curries, and desserts are available. There is also a great variety of Thalis available to go along with the yummy starters. Barbeque Nation is one restaurant that is a must-order for any foodie!

Barbeque Nation Menu with Prices

Check out the latest menu of Barbeque Nation restaurant with pricing information.

Nonveg Overloaded Box

Barbeque in a Box (Non Veg Overload)₹1099
Grills in a Box (Non Veg Over Load)₹699
Barbeque in a Box (Non Veg Regular)₹799
Chicken Overloaded Box₹1049

Barbeque in a Box

Barbeque in a Box (Veg)₹849
Barbeque in a Box (Non Veg)₹949

Grills in a Box

Grills in a Box (Veg)₹499
Grills in a Box (Non Veg)₹599

Biryani & Kebab Box

My Biryanis & Kebabs Box₹949
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Chicken)₹699
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Mutton)₹1099
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Veg)₹599

Biryanis & Kebabs Box – Regular

My Biryanis & Kebabs Box – Regular₹669
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Chicken-Regular)₹629
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Mutton-Regular)₹779
Biryani & Kebabs Box (Veg-Regular)₹569

Meals in a Box

Meals in a Box (Veg)₹599
Meals in a Box (Non Veg)₹699

Kebab Platters

Chicken & Fish Tikka Platter₹459
Paneer Tikka & Grilled Pineapple Platter₹459
Chicken Tikka & Drumstick Platter₹459
Chicken Wings & Tandoori Tangdi Platter₹459

Kebabs & Shareables

₹259Tandoori Paneer Tikka₹259
Cheesy Paneer Tikka₹259
Chilli Paneer₹199
Cajun Spice Potato₹149
Tandoori Mushroom₹229
Chicken Tikka (Boneless)₹279
BBQ Chicken Wings₹259
Punjabi Tangdi (3 Pcs)₹269
Chilli Chicken Dry (Boneless)₹269
Chessy Chicken Tikka₹289
Crumb Fried Fish Fingers₹279
Amritsari Fried Fish₹279
Golden Fried Prawns ₹299
Grilled Prawns (9 Pcs)₹299
U & BBQ Buddy Platter (Non Veg)₹519
U & BBQ Buddy Platter (Veg)₹359
Tandoori Fish Tikka₹289

Dal & Curries

Kadai Paneer₹239
Veg Makhanwala₹169
Butter Chicken₹239
Kadai Chicken₹259
Mutton Rogan Josh₹309
Fish Masala₹239
Egg Masala₹179

Biryani & Rice

Chicken Biryani₹269
Veg Biryani₹209
Chicken Fried Rice₹179
Veg Fried Rice₹179
Egg Fried Rice₹179
Flavoured Rice₹109
Mutton Biryani₹339
Chicken Tikka Biryani₹309
Paneer Tikka Biryani ₹269

Meals & Thalis

Premiun Thali Veg₹309
Paneer Butter Masala & Dal Makhani Meal₹249
Dal Makhani & Veg Makhanwala Meal ₹209
Butter Chicken & Dal Makhani Meal₹259
Mutton Rogan Josh and Dal Makhni Meal₹299
Egg Masala & Dal Makhani meal₹239
Mutton Rogan Josh & Chicken Butter masala Meal ₹339
Premium Non-Veg Thali₹359
Punjabi Thali (Non Veg)₹309


Lachha Paratha₹30
Butter Naan₹30
Plain Kulcha₹25


Angoori Gulab Jamun (12 Pcs)₹89
Chocolate Brownie₹109
Moong Dal Halwa₹109

UBQ Rice/Paratha Bowls

Butter Chicken Rice Bowl₹219
Chilli Chicken Fried Rice Bowl₹209
Fish Masala & Paratha Bowl₹219
Dal Makhani & Paratha Bowl₹179
Veg Makhanwala & Paratha Bowl₹179
Egg Masala & Paratha Bowl₹179
Paneer Butter Masala Rice Bowl₹209

Beverage Combos

Grilled Chicken Tikka with Coke₹309

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Barbeque Nation Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.