Bhojohori Manna Menu

Bhojohori Manna Menu

For authentic Bengali home-style cuisine – for the Taste of Kolkata! Bhojohori Manna invites you to sample and savor an array of delicious items cooked the Bengali way. Whether it is veg chop or mochar ghonto, chicken kosha, or chicken dakbangla  – you’ll find it all in the Bhojohori Manna menu! Serving some of the best Bengali food, Bhojohori Manna is a highly popular Bengali restaurant.

With the immense popularity it has gained over the years, Bhojohori Manna now has several outlets in Siliguri, Bangalore, puri, and Kolkata. What’s more, there are also a few tandoor items available at Bhojohori Manna for those who aren’t particularly fond of Bengali food. So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Bhojohori Manna outlet now! You may also order food online on Swiggy or Zomato from Bhojohori Manna and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Bhojohori Manna Menu with Prices

Check out the full menu of Bhojohori Manna restaurant with an updated price list.

Specials Combos Starter Tandoori Starters Veg Main Course Non Veg Main Course Seafood Main Course Breads Rice Roll Snacks Desserts


Menu ItemsPrice
Rui Machher Dimer Bora (2 pcs)₹85
Mourala Machher Bati Chorchori₹165
Kochu Pata Chingri₹165
Lau Chingri₹165
Mocha Chingri₹165


Luchi with Aloo Dum (4 pcs)₹140
4 Luchi with Chicken Dakbangla (2 pcs)₹245
Pulao with Chicken Dakbangla (3 pcs)₹390
4 Luchi with Mutton dakbangla (2 pcs)₹290
Pulao with Mutton Dakbangla (3 pcs)₹455
Rice with Jumbo Ilish Barishali₹555
Rice with Bagda Chingri Malai Curry₹400
Luchi 4 pcs with Alur Dom andBhetki Rongpuri Fry₹315
Rice with Large Katla kalia₹275
Rice with Chicken Jhol/Curry (2 pcs)₹255
Rice with Mutton Jhol/Curry (2 Pcs)₹300


MJ Ilish Mach Bhaja₹230
Katla Mach Bhaja₹150
Bhetki Rongpuri Fry (1 pc)₹175

Tandoori Starters

Paneer Tikka₹160
Barbecued Bhetki₹470
Barbecued Prawns₹470
Chicken Kali Mirch Kabab₹270
Chicken Tangri Kabab₹280
Tandoori Roti₹25

Veg Main Course

Alur Dom (4 pcs)₹65
Chhanar Dalna (2 pcs)₹115
Dhokar Dalna (4 pcs)₹115
Jhinge Alu Posto₹115
Alu Phulkopi Koraishutir Torkari₹115
Mochar Ghonto₹115
Panchmeshali Torkari₹115
Matar Paner₹150
Dal of the Day₹70
Cholar Dal₹80
Machher Matha Diye Dal₹90

Non Veg Main Course

Chicken Jhol (3 pcs)₹240
Chicken Kosha (3 pcs)₹250
Chicken Dakbangla (3 pcs, 1 egg)₹260
Mutton Jhol (3 pcs)₹305
Mutton Kosha (3 pcs)₹315
Mutton Dakbangla (3 pcs, 1 egg)₹325

Seafood Main Course

Rui Jhol (1 pc)₹95
Katla Kalia (1 pc)₹175
Bhetki Kalia (1 pc)₹205
Parshe Shorshe (1 pc)₹200
Pabda Shorshe (1 pc)₹220
Jumbo Ilish Barishali (1 pc)₹455
Jumbo Chitol Peti (1 pc)₹480
Chitol Muitha (4 pcs)₹235
Jumbo Tel Koi (1 pc)₹300
Bhetki Paturi (1 pc)₹230
Jumbo Bhetki Paturi (1 pc)₹290
Kakrar Jhal (Medium, 1 pc)₹310
Bagda Chingri Malai Curry (2 pcs)₹300
Jumbo Golda Chingri Malai Curry (1 pc)₹405
Bagda Daab Chingri (2 pcs)₹330
Jumbo Ilish Bhapa (1 pc)₹455


Hath Roti₹12
4 Luchi₹80


Steamed Rice₹105
Basanti Pulao₹135
Dhakai Chicken Biryani₹310
Dhakai Mutton Biryani₹350


Bhetki Roll (1 pc)₹195
Corn Cheese Roll (1 pc)₹80
Bhetki Cheese Roll (1 pc)₹195
Achari Bhetki Croquette (1 pc)₹190


Mochar Chop (1 pc)₹40
Veg Chop (1 pc)₹40
Aloo Bhaja₹55
Dimer Devil (1 egg)₹70
Chicken Cutlet (1 pc)₹130
Mutton Cutlet (1 pc)₹145
Machher Chop (1 pc)₹70
Bhetki Fish Finger (4 pcs)₹175
Prawns Cutlet (1 pc)₹160
Mutton Chop₹80
Paneer Chop (1 pc)₹45
Mocha Chingri Chop₹70
Chicken Chop (1 pc)₹75
Gondhoraj Chicken (4 pcs)₹135


Notun Gurer Ice Cream₹190
Mishti Doi (1 pc)₹55
Rajbhog (1 pc)₹35
Langcha (1 pc)₹40
Sandesh (1 pc)₹35
Aam Doi₹80
Chutney of The Day₹60

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Bhojohori Manna Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.