Burger King Menu

Burger King Menu

Founded in 1953, Burger King is a hamburger fast food restaurant. As of 2019, Burger King has more than 18000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world. In addition, the Burger King menu also offers french fries, soft drinks, chicken wings, and milkshakes.

In 2014 Burger King opened its first outlet in Delhi and now has over 250 restaurants in India.

Burger King Menu with Prices in India

Here is the complete Burger King India menu with updated price information in rupees.


Veg Whopper₹149
Lite Whopper Jr Veg₹109
Lite Whopper Jr Chicken₹119
Double Lite Whopper Jr Veg₹149
Double Lite Whopper Jr Chicken₹169
Chicken Whopper₹179


Crispy Veg₹55
Tikki Twist Burger₹60
Veg Makhani Burst Burger₹60
Veg Crunchy Volcano₹60
Crispy Chicken₹80
Crispy Veg With Cheese₹69
Crispy Veg Double Patty₹69
Classic Veg₹79
Chicken Makhani Burst₹80
Chicken Crunchy Volcano₹80
Crispy Chicken with cheese₹89
Spicy Grill Chicken Burger₹99
Classic Chicken₹99
Crispy Chicken Double Patty₹109
Cheese Meltdown₹169
Chicken Tandoor Grill₹149
Big Smokey Grill Chicken Burger₹159
Fiery Chicken₹179
King Egg Double Patty Burger₹80
King Egg With Cheese Burger₹80
Crispy Veg Double Patty with Cheese₹95

2 For Combos

Double Crispy Veg + Double Crispy Veg₹150
Crispy Chicken + Med Fries₹159
Crispy Veg With Cheese + Med Fries₹155
BK Classic Veg + BK Classic Veg₹158
Crispy Veg + Crispy Chicken₹134
Crispy Chicken + Crispy Chicken₹158
1Crispy Veg Double Patty + 1Med Fries₹149
BK Classic Chicken + King Egg Burger₹158
Lite Whopper Jr Veg+ Crispy Veg₹174
Crispy Veg + Crispy Veg₹99
Tikki Twist Burger + Medium Peri Peri Fries₹165
Veg Makhani Burst Burger+ Medium Peri Peri Fries₹165
1 Veg Crunchy Volcano + Lite Whopper Jr Veg₹169
Chicken Makhani Burst Burger + Chicken Fries₹159
King Egg Double Patty Burger + King Egg Double Patty Burger₹160
King Egg + Medium Fries₹145
King Egg + Chicken Fries (5 pcs)₹139


Veggie Strips₹49
Medium Fries₹79
Chicken Fries (5 pcs)₹79
King Fries₹89
King Peri Peri Fries₹99
Cheesy Fries₹109
2 Med Fries₹170
Fiery Hell Dip₹20
Easy Cheesy Dip₹20
Sweet N Spice₹20

Chicken Wings

Fried Wings (2 pcs)₹79
Boneless Wings Regular₹129


Mango Shake₹139
Chocolate Shake₹139
Medium Pepsi (400 ml)₹79
Regular Pepsi (300 ml)₹69
King Pepsi (550 ml)₹89

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Burger King Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Burger King Delivery In India

If you live in several cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jalandhar, Jaipur, and Ludhiana, you are one step closer to Burger King! Through Swiggy or Zomato, you can order your favorite Whopper online, with no long queues!

Simply download their application to your smartphone or visit their website. Choose your location then find a Burger King around you, choose your favorite food items from the Burger King menu, and pay online, enjoy your favorite burger with your favorite shake while watching your favorite drama to make your night fun!