Burger Lounge Menu

Burger Lounge Menu

Looking for a delicious burger? Look no further than the Burger Lounge! With a variety of farm fresh meat burgers to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Burger Lounge menu also offers pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and wraps. You can also choose from a variety of beverages like iced tea, shakes, mojitos, and fizz.

Order on Zomato or Swiggy from Burger Lounge today and see for yourself what makes Burger Lounge the best burger joint in town!

Burger Lounge Menu with Prices

Check out the full menu of Burger Lounge with an updated price list in rupees.

Burger Lounge Signature’s

Original Double Down₹220
Double Cheese Double Down₹210
Double Down Zinger Dozer₹249
Triple Down₹349
Veg Creamy Butter₹269
Veg Tangy Tomato₹269
Veg Fiery BBQ₹269
Veg Peri Peri Fusion₹269
Chicken Creamy Butter₹289
Chicken Tangy Tomato₹289
Chicken Fiery BBQ₹289
Chicken Peri Peri Fusion₹289

Deep Fried Crispy Burgers

Aloo Tikki Burger₹159
Aloo Tikki Cheese Burger₹189
Mega Classic Veg Cheese Burger₹259
Zinger Paneer Burger₹230
Devils Paneer Burger₹240
Mexican Jalepeno Burger₹199
Mega Mexican Jalepeno Burger₹259
Nashville’s paneer burger₹230
Supreme Zinger Burger₹240
Supreme Mega Zinger Burger₹289
Asc Zinger Burger₹235
Mega Asc Burger₹275
Devil Zinger Burger₹245
Nashvilles Zinger Burger₹269
Chizza Burger₹255
Crispy Fish Burger₹240
Devils Fish Zinger Burger₹255
BBQ Zinger Burger₹245
Devils Chicken Burger₹215
Satshya Special₹285

Pan-grilled Burgers

Chicken Steak Burger₹220
Mega Steak Burger₹289
Spicy Fillet Burger₹230
Mega Spicy Fillet Burger₹285
Grilled Peri Peri Burger₹225
Mega Grilled Peri Peri Burger₹299
Egg Bulls Eye₹120

Smashed Grilled Burger

Classic chicken Burger₹165
Classic Cheese Chicken Burger₹180
Mega Classic Chicken Cheese Burger₹250
Classic Double Cheese Burger₹189
Indo Asian Burger₹189
BBQ Chicken Cheese Burst Burger₹199
Peri Peri Chicken cheese burst Burger₹199

Fried Chicken Meals

Chicken Snack Meal₹289
Chicken Kings Meal₹369
Chicken Dinner Meal₹440
Chicken Royal Meal₹599
Chicken Family Meal₹799

Burger Meals

Crispy Paneer Meal₹289
Zinger Meal₹299
Peri Peri Cheese Meal₹249
BBQ Cheese Meal₹259
Double Down Meal₹320
Chizza Meal₹199


Chicken Crunchy Wings₹240
Chicken BBQ Wings₹270
Regular Fried Chicken₹105
Piri Piri Fried Chicken₹110
Nashville Chicken₹299


Classic Margherita Pizza₹220
Veg Farmhouse Pizza₹220
Grilled Chicken Margherita Pizza₹230
Chicken Tikka Pizza₹245
BBQ Chicken Pizza₹219
Spicy Chicken Roasted Pepper Pizza₹229
Shanhan Pizza₹245


Veg Creamy Alfredo Penne₹269
Veg Classic Arrabiata Penne₹269
Chicken Creamy Alfredo Penne₹289
Chicken Classic Arrabiata Penne₹289


Pizza Burst Veg Sandwich₹180
Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich₹190
Zinger Burst Sandwich₹199
Veg Cheese Club Sandwich₹199
Mexican Veg Club Sandwich₹220
Chicken Cheese Club Sandwich₹210
Chicken Steak Club Sandwich₹245
Asc Club Sandwich₹269


Veg Frankie Wrap₹130
Spicy Mexican Veg Wrap₹140
Egg Wrap₹99
BBQ Chicken Wrap₹180
Californian Zinger Wrap₹189
Smoky Steak Wrap₹189
Spicy Fillet Wrap₹189


Salted French Fries₹120
Peri Peri French Fries₹125
Chicken Pops₹145
Chicken Nuggets₹120

Coffee Shakes

Oreo Blast Shake₹120
Coffe Courtyard Shake₹120
Cafe Frappe Shake₹120
Mocha Frappe Shake₹120
Cafe Caramello Shake₹120

Iced Tea

Lemon Treaty Iced Tea₹99
Caribbean Peach Iced Tea₹99

Iced Crushers

Pineapple Thunder Iced Crusher₹99
Strawberry Blast Iced Crusher₹99
Blue Iced Crusher₹99
Lmg Iced Crusher₹99
Mango Maaza Iced Crusher₹99


Virgin Mojito₹115
Green Apple Mojito₹115
Pineapple Mojito₹115
Strawberry Mojito₹115
Blue Ocean Mojito₹115


Green Lady Fizz₹115
Lemon Mint Ginger Fizz₹115


Oreo Crumble₹120

Crush Shakes

Pineapple Shake₹110
Blueberry Shake₹110
Vanilla Delight Shake₹110
Strawberry Twist Shake₹110
Mango Shake₹110
Lychee Shake₹110

Intense Chocolate Shakes

Choco Mansion Shake₹120
Chocolate Halls Shake₹120
Oreo Monster Shake₹120
KitKat Crumble Shake₹120
Snicker Thunder Shake₹120
Disneyland Shake₹120
Oreo Mint Shake₹120

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Burger Lounge Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.