Burma Burma Menu

Burma Burma Menu

For authentic Burmese cuisine! Burma Burma (Myanmar) invites you to take your senses on a culinary treat with the exotic dishes it has on offer. Ranging from Burmese salads, and curries to all types of soups, there’s something to suit everyone’s palate on the Burma Burma menu. Serving some of the best traditional Burmese food with unique flavors, Burma Burma is an award-winning Burmese restaurant in India.

Having become quite popular among the foodies, Burma Burma now has 6 outlets in India – Delhi, Kolkata, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon. If you have been waiting for a chance to take a refreshing break from your daily monotonous life, do it with style at Burma Burma – for a truly Burmese food experience! Alternatively, you may order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Burma Burma and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Burma Burma Menu with Prices

Check out the full Burma Burma restaurant menu with the latest prices.

Soup Salads Starters Steamed Buns Small Plate Noodles Rice Grilled Sticky Rice Currys Stirfries Rice Bowl Desserts Bubble Tea Noble Coolers Beverage


Menu ItemsPrice
Samosa Soup₹330
Kachin Style Dried Mustard Soup₹300
Taro & Moringa Soup₹330
Burmese Pepper Soup₹300
Chickpea Tohu Soup₹300
Mohinga Noodle Soup₹330


Tea Leaf Salad₹480
Spicy Tea Leaf & Avocado Salad₹550
Sunflower Leaves & Crispy Wheat Flakes Salad₹450
Raw Mango Salad₹450
Samosa Salad₹430
Grilled Jackfruit Salad₹450
Lotus Roots Salad₹430
Asparagus Tofu & Long Beans Salad₹450
Salad Sampler₹800
Split Pea Tofu Salad₹430


Chilly Tangy Chikpea Tohu₹430
Wa” Potato₹430
Grilled Mock Meat Skewers₹550
Burmese Falafel₹430
Lotus Stem Crisps₹380
Tohu Mash With Paratha₹480
Creamed Corn With Paratha₹480

Steamed Buns

Crunchy Tofu Bun (3 pcs)₹400
Brown Onion And Roasted Chilly Bun (3 pcs)₹370
Curried Mushroom Bun (3 pcs)₹370
Pickled Chilli Mock Meat Bun (3 pcs)₹400
Tangy Spring Vegetables Bun (3 pcs)₹370
Bbq Jackfruit Bun (3 pcs)₹370
Crunchy Tofu Bun (5 pcs)₹580
Brown Onion & Roasted Chilli Bun (5 pcs)₹550
Tangy Spring Vegetables Bun (5 pcs)₹550
Curried Mushroom Bun (5 pcs)₹550
Bbq Jackfruit Bun (5 pcs)₹550
Pickled Chilli Mock Meat Bun (5 pcs)₹580
Broccoli And Asparagus Bun (5 pcs)₹550
Broccoli And Asparagus Bun (3 pcs)₹370

Small Plate

Piyajo Kari₹380
Steamed Rice₹380
Banana Flower Croquettes With Kokum Cream₹380
Shitake Autumn Crunchy Roll₹380
Broccoli And Bokeh₹380


Uncle Maung’s Chilli Garlic Street Noodles₹480
Burma Burma “Oh No Khowsuey₹520
Shan State Pot Noodles₹480
Shiitake And Pok Choy Burmese Ramen₹490
The ‘ Malar ‘ Hot Noodle Bowl₹490
China Town Noodles₹450


Farmers Rice Meal₹450
Burmese Fried Rice₹430
Fried Rice With Tea Leaf₹450
Red Chilly Fried Rice₹430
Coconut Rice With Peanut Chutney₹450
Mon Mustard Edamame Rice₹770
Coconut Rice₹300
Jasmine Rice₹300
Long Grain Rice₹270

Grilled Sticky Rice

Brown Onion And Roasted Chilly Ricelling₹520
Curried Mushroom Ricelling₹520
Pickled Chilli Mock Meat Ricelling₹520
Bbq Jackfruit Ricelling₹520
Tangy Spring Vegetables Ricelling₹520
Broccoli Asparagus Ricelling₹520


Rangoon Vegetable Curry₹430
Edamame & Tofu Curry₹460
Lemongrass Curry₹410
Mekong Curry₹430
Mock Duck & Baby Potato Curry₹460
Black Bean & Moringa Leaves Curry₹430


Bamboo Shoot And Roselle Leaves Stir Fry₹450
Water Chestnut, Tofu, Lotus Stem & Enoki Stir Fry₹450
Stir Fried Vegetable Burmese Style₹450
Trio Of Mushrooms₹450
Seasonal Greens & Tofu₹450
Broccoli, Shitake & Water Chestnut₹450

Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl Tofu, Water Chestnut. Lotus Stem & Enoki Stir Fry rice bowl₹580
Rice Bowl Trio Of Mushrooms₹580
Rice Bowl Bamboo Shoot And Spinach₹580
Rice Bowl Seasonal Greens & Tofu₹580
Rice Bowl Stir Fried Vegetables Burmese Style₹580
Rice Bowl Broccoli Shitake & Water Chesnut₹580


Avocado And Honet Creem And (450 ml)₹650
Saffron And Samuza Cheese Cake₹550
Not Your Ordinary Strawberry And Cream₹550
Street Style Burmese Falooda₹400
Gooey Malt Cake₹550
The Bb Carrot Cake₹500

Bubble Tea

Coffee Bubble Tea₹330
Wild Berry₹330
Lotus Biscoff₹330

Noble Coolers

Hibiscus & Kumquat₹390
Burmese Blossom₹300
Pomegranate & Mandarin Spritzer₹330
Smoked Oolong And Apricot Sangandi₹390
Lemon Detox Ice Tea₹390
Oh No Tamarind₹300
Kumquat Mojito₹330
Rooibos Ice Tea₹390
Kaffir Lime Cooler₹300
Kombucha Elderflower₹390
Lavender Blackberry₹390


Spring Water₹95
Fresh Watermelon Juice₹220
Fresh Lime₹220

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Burma Burma Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.