Chai Kings Menu

Chai Kings Menu

Chai Kings was born out of a desire to share the unique flavors of Indian chai with the world. The first store was opened in Kilpauk, Chennai, in 2016, and since then, this popular tea chain has expanded rapidly, with additional stores popping up all over the city. In Chai Kings menu, you can find a delicious chai for any mood. Whether you’re in the mood for a creamy milk chai, a refreshing herbal chai, or ice chai, they have got you covered. Plus, they also have a delicious black chai for those who love a strong cup of tea.

Every cup of chai is made with premium ingredients sourced from the best tea plantations and from the most well-known tea companies in Nilgiri, Assam, and Darjeeling.

Chai Kings Menu with Prices

Below down is the latest menu of Chai Kings with a price list in rupees.


Veg Momo₹110
Corn Cheese Momo₹120
Paneer Tikka Momo₹120
Chicken Momo₹120
Chicken Peri Peri Momo₹140
Chicken Tikka Momo₹140


Zafrani Chai Flask (500 ml)₹250
Zafrani Chai Mini Flask (250 ml)₹125
Hot Zafrani Milk Mini Flask (250 ml)₹150
Hot Zafrani Milk Flask (500 ml)₹275

Milk Chai Flask

Dum Chai (500 ml)₹125
Masala Chai (500 ml)₹125
Ginger Chai (500 ml)₹125
Sugarless Classic Chai (500 ml)₹125

Chai Flask Combo

Chai Flask and 3 Samosas (500 ml)₹215
Chai Flask and 3 Noodle Samosas (500 ml)₹215
Chai Flask and 3 Veg Puffs (500 ml)₹215
Chai Flask and 3 Paneer Puffs (500 ml)₹245
Chai Flask and 3 Egg Puffs (500 ml)₹245
Chai Flask and 3 Chicken Puffs (500 ml)₹260
Chai Flask and 3 Brownies (500 ml)₹275
Chai Flask and 3 Walnut Banana Breads (500 ml)₹275
Chai Flask and Chilli Cheese Maggi (500 ml)₹200

Black Chai Flask

Sulaimani Chai (500 ml)₹125
Lemon Chai (500 ml)₹125
Ginger Lemon Chai (500 ml)₹125

Kutty Samosa Combo

Chai Flask + 3 Kutty Samosa₹215
Mini Chai Flask + 2 Kutty Samosa₹140

Herbal Chai Flask

Tulsi Chai (500 ml)₹125
Hibiscus Chai (500 ml)₹125
Green Chai (500 ml)₹125

Herbal Chai Flask

Tulsi Chai (500 ml)₹125
Hibiscus Chai (500 ml)₹125
Green Chai (500 ml)₹125


Filter Coffee Flask (500 ml)₹150
Cold Coffee (300 ml)₹100

Hot Milk Beverage Flask

Hot Badam Milk (500 ml)₹150
Hot Chocolate (500 ml)₹175

Creamy Cinnabon

Salted Caramel₹85

Cold Milk Beverage

Cold Badam Milk (300 ml)₹100

Cinnabon Combo

MIni Chai Flask (250 ml) + Creamy Cinnabon + Samosa₹195
MIni Filter Coffe (250 ml) + Creamy Cinnabon₹180

All Day Breakfast

Classic Poha₹75
Masala Poha₹80

Ice Chai

Cranberry Ice Chai (300 ml)₹100
Apple Ice Chai (300 ml)₹100
Lemon Ice Chai (300 ml)₹100
Ginger Lemon Ice Chai (300 ml)₹100


Chocolate (300 ml)₹125
Strawberry (300 ml)₹125
Oreo Kit Kat (300 ml)₹150
Oreo Brownie (300 ml)₹150


Tandoori Maggi₹75
Schezwan Maggi₹75
Peri Peri Maggi₹75
Classic Masala Maggi₹50
Veg Atta Maggi₹65
Chilli Cheese Maggi₹75


Almond Tea Crunch₹20
Choco Cashew₹20
Double Choco Chip₹20
Butter Cashew₹20


Ginger Garlic₹40


Water Bottle (500 ml)₹25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Chai Kings Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.