Corner House Menu

Corner House Menu

Corner House is Bangalore’s leading ice cream brand, selling fuss-free, affordable, and high-quality desserts since 1982. When it comes to amazing ice cream, Corner House cannot be beaten. They offer tantalizing flavor combinations that will make your mouth water with delight. With the Corner House menu, you can’t go wrong with any choice you make.

Corner House Ice Creams currently has 20 outlets: 2 in Mysore and 18 in Bangalore.

Corner House Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Corner house Ice Creams with price information.

Ice Creams Dessert Combo Regular Milk Shakes Thick Shakes Sundaes Fruit Sundaes Extra Items Vanilla Combinations Vegan Frozen Dessert

Ice Creams

Menu ItemsSingle ScoopDouble Scoop
Black Currant₹80₹115
Butter Scotch₹70₹105
Caramel Crunch₹90₹140
Chocolate ₹90₹105
Chocolate Europa₹70₹140
Crispy Chocolate Malt₹90₹140
Dry Fruit₹80₹115
Fig N Honey₹70₹105
Rocky Road₹70₹105
Rum N Raisins₹70₹105
Sugarless Vanilla ₹80₹130
Vanilla Choco Chips₹70₹105
Vanilla ₹70₹90

Dessert Combo

Apple Crumble₹150
Apple Crumble With Ice Cream And Cream₹175
Black Forest Cake With Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce₹175
Chocolate Mousse₹110
Chocolate Mousse With Ice Cream And Cream₹140
Chocolate Truffle With Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce₹200
Hot Caramelo Pudding₹175
Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse₹190

Regular Milk Shakes

Apricot Milk Shake₹140
Banana Caramel Milk Shake₹150
Banana Milk Shake₹125
Lychee Milk Shake₹150
Mango Milk Shake₹140
Mocha Milk Shake₹140
Strawberry Milk Shake₹125
Vanilla Milk Shake₹125

Thick Shakes

Chocolate Malt Thick Shake₹200
Chocolate Thick Shake₹185
Mocha Thick Shake₹185


Almond Fudge₹200
Banana Split₹175
Brown Bomb₹185
Brownie Fudge Sundae₹175
Cafe Caramel₹200
Cake A Mocha₹160
Cake Fudge₹150
Cashew Fudge₹200
Choc A Mocha₹160
Chocolate Mint Fudge₹160
Chocolate Nut Sundae₹160
Crème De La Caramel₹200
Death By Chocolate₹230
Dew Drop Sundae₹200
Dry Fruit Sundae₹200
Junior – Hot Chocolate Fudge₹130
Magnum – Hot Chocolate Fudge₹200
Regular – Hot Chocolate Fudge₹150
Royal Butterscotch₹200
Single – Hot Chocolate Fudge₹90

Fruit Sundaes

Apricot With Ice Cream And Cream₹160
Cherries Jubilee₹185
Fruit Jackpot₹185
Jelly With Ice Cream And Cream₹130
Lychees With Ice Cream And Cream₹200
Peach Melba₹175
Super Scooper₹230

Extra Items

Extra Almonds₹50
Extra Butterscotch Sauce₹50
Extra Caramel Sauce₹50
Extra Cashew Nuts₹50
Extra Chocolate Sauce₹50
Extra Coffee Sauce₹50
Extra Cream₹50
Extra Mint Sauce₹50

Vanilla Combinations

Vanilla With Butterscotch Sauce₹125
Vanilla With Coffee Sauce₹125
Vanilla With Mint Sauce₹125
Vanilla With Strawberry Sauce₹125

Vegan Frozen Dessert

Vegan Chocolate Brownie (double scoop)₹140
Vegan Chocolate Brownie (single scoop)₹100
Vegan Mango Passion Fruit (double scoop)₹140
Vegan Mango Passion Fruit (single scoop)₹100
Vegan Roasted Pistachio (double scoop)₹140
Vegan Roasted Pistachio (single scoop)₹100

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Corner House Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.