Cream Stone Menu

Cream Stone Menu

Cream Stone is the ultimate haven of ice-creams! Cream Stone entices you to a world of exotic and wondrous flavors of ice-creams! Offering some of the never-before tasted flavors of ice cream, Cream Stone is one of the best ice-cream parlors in India! Cream Stone menu also has diet-free and sugar-free ice cream. When your tongue craves to beat the heat with ice cream, simply head to Cream Stone!

Given its popularity, Cream Stone now has many outlets in various other cities like Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Indore, Pune, and many more. If you want to relish an exotic ice cream, all you need to do is head to Cream Stone! From Ferrero Rocher to Willy Wonka to Karamel Sutra, Cream Stone offers the most exotic ice-creams in the market! You may now even order ice-creams online on Zomato or Swiggy from Cream Stone and have it home delivered!

Cream Stone Menu with Prices

Here is the complete menu of Cream Stone with updated price in rupees.

New Year Seasonal star

Creamy Strawberry₹155
Choco Berry₹155
Nutella Oreo Strawberry₹175

New Creations

California Roasted Almond₹185
Fossil Fuel₹215
Lotus Biscoff Regular₹220

Creamy Tubs 140 Ml

Choco Chunks Tub₹89
Dates & Almond Tub₹89
Rich Dark Chocolate Tub₹89
Malai Tub₹89
Litchi Tub₹89
Strawberry Tub₹89

Natural Fruit Concepts

Fruit Exotica₹180
Lichee Lake₹175
Fresh Fruits & Nuts₹185
Fruit Overload₹175
Chatpata Guava₹149
Meetha Paan₹105

Chocolate Wonders

Oreo Shot₹150
Ferrero Rocher₹235
Coffee Craze₹175
Willy Wonka₹180
Crunchy Choco₹185
Choco Hazel₹185
Creamy Red Velvet₹155
Choco Strawberry Heaven₹185

Just Go Nuts

Dry Fruit Delight₹180
Nuts Overloaded₹180
Arabian Nights₹180
Karamel Sutra₹185

Hot Sundaes

Hot Choco Fudge₹150
Death By Chocolate₹180
Nutty Death By Chocolate₹190
Choco Overdose₹185

Brownie Buzz

Devils Brownie₹165
Brownie Break₹160
Nutella Brownie₹180

Just Kiddin

Candy Land₹149
Magic Pop₹149
Bubble Gum₹149

Happiness In A Jar

Red velvet Jar₹159
Shocking Current Jar₹159
Nutella Crunch Jar₹169
Choco Almond Jar₹159
Dark Trouble Jar₹169
Verry Berry Jar₹159

Bliss In A Bottle

Creamy Vanilla Milk Shake₹120
Choco Almond Milk Shake₹145
Red Velvet Milk Shake₹140
Litchee Shake₹145
Cold Coffee Milk Shake₹149

Special Shakes

Classic Tiramisu Milk Shake₹159
Vintage Chocolate Milk Shake₹149
Nutty Nuts Milk Shake₹159
Black Current Milk Shake₹149
Guava Milk Shake₹149
Sitaphal Milk Shake₹159
Fresh Strawberry Milk Shake₹139

Thick Shakes

Creamy Oreo Thick Shake₹175
Strawberry Thick Shake₹180
Fruit Bash Thick Shake₹190
Belgium Dark Chocolate Thick Shake₹190
Nutella Brownie Blast Thick Shake₹195
Cafe Frappe Thick Shake₹185
Ferrero Delight Thick Shake₹205
Red Velvet Thick Shake₹185
Lotus Biscoff Thick Shake₹195

Sugar Free Concepts

Fruit Fast₹155
Desi Delight Sugar Free₹155

Sugar Free Scoops

Vanilla Sugar Free₹85
Strawberry Sugar Free₹85
Kesar Pista Sugar Free₹85
Chocolate Sugar Free₹85
Caramel Kulfi Sugar Free₹85

Ice Cream Cakes

Red Velvet Cake₹850
Oreo Cake₹799
Chocolate Cake₹850
Black Forest Cake₹850
Nutty Almond Cake₹899
Ferrero Rocher Cake₹1099
Blue Berry Ice cream Cake 500 Ml₹550

Simply Delicious Scoops

French Vanilla₹70
Rich Chocolate₹75
Nutty Crunch₹80
White Chocolate₹85
Belgium Dark Chocolate₹85
Brownie Delight₹85

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Cream Stone Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.