Dessi Cuppa Menu

Dessi Cuppa Menu

Dessi Cuppa is a well-known beverage brand in India that offers a variety of delicious drinks, such as Lassi, Juices, Smoothies, and Mocktails. Their drink selection is vast, with over 100 items to choose from. Dessi Cuppa menu offers beverages to suit any craving, including refreshing quenchers, delicious cold drinks, and tempting flavored drinks. If you’re looking for a healthy drink option, we also have many choices that are packed with nutrients. All their drinks are priced reasonably.

Dessi Cuppa is available in more than 200 locations in India and Dubai. You can order online on Swiggy or Zomato from Dessi Cuppa and await delivery at your doorstep.

Dessi Cuppa Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Dessi Cuppa with the latest price list in rupees.


Banana Lassi₹80
Dry Fruit Lassi₹100
Fruit Lassi₹90
Kiwi Lassi₹90
Mango Banana₹90
Mango Lassi₹80
Pineapple Lassi₹90
Strawberry Lassi₹90
Sweet Lassi₹70

Bread Omlette

Cheese Bread Omlette₹80
Mayo Bread Omlette₹70
Plain Bread Omlette₹110

Cold Coffee

Chocolate Coffee₹120
Coffee On The Rock₹120
Cream Cappuccino₹140
Hard Rock Coffee₹120
Mud Coffee₹140
Strawberry Coffee₹120
White House₹120


Banjara Hills Falooda₹160
Crown Falooda₹160
Dessi Cuppa Falooda₹160
Fruit Falooda₹140
Kesar Falooda₹140
Kulfi Falooda₹140
Mumbai Style Falooda₹160
Regular Falooda₹110


French Fries₹100
French Fries Peri Peri Style₹120
Masala French Fries₹110
Smileys [6 Pcs]₹120


Cucumber Lemonade₹90
Water Melon₹90


Blue Lime₹110
Green Apple₹110
Purple Blue₹110
Red Lime₹110


Badam Kulfi₹80
Malai Kulfi₹80
Mango Kulfi₹80
Pista Kulfi₹80


Fresh Lime₹60
Ginger Lime₹70


Apple Shake₹120
Banana Bonkers₹100
Belgian Chips₹130
Belgian Chocolate₹100
Body Cooler₹120
Cashew Almond₹150
Choco Fruit₹140
Dessert Rose₹140
Dry Fruit Shake₹140
Ferrero Rocher₹120
Fig & Honey₹140
Guava Shake₹70
Hocus Pocus₹140
Kiwi Shake₹110
Lychee & Lychee₹160
Mango Alphonso₹120
Mississippi Mud₹150
Nutella Shake₹160
Nuttella Mud₹180
Oreo Crumble₹150
Oreo Shake₹120
Pineapple Shake₹80
Pista Shake₹70
Sunday Mirror₹140
Tropical Mix Fruit₹110
Very Berry Strawberry₹100
Walk Like An Egyptian₹120


Bleed Blue₹100
Moto Jojo₹100
Red Strawberry₹100


Chicken Momos [6 Pcs]₹130
Veg. Momos [6 Pcs]₹120

No Sugar, Water, Ice

ABC – Apple Beetroot Carrot₹120
CAP – Carrot Apple Pineapple₹120

Non Veg Sandwich

Chicken Cheese Sandwich Grilled₹130
Chicken Sandwich Grilled₹120
Dessi Cuppa SPL Chicken Sandwich [3 Layers] Grille₹160

Non Veg Burger

Arabian King Burger – Chicken₹160
Chicken Cheese Burger₹130
Egg Cheese Burger₹120
Tower Burger – Chicken₹260


Cheese Corn Nuggets [6 Pcs]₹100
Chicken Nuggets [6 Pcs]₹110


Natural Whey Protein₹140
Whey Protein₹150


Chicken Tikka Plate Shawarma₹220
Chicken Tikka Shawarma₹140
Paneer Tikka Shawarma₹120

Veg Burger

Arabian King Burger – Veg₹140
Chilli Cheese Burger₹110
Tower Burger – Veg₹240
Veg Cheese Burger₹110

Veg Sandwich

Cheese Corn Sandwich Grilled₹100
Chilli Cheese Sandwich Grilled₹80
Dessi Cuppa SPL Veg. Sandwich [3 Layers] Grilled₹120
Mushroom Cheese Sandwich Grilled₹100
Panneer Cheese Sandwich Grilled₹100
Veg Cheese Sandwich Grilled₹90
Veg Club Sandwich₹55
Veg Sandwich Grilled₹80

Veg Pizza Pocket

Veg. Pizza Pocket [4 Pcs]₹120

With Cream

Fruit & Cream₹130

With Ice Cream

Brownie with Ice Cream₹120
Lychee with Ice Cream₹150

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Dessi Cuppa Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.