Diggin Cafe Menu

Diggin Cafe Menu

If you are looking to relax and chill out in a casual cafe, come to Diggin Cafe! You will love the casual ambiance and the lip-smacking assortment of snacks and beverages. Diggin Cafe menu has a pleasing assortment of soups, salads, grilled items, appetizers, and Diggin specials.

They also have a good assortment of sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, risotto, and calzone. For your sweet tooth, choose from pie, brownies, cakes, and fresh cream pastries.

Diggin Cafe also offers fresh smoothies and shakes which they can make in 15 minutes. Just the listing of the menu must be making your mouth water and dying to try these delicacies. A snack for two costs about Rs. 1400. So chill out, grab a bite and enjoy a tasty treat. They have outlets in Anand Lok, Chanakyapuri, and Connaught Place.

Diggin Cafe Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of Diggin Cafe with pricing information.

Diggin Specials Soups Salads Grill Appetizers Veg Pizza Non Veg Pizza Veg Pasta Non Veg Pasta Risotto Burgers Sandwiches Calzone Calzone Dips Sides Desserts Pie Smoothies Shakes Beverages

Diggin Specials

Menu ItemsPrice
Baked Seashells with Spinach, Broccoli and Ricotta Cheese₹495
Aubergine Parmigiana₹485
Rosemary Grilled Chicken₹525
Baked Chicken Cordon Bleu₹545
Chicken Leg Confit₹515
Lamb Shank₹595
Lamb Osso Buco₹595
Pan Seared Fresh Fish₹595
Fish and Chips₹525
Pesto Prawns₹585
Ministrone Soup₹235


Veg Minstrone Soup₹245
Veg Smoked Mushroom Soup₹245
Soup of the Day₹245
Ravioli with Vegetable Soup₹245
Smoked Chicken Soup₹245
Prawns Soup₹285


Caesar Salad₹325
Caprese Salad₹395
Diggin Special Salad₹355
Artichoke, Baby Corn and Broccoli Salad₹385
Citrus Chicken Salad₹385
Smoked Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Salad₹385


Grilled Mushroon Skewers₹495
Grilled Chicken₹515
Grilled Sea Fish₹515
Grilled Prawns₹555


Tomato Bruschetta₹275
Crispy Zucchini Fries₹245
Diggin Special Baked Goat Cheese₹375
Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers₹245
Grilled Veggies₹315
Baked Potato₹335
Fried Prawns and Calamari₹425

Veg Pizza

Classic Margherita Pizza (11 inches)₹425
Quattro Formaggio Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Mushroom and Feta Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Farmer Fresh Veggie Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Diggin Special Artichoke and Mushroom Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Pizza (11 inches)₹545

Non Veg Pizza

Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Chicken Loaded Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Classic Pepperoni Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Porky Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Bacon and Onion Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Ham and Cheese Pizza (11 inches)₹495
Italian Salami Pizza (11 inches)₹575
Italian Pepperoni (11 inches)₹575

Veg Pasta

Spaghetti Alla Pomodoro Basilico₹425
Veg Lasagna₹475
Rosemary Fettuccini₹475
Penne Arrabiata Pasta₹425
Baked Penne Pasta₹475
Spaghetti Aglio Olio₹475
Fettuccini Al Fungi₹475
Seashell Pesto Pasta₹475
Fusilli Primivera₹475
Penne Quattro Formaggi₹495

Non Veg Pasta

Diggin Signature Ravioli₹475
Penne with Smoked Chicken Cheese Sauce Pasta₹485
Ravioli with Chicken Bolognese₹495
Lamb Lasagna₹555
Spaghetti Bolognese₹525
Fusilli with Spice Pepperoni and Ricotta Cheese₹485
Spaghetti Carbonara₹475
Spaghetti with Prawns₹525


Mushroom Risotto₹475
Risotto with Broccoli and Spinach₹475
Smoked Chicken Risotto₹495
Seafood Risotto₹525


The Garden Burger₹435
Chicken Burger₹465
Classic Lamb Burger₹495


Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers and Pesto Sauce Sandwich₹435
Mushroom, Pepper and Cheese Sandwich₹435
Bacon, Chicken, Blue Cheese Sandwich₹435
All Pork Sandwich₹455
Pork Ham and Cheese Sandwich₹435


Mushroom Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Calzone₹495
Broccoli Spinach and Ricotta Cheese₹495
Chicken Calzone₹495
Ham and Sausage Calzone₹495


Garlic Mayo Dip₹65
Cajun Spice Dip₹65
Lemon and Garlic Aioli Dip₹65


Garlic Bread₹185
Cheesy Garlic Bread₹215
Potato Mash₹195
Saute Veg₹235
French Fries₹175
Potato Wedges₹175


Eggless Pineapple Upside Down₹235
Cheesecake Pastry₹255
Chocolate Walunt Brownie₹255
Oreo Brownie Cheesecake Pastry₹255
Slice of Red Velvet Cake₹225
Rich Almond Torte₹225
Chocolate Fudge Cake Pastry₹235


Eggless Apple Crumble Pie₹235
Eggless Bonoffee Pie₹225
Eggless Blueberry Crumble Pie₹235
Eggless Date and Walnut Pie₹235


Strawberry Smoothie₹275
Vanilla Smoothie₹275
Peach Smoothie₹275
Berry Berry Smoothie₹275
Banana Smoothie₹275
Blueberry Smoothie₹275
Peach and Passion Fruit Smoothie₹275
Apple Ginger and Mint Smoothie₹275
Banana and Strawberry Smoothie₹275
Mango and Mint Smoothie₹275
Cucumber and Coriander Smoothie₹275
Mango and Strawberry Smoothie₹275


Oreo Shake₹275
Ferrero Rocher Shake₹275
Strawberry and Cheesecake Shake₹275
Banana Shake₹275
Mint Oreo Shake₹275
Blueberry Shake₹275


Coke (750 ml)₹145
Sprite (750 ml)₹145
Diet Coke (300 ml)₹145
Coke Zero (300 ml)₹145
Tonic Water₹145
Red Bull₹195
San Pellegrino₹235
Qua Natural Mineral Water₹95

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Diggin Cafe Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.