Faasos Menu

Faasos Menu

Faaso’s, meaning Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shift, is an Indian fast-food chain that focuses on selling wraps. Faasos menu also has rice bowls, beverages, and desserts.

The very first restaurant was opened in Pune, in 2004; it was an idea that Jaydeep Barman (IIM Lucknow) had because they think a wrap is like a pizza that you can roll, putting inside everything you can have in your mind, so, with a budget of $13.000, they founded Faaso’s.

According to the magazine Outlook Business, Fassos is considered as “Wrap Artist” because of the high-quality products and the incredible taste that they create.

Currently, Faasos restaurants are present in 15 cities in India: Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad, Vadodara, and more.

Faasos Menu with Prices

Check out the latest menu of Faasos with pricing in rupees.

Fab Wraps starting at 99 each Great Deals Under 500 Chefs Special Wraps Super Match Wrap Deals Pocket Friendly Rolls Classic Wraps Signature Wraps Match Day Wrap Meals for 1 Match Day Wrap Meals for 2 & 4 Wrap Meals for Kids Rice Bowls Sides and Beverages Desserts

Fab Wraps starting at 99 each

Menu ItemsPrice
Smokey Fab Combo (veg)₹198
Fab & Creamy Combo (veg + non veg)₹198
Fab & Cheesy NonVeg Combo (non veg) ₹209
Fab & Loaded Veg Combo (veg)₹209
Exotic Fab Combo (veg)₹219
Fab & Italian Combo (veg + non veg)₹269

Great Deals Under 500 (Faasos 500 Bash)

2 Signature NonVeg Wraps₹319
2 Signature Veg Wraps₹289
4 Classic Veg Wraps₹379
Classic Wrap and Starter Combo₹240
Non-Veg Signature Meal Combo₹314
Veg Signature Meal Combo₹282
(Doubles) Double Value Non-Veg Wrap Meal + Coke₹419
(Doubles) Triple Value Veg Wrap + Coke₹419
(Doubles) Triple Value Non-Veg Wrap Meal₹471
(Doubles) Double Value Paneer Wrap Meal + Coke₹450
(Singles) Super Saver Cheese Melt Paneer Wrap Meal + Dessert₹314
(Singles) Super Saver Chicken Bhuna Wrap Meal + Dessert₹314

Chefs Special Wraps

XL Paneer Tikka Wrap₹198
Chipotle Potato Shots Wrap₹146
Dahi Kebab Wrap₹247
Veg Galauti Kebab Wrap₹247
Baked Pizza Wrap (veg)₹219

Super Match Wrap Deals (upto 40% off)

3 Signature Veg Wraps₹399
3 Signature Non Veg Wraps₹469
4 Signature Veg Wraps₹529
4 Signature Non Veg Wraps₹599

Pocket Friendly Rolls

2 Classic Veg Rolls₹261
2 Classic Non-Veg Rolls₹279
Chatpate Chole Roll₹104
Chipotle Cheese Potato Roll₹142

Classic Wraps

Masala Paneer Tikka Wrap₹167
Cheese Melt Paneer Wrap₹184
Masala Chicken Tikka Wrap₹177
Chicken Bhuna Wrap₹177
Cheese Melt Chicken Wrap₹198
Veg Falafel Wrap₹147
Cheesy Corn Salsa Wrap₹163
Reshmi Chicken Kebab Wrap₹173
Chatpate Chole Wrap₹104
XL Paneer Tikka Wrap₹198
Chipotle Potato Shots Wrap₹146

Signature Wraps

Baked Pizza Wrap (veg)₹219
Jumbo Falafel-Salsa Wrap₹209
Mexicana Potato Salsa Wrap₹219
Makhani-Falafel Wrap₹209
Jumbo Chole Paneer Wrap₹219
Baked Pizza Wrap (chicken)₹257
Dahi Kebab Wrap₹247
Veg Galauti Kebab Wrap₹247
Smokey Butter Chicken Wrap₹272

Match Day Wrap Meals for 1 (upto 15% off)

(Singles) Super Saver Cheese Corn Salsa Wrap Meal + Coke₹293
(Singles) Super Saver Paneer Tikka Wrap Meal + Coke₹293
(Singles) Super Saver Reshmi Chicken Wrap Meal + Dessert₹314
(Singles) Super Saver Paneer Tikka Wrap Meal + Dessert₹314

Match Day Wrap Meals for 2 & 4 (upto 25% off)

(Doubles) Double Value Paneer Wrap & Bowl Meal (veg)₹387
Doubles) Double Value Veg Wrap Meal + Coke₹408
(Doubles) Double Value Paneer Wrap & Nuggets Meal (veg)₹419
(Doubles) Triple Value Non-Veg Wrap + Coke₹482
(Doubles) Double Value Chicken Wrap & Nuggets Meal (non veg)₹503
(Doubles) Double Value Wrap & Nuggets Meal (veg)₹524
(Super 4s) Family Saver Non-Veg Wrap Meal + Coke₹839
(Super 4s) Family Saver Wrap & Bowl Meal (veg)₹839
(Super 4s) Family Saver Wrap & Bowl Meal (non veg)₹912
(Super 4s) Family Saver Veg Wrap with Dessert + Coke₹912
(Super 4s) Family Saver Veg Wraps with Coke₹912
(Super 4s) Family Saver Veg Wrap Meal + Dessert₹981
(Super 4s) Family Saver Non-Veg Wraps with Coke₹1049

Wrap Meals for Kids

Cheesy Paneer Wrap & Cocoa Milkshake Meal₹366
Cheesy Corn Salsa Wrap & Hot Chocolate Meal₹324
Masala Chicken Tikka Wrap & Hot Chocolate Meal₹356

Rice Bowls

Smoked Butter Chicken Rice Bowl (regular)₹221
Smoked Butter Chicken Rice Bowl (jumbo)₹284
Paneer Signature Rice Bowl (regular)₹200
Rajma Masala Rice Bowl (regular)₹173
Rajma Masala Rice Bowl (jumbo)₹210
Chicken Rice Bowl (jumbo)₹273
Veg Rice Bowl (jumbo)₹231
Chole Signature Rice Bowl (regular)₹168
Chicken Signature Rice Bowl₹221
Royal Veg Rice Bowl (jumbo)₹294
Mutton Bhuna Rice Bowl (regular)₹268

Sides and Beverages

Potato Wedges (medium)₹104
Cheesy Chicken Meatballs₹116
Potato Chilli Shots with Mayo Dip₹100
Falafel Nuggets with Mayo Dip₹100
Potato Wedges (small)₹68
Coca-Cola (475ml)₹60
Classic Mom Made Hot Chocolate (200ml)₹230
Classic Cold Coffee (200ml)₹177
Cappuccino (200ml)₹104
Hazelnut Cold Coffee (200ml)₹230
Hazelnut Latte Love (200ml)₹177
Iced Choco Hazelnut Cold Coffee (200ml)₹230
Madras Mud (200ml)₹104
The Cold Wave (200ml)₹177
Latte Love (200ml)₹104


Salted Caramel Pastry (Box of 2)₹303
Triple Chocolate Mousse Pastry (Box of 2)₹303
Mango Cheesecake (Box of 2)₹303
Salted Caramel Pastry & Choco Cheesecake (Box of 4)₹576
Salted Caramel Pastry & Mousse Pastry (Box of 4)₹629
Salted Caramel Chocolate Pastry₹167
Triple Chocolate Mousse Pastry₹167
Red Velvet Pastry₹167
Mango Cheesecake₹167
New York Cheesecake₹219
Hazelnut Brownie₹125
Chocolate Lava Cake₹104
Indulgence Brownie₹125
Red Velvet Dessert Jar₹240
Chocolate Dessert Jar₹240
Red Velvet Lava Cake₹114
Banana Lava Cake₹125

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Faasos Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Faasos Online Delivery in India

Just one or two minutes is the time you will need to place an order through Zomato, Swiggy, or using the Faasos website, whichever one you prefer.

After entering your location, and choosing the Faasos restaurant, you can take a look at the Faasos menu and choose the dishes you want to taste. Then, choose the payment method, cash on delivery or credit card online, and confirm your order.

The final step is to open the door to the delivery guy and enjoy your high quality wraps from Faaso’s delivered to your doorsteps.

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