Gianis Menu

Gianis Menu

Starting out as a single outlet set up by Late Gyani Gurcharan Singh at Fatehpuri, Delhi in 1956, today they stand strong with over 150 outlets in 10 states. The second-generation owners, Paramjeet Singh and Amarjeet Singh have carried forward the legacy while modernizing and expanding the brand. In terms of product range, Gianis menu is diverse and offers mouth-watering products across several categories including Ice Creams, Sundaes, Faludas, Shakes, Sodas, and Fruit Creams.

Gianis Menu with Prices

Check down below the menu of Gianis ice cream with pricing information.

Ice Creams Classic

ItemPer Scoop265 Gm525 Gm
Chocolate Love₹70₹180₹310
Tutti Frutti₹70₹180₹310
Black Currant₹80₹200₹360
Choco Chip₹80₹200₹360
Kesar Pista₹85₹220₹390

Ice Cream Fruits Flavours

Anjeer [Fig]₹85₹220₹390

Ice Creams Exotic Flavours

California Mania₹70₹180₹310
Chunky Munky₹70₹180₹310
Banana N Strawberry₹70₹180₹310
American Bits₹70₹180₹310
Kaju Kishmish₹80₹200₹360
Punjabi Delight₹80₹200₹360
Brownie Walnut₹80₹200₹360
Red Velvet₹80₹200₹360
Black Forest₹80₹200₹360
Bubble Gum₹80₹200₹360
Caramel Crunch₹80₹200₹360
White Chocolate₹80₹200₹360
Cotton Candy₹80₹200₹360
Almond Choco Fudge₹85₹220₹390
Gianis Special₹85₹220₹390
Caffe Mocha₹85₹220₹390
Belgian Chocolate₹85₹220₹390
Honey Nut Crunch₹85₹220₹390
Mocha Brownie₹85₹220₹390
Crunchy Dark Chocolate₹85₹220₹390
Cream N Cookies₹85₹220₹390
Blueberry Cheese Cake₹85₹220₹390
Traffic Jam (11 eleven flavors)₹145

Sugarfree Ice Creams

Sugarfree Vanilla₹80₹200 ₹360
Sugarfree Chocolate₹80₹200₹360
Sugarfree Kulfi₹80₹200₹360
Sugarfree Gianis Special₹85₹220₹390
Sugarfree Coffee Delight₹85₹220₹390

Waffle Cup / Cone

Waffle Cup₹10
Waffle Cone₹10

Ice Cream Shakes

Vanilla Shake [400ml]₹110
Strawberry Shake [400ml]₹110
Butterscotch Shake [400ml]₹110
Black Currant Shake [400ml]₹110
Cold Coffee Shake [400ml]₹110
Rose Shake [400ml]₹110
Mocha Shake [400ml] without Ice Cream₹160
Chocolate Shake [400ml] without Ice Cream₹160

Fruit Shakes

Banana Shake [400ml]₹140
Litchi Shake [400ml]₹140
Pineapple Shake [400ml]₹140

Premium Thick Shakes

Chocolate Hazelnut Shake₹170₹260
Mint Oreo Crumble Shake₹170₹260
Chocolate Oreo Shake₹170₹260
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake₹170₹260
Choco-Strawberry Swing Shake₹180₹280
Dutch Brownie Shake₹180₹280
Rasmalai Shake₹180₹280
Bubble Gum Shake₹180₹280
Kitkat Shake₹180₹280
Snickers Shake₹180₹280
Salted Caramel Shake₹180₹280

Ice Cream Sodas

Mint Soda [650ml]₹110
Golden Glow Soda [650ml]₹110
Pineapple Soda [650ml]₹110
Butterscotch Soda [650ml]₹110
Lime Ice Soda [650ml]₹110
Chocolate Soda [650ml]₹110
Rose Soda [650ml]₹110

Special Sodas

Masala Lemonade Soda₹70
Rose Milk Soda₹85
Magic Rose Soda₹95


Rainbow Cassata₹90
Chocolate Cassata₹90
Brownie Cassata₹90


Brownie With Chocolate Sauce [without Ice Cream]₹95
Mango Punch₹150
Pulp Addiction₹150
Strawberry Sundae₹150
Brownie Sundae₹190
Hot Chocolate Fudge₹160
Pineapple Sundae₹200
Caramel Mocha Sundae₹170
Choco Caramello₹170
Chocolate Divine₹190
Strawberry Oreo₹170
Banoffee Pie Sundae₹170
Kit-Kat Sundae₹190
Tutti Fruity Special [Fruit Salad]₹205
Belgian Waffle₹230
Banana Split₹240
Kuch Nahi Sundae₹270
Create Your Own Sundae₹265
Additional Toppings – ₹25 (Chocolate Fudge, Caramel Sauce, Fresh Fruit, Nuts)


Rabri Faluda₹95
Royal Faluda₹95
Kesar Kulfi₹95

Ice Cream Cakes

Gold Temptation₹550
Black Temptation₹550
Red Velvet Cake₹700
Chocolate Divine Cake₹800

Stick Kulfis

Malai Kulfi₹60
Dry Fruits Kulfi₹60
Kesar Pista Kulfi₹60
Gulkand [Paan] Kulfi₹60

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Gianis Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.