Gordhan Thal Menu

Gordhan Thal Menu

For lip-smacking Gujarati food in the heart of the city! Gordhan Thal is one of the most popular restaurants in Gujarat that vows to ensnare your senses with its delectable fare. They specialize in dishes from Gujarat and Rajasthan that are steeped in tradition. The pure vegetarian thal that it serves is light on the pocket as well as delicious in terms of taste; in short, the Gordhan Thal menu is a complete value for money.

Given the popularity it has gained over the years, Gordhan Thal has now five outlets.

Whether you go for the Gordhan Thal meals or their delicious special sabzi, special combos or uttarayan specials from their menu is sure to complement your food perfectly. The restaurant has a Rajwadi feel to it which adds to the taste of the already delicious food. A few highly recommended items on the menu: gujarati daal, aloo sabzi, and kathiyawadi combo. You may also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Gordhan Thal and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Gordhan Thal Menu with Prices

Here is the complete menu of Gordhan Thal restaurant with the latest price list.

Uttarayan Specials

Special Fried Farsan₹100
Boiled Farsan [8 Pieces]₹100


Fixed Meal₹250



Gordhan Special Combos

Kathiyawadi Combo₹119
Dal Rice Combo₹119


Fulka Roti₹10


Rice [350 grams]₹100

Gujarati Special Sabzi

Aloo Sabzi [400 grams]₹100
Kathol Sabzi [400 grams]₹100
Gujrati Daal [500 grams]₹100
Gujarati Kadhi [500 grams]₹100


Solid Sweet [8 Pieces]₹200
Liquid Sweet [500 grams]₹150

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