Jay Bhavani Vadapav Menu

Jay Bhavani Vadapav Menu

For the best fast food, there’s Jay Bhavani Vadapav for you! What is it that sets your taste buds tingling – is it vada pav, bhaji pav, and spicy chhole kulcha? Or dabeli, sandwiches and bhel? Maybe you’re the simple type who likes their muskabun; or else, does your mind keep conjuring up images of pizza, maggi, french fries, hot dog, and burger? It is hard to believe, but the Jay Bhavani Vadapav menu has ALL of this, plus lots more to choose from!

Ranking among one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Gujarat, Jay Bhavani Vadapav now has over 150 franchise outlets in 3 countries.

Jay Bhavani Vadapav is an eatery which has something or the other to suit every palate. So, all you have to do is find out which outlet lies nearest to your place and head to it straight away! You may also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Jay Bhavani Vadapav and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Jay Bhavani Vadapav Menu with Prices

Check down below is the updated menu of Jay Bhavani Vadapav with the latest price details.

Vada Pav

Masala Pav butter VP₹35
Vadapav oil₹35
Jain Vadapav Oil₹40
Vadapav butter₹50
Jain Vadapav Butter₹60
Vadapav Cheese₹80
Jain Vadapav Cheese₹80
Bombay Vadapav Regular₹30
Bombay Vadapav Cheese₹60

Milk Shakes

Kesar Pista₹75
Shahi Gulab₹75
Pineapple ₹75
Mango ₹75
Kesariya ₹90
Butter Scotch₹75
Cold Coffee₹75
Chocolate ₹75


Vegetable Puff Regular₹30
Vegetable Puff Cheese₹60


Pulav Oil₹125
Pulav Butter₹160
Pulav Cheese₹185
Jain Pulav Butter₹160
Jain Pulav Cheese₹185
Jain Pulav Regular₹125

Bhaji Pav

Bhaji Pav Oil₹140
Bhaji Pav Butter₹175
Extra Pav Oil₹25
Extra Pav Butter₹35
Masala Pav Cheese BP₹175
Jain Bhaji Pav Cheese₹195
Masala Pav Oil BP₹125
Masala Pav Butter BP₹140
Bhaji Pav Cheese₹195
Jain Bhaji Pav Oil₹125
Jain Bhaji Pav Butter₹175
Bhaji Only Oil₹105
Bhaji Only Butter₹125


Jain Bhel Regular₹70
Bhel Regular₹70
Jain Sevpuri Regular₹70
Sevpuri Regular₹70
Jain Bhel Cheese₹100
Bhel Cheese₹100
Jain Sevpuri Cheese₹100
Sevpuri Cheese₹100

Hot Dog / Burger

Vegetable Burger – Regular₹80
Vegetable Hot Dog – Regular₹80
Vegetable Burger – Cheese₹100
Vegetable Hot Dog – Cheese₹100


Butter Slice – Cheese₹45
Butter Slice – Regular₹25
Jam Slice – Regular₹25
Chatni Slice – Regular₹25
Sing Slice – Regular₹30
Cheese Slice₹45
Jam Slice – Cheese₹50
Chatni Slice – Cheese₹45
Sing Slice – Cheese₹50
Jam Sing Slice – Regular₹40


Bread Butter Grill₹70
Chatni Sandwich Grill₹70
Jam Sandwich Grill₹70
Aloo Mutter Sandwich Grill₹90
Vegetable Sandwich Grill₹90
Veg Aloo Mutter Sandwich Grill₹105
Vegetable Sandwich Grill Cheese₹125
Aloo Mutter Sandwich Grill Cheese₹125
Chatni Sandwich Grill Cheese₹115
Jam Sandwich – Grill Cheese₹115
Cheese Sandwich – Grill₹115
Cheese Chilli Garlic Sandwich₹125
Mexican Sandwich₹140
Cheese Garlic Sandwich – Grill₹115
Club Grill Sandwich₹115
Jain JB CTC₹115
Jb Ctc₹115
Bread Butter – Regular₹40
Jam Sandwich – Regular₹40
Chatni Sandwich – Regular₹40
Vegetable Sandwich – Regular₹50
Aloo Mutter Sandwich – Regular₹50
Veg Aloo Mutter Sandwich Regular₹65
Chocolate Sandwich – Regular₹60
Cheese Sandwich – Regular₹100
Vegetable Sandwich Cheese₹85
Aloo Mutter Sandwich Cheese₹85
Chatni Sandwich – Regular Cheese₹100
Jam Sandwich – Regular Cheese₹100
Chocolate Sandwich – Cheese₹105
3 in 1 Sandwich – Regular₹115
3 in 1 Sandwich – Grill₹125


Chilli Garlic Pizza₹110
Italian Vegetable Pizza₹110
Italian Double Cheese Pizza₹140
Italian Cheese Baked Pizza₹140
Mexican Pizza₹100
Jain Mini Pizza₹60
Mini Pizza₹60
Jain Italian₹110
Italian Pizza₹110


Chocolate Muskabun Regular₹60
Chocolate Muskabun (Cheese)₹80
Butter Muskabun Regular₹45
Jam Muskabun Regular₹45
Butter Muskabun Cheese₹85
Jam Muskabun Cheese₹80


Cheese Roll₹125
Cheese Vegetable Roll₹115
Cheese Garlic Baked Roll₹140

French Fries

French Fries Regular₹85
French Fries Cheese₹115


Dabeli oil₹35
Dabeli Butter₹45
Dabeli Cheese₹80
Jain Dabeli Oil₹40
Jain Dabeli Butter₹50
Jain Dabeli Cheese₹80


Vegetable Maggi Regular₹60
Vegetable Maggi Butter₹70
Vegetable Maggi Cheese₹100

Exotic Vadapav

Cheese Burst Vadapav₹45
Cheesy Herbs Vadapav₹45
Cheesy Tangy Vadapav₹45
Tandoori Cheese Vadapav₹45
Makhani Vadapav₹40
Peri Peri Vadapav₹40
Schezwan Vadapav₹40
Spicy Tangy Vadapav₹40

Chhole Kulcha

Chole Kulcha₹80
Extra Kulcha₹25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Jay Bhavani Vadapav Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.