Krishnapatnam Restaurant Menu

Krishnapatnam Restaurant Menu

For authentic Andhra and South Indian cuisine! Krishnapatnam Restaurant is the perfect place when it comes to having deliciously prepared South Indian and Andhra delicacies. If the call of buttery mamsam vepudu and fluffy hot poori is too strong, it’s got to be Krishnapatnam Restaurant! Krishnapatnam Restaurant menu also has some north Indian dishes.

Due to the increasing clientele over the years, Krishnapatnam Restaurant now has two outlets in Hyderabad – one in jubilee hills and the other in Srujana forum mall, kukatpally.

For that melt-in-the-mouth dosa along with hot and tasty kodi vepudu pulao, head directly to Krishnapatnam Restaurant. You can also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Krishnapatnam Restaurant and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Krishnapatnam Restaurant Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Krishnapatnam Restaurant with the latest pricing information in rupees.

Combos Biryani / Pulao Rice Veg Starters Non Veg Starters Mutton Starters Veg Chinese Starter Chicken Chinese StarterMain Course Egg Main Course Breads Accompaniments Desserts Soups


Menu ItemsPrice
Avakai Pappu Annam (kheema)₹399
Mokkajonna Wada (served with chicken)₹399
Pappucharu Annam Mix (chicken)₹399
Ragi Sangati (chicken curry)₹399
Rasam Annam Chicken (mix)₹399
Pappucharu Annam Mix (kheema)₹449
Pappucharu Annam Mix (mutton)₹449
Ragi Sangati Kheema Mix₹449
Ragi Sangati With Mutton Pulusu₹449
Ragi Sangati (natu kodi pulusu)₹449
Mokkajonna Wada (mutton pulusu)₹459
Avakai Pappu Annam (chicken)₹499

Biryani / Pulao

Veg Biryani₹259
Veg Pulao₹259
Gadwal Kodi Pulao (boneless)₹359
Pachimirchi Kodi Pulao (boneless)₹359
Ulavacharu Kodi Pulao₹339
Krishnapatnam Mixed Pulao₹449
Egg Biryani₹269
Chicken Dum Biryani₹329
Fry Piece Chicken Biryani₹329
Kodi Vepudu Pulao₹339
Mutton Biryani₹359
Special Chicken Biryani₹359
Special Chicken Pulao₹359


Steam Rice₹139
Perugu Annam₹219
Avakai Rice₹229
Chinthapandu Pulihora₹229
Avakai Muddapappu Annam₹239
Avakai Pappu Annam₹239
Ghee Rice₹239
Gundamma Rice₹239
Jeera Rice₹239
Pappu Charu Annam₹239
Pudina Rice₹239
Ragi Sangati₹239

Veg Starters

Mokka Jonna Wada₹315
Corn Harvel₹329
Gobi Market Manchurian₹329
Hara Bara Kebab₹329
Veg Market Manchurian₹329
Veg Sheek Kebab₹329
Malai Paneer Tikka₹379
Mokka Jonna Vepudu₹379
Puttagodugu Vepudu₹379
Tandoori Madras Mushroom₹379

Non Veg Starters

Tandoori Chicken₹389
Chicken Drumsticks South Style₹379
Konaseema Kodi Vepudu₹379
Singaraya Wings₹389
Allam Kodi Kebab₹389
Allam Kodi Vepudu₹389
Andhra Chicken 65₹389
Andhra Chilli Chicken₹389
Bhatti Mamsam Chicken₹389
Chicken Seekulu₹389
Jeedipappu Chicken Pakoda₹389
Kothimeera Kodi Kebab₹389
Natukodi Jeedipappu Vepudu₹429
Chicken Bhatti Platter₹1199
Mixed Bhatti Platter₹1499

Mutton Starters

Armoor Potelu Mamsam₹419
Miryala Mamsam Koora₹419
Telangana Mutton Pulusu₹419
Golichina Miryala Mamsam₹429
Gundamma Gari Mamsam Vepudu₹429
Konaseema Mamsam Vepudu₹429
Mutton Ghee Roast₹429
Mutton Kheema₹439
Jeedipappu Kheema Vepudu₹459

Veg Chinese Starter

Babaycorn Salt & Pepper₹379
Chilli Babycorn₹379
Chilli Garlic Mushroom₹379
Crispy Chilli Honey Potato₹379
Crispy Corn Chilli Pepper₹379
Dragon Veg₹329
Gobi Manchurian₹329
Mushroom Manchurian₹379
Mushroom Pepper Fry₹379
Veg Dumpling Schezwan Sauce₹379
Veg Manchurian₹329

Chicken Chinese Starter

Chicken 65₹389
Chicken Drumsticks (6 Pcs)₹389
Chicken Honey Chilli₹389
Chicken Lollipops (6 Pcs)₹389
Chicken Majestic₹389
Chicken Manchurian₹389
Chicken Salt & Pepper₹389
Chilli Chicken₹389
Chilli Garlic Chicken₹389
Dragon Chicken₹389
Ginger Chicken₹389
Mangolian Chicken₹389
Pepper Chicken₹389
Schezwan Chicken₹389
Sesame Chilli Chicken₹389
Shredded Chilli Chicken₹389
Stir Fried Chicken With Veggies₹389

Main Course

Dal Fry₹219
Dal Thadka₹219
Palakura Pappu₹219
Tomato Pappu₹219
Miryala Rasam₹189
Tomato Rasam₹189
Pachi Pulusu₹199
Pappu Charu₹199
Ulava Charu₹219
Mix Veg Curry₹279
Baby Corn Mirch Masala₹299
Mushroom Masala₹299
Miryala Kodi Kura₹369
Telangana Kodi Pulusu₹369
Krishnapatnam Special Kodi Koora (boneless)₹419

Egg Main Course

Egg Bhurji₹249
Kodi Guddu Pulusu₹249
Kodiguddu Tomato Kura₹259
Anda Kheema₹279


Phulka (2 pcs)₹59
Poori (2 pcs)₹59
Tandoori Roti₹59
Butter Roti₹69
Lachha Paratha₹69
Plain Naan₹69
Pudina Paratha₹69
Butter Kulcha₹79
Butter Naan₹79
Aloo Paratha₹89
Garlic Naan₹89
Masala Kulcha₹89
Stuffed Paratha₹89
Paneer Parata₹159
Keema Naan₹159


Plain Curd₹69
Onion Cucumber Raita₹79
Boondi Raita₹89
Pineapple Raita₹89
Onion Salad₹99
Green Salad₹129


Bobbatlu With Milk₹149
Choice Of Ice Cream₹149
Junnu (homemade)₹149
Pootharekulu With Ice Cream (2 pcs)₹149
Rabdi (mango, strawberry, pine apple)₹149


Veg Hot And Sour Soup ₹139
Veg Miryala Charu ₹139
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹139
Chicken Hot And Sour Soup₹169
Chicken Miryala Charu₹169
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup₹169

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Krishnapatnam Restaurant Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.