La Milano Pizzeria Menu

La Milano Pizzeria Menu

Ever heard of a Mughal special pizza? Or better still, a tandoori paneer pizza?! And to top it all, take a paneer tikka and red paprika taco… Yes, such a place actually exists; La Milano Pizzeria in Ahmedabad offers all this and much, much more! When it comes to authentic Italian fare with a delicious Indian twist added to it, no place can do it better than La Milano Pizzeria. La Milano Pizzeria menu also has pastas, tacos, mac & cheese, garlic breads, and quesadillas.

The La Milano Pizzeria has many outlets in Ahmedabad. The restaurant ambiance, freshly baked pizzas with quality toppings as well as prompt service at the eatery makes this pizza restaurant a must-visit for every Ahmedabadi. Rest assured, The La Milano Pizzeria guarantees you perfect value for your money. You may also order pizza online on Zomato or Swiggy from La Milano Pizzeria and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

La Milano Pizzeria Menu with Prices

Check out the menu of La Milano Pizzeria with the latest pricing details in rupees.


itemPersonal SliceRegularMediumLargeGiantMonster
Classic Veggie Pizza₹155₹180₹395₹535₹895₹1295
Crazy Delight₹155₹180₹395₹535₹895₹1295
Jalapeno Delight Pizza₹155₹180₹395₹535₹895₹1295
Veggie Delight Pizza ₹155₹180₹395₹535₹895₹1295
African Veg Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Authentic Veggie Pizza ₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Karhai Special Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Mac Spicy Delight Pizza₹195₹220₹525₹710₹1045₹1595
Mexican Wave Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Mushroom Tikka Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Paneer Tikka Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Spice Paradise Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Spicy Blast₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Tandoori Style Pizza₹195₹220₹535₹710₹1045₹1595
Max Veggie Pizza₹260₹285₹635₹785₹1150₹1795
Achari Paneer Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Farm Fresh Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Garden Fling Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Hawaiian Veg Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Sweet Heat Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Veggie Special Pizza₹175₹205₹465₹635₹945₹1425
Margharita Pizza₹99₹119₹260430₹750₹1150
Corn And Cheese Pizza₹149₹169₹380₹520₹860₹1250
Double Cheese Margherita Pizza₹149₹169₹380₹520₹860₹1250
Tomato And Cheese Pizza₹149₹169₹380₹520₹860₹1250
Achari Special Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Cheese Heaven₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Cheese Heaven jain ₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Cheesy Mac Special Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Hot Pepper Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Italian Style Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
La Milano Paneer Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Milano Bite Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Mughal Special Pizza ₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Paneer Butter Masala Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Peri Peri Special Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Phoenix Delight Pizza ₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Spice Max Pizza ₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Tandoori Paneer Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650
Veggie Lovers Pizza₹220₹240₹575₹750₹1095₹1650

Classic Mania

Capsicum And Paneer Pizza₹119
Capsicum Paneer And Red Paprika Pizza₹129
Capsicum Pizza₹99
Golden Corn Paneer And Jalapeno Pizza₹129
Golden Corn Pizza₹99
Jalapeno And Black Olives Pizza₹119
Jalapeno And Mushroom Pizza₹119
Onion And Capsicum Pizza₹109
Onion And Paneer Pizza₹119
Onion And Tomato Pizza₹109
Onion Pizza₹79
Paneer And Red Paprika Pizza₹119
Tomato Pizza₹89

Stuffed Garlic Bread Sticks

5 Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread Sticks₹149
Jalapeno And Golden Corn Suffed Garlic Bread Sticks₹149
Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic Bread₹149

Garlic Sticks

Garlic Bread Sticks₹99
Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks₹129

Classic Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread₹129
Paneer Tikka And Red Paprika Garlic Bread₹169
Plain Garlic Bread₹99
Supreme Garlic Bread₹149
Veggie Garlic Bread₹139


Pesto Veg Pasta₹159
Italiano Pasta₹159
Milano Pasta₹159
Paneer Tikka Pasta₹159
Spicy Mexican Pasta₹159

Mac And Cheese

Cheesy Chilly Mac₹139
Cheesy Mac₹139


Mushroom Golden Corns And Onion Taco₹139
Mushroom Tikka And Capsicum Taco
Paneer Golden Corns Taco₹139
Paneer Tikka And Red Paprika Taco₹139


Cheese And Cheese Quesadillas₹139
Mushroom Black Olives And Cheese Quesadillas₹139
Paneer Golden Corna And Cheese Quesadillas₹139

Side Dips

Cheese Dip₹25
Jalapeno Dip₹25
Peri Peri Dip₹25

Premium Lava Cake

Choco Lava₹99
Red Velvet Lava₹99

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate La Milano Pizzeria Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.