Mad Over Donuts Menu

Mad Over Donuts Menu

For some people, donuts are a daily staple. Whether they are used as breakfast, dessert, or some other snack, some people will do anything to get their donuts. For those who have not yet experienced the American donut, India has just upped the ante with the Mad Over Donuts, which has a taste that caters to India’s vast population. Mad Over Donuts menu offers freshly made gourmet donuts with over 24 flavors, Waffles, and Bites.

They have serval outlets in cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Mad Over Donuts Menu with Prices

Below is the complete menu of Mad Over Donuts with a price list in rupees.

Mango Special Menu Box of 12 Donuts Box of 6 Donuts Box of 3 Donuts Chef Recommended Boxes Bites Box of Happiness Classic DonutsSignature Donuts Specialty Donuts Must Try Belgian Waffles Irresistible Eclairs Refreshing Drinks

Mango Special Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mango Dolly₹119.04
Mango Diction₹119.04
Mango Bloom₹119.04
Mango Special Treat Box₹357.14
Mango Special Party Box₹595.24

Box of 12 Donuts (Buy 9 Get 3 Free)

Classic Box of 12 Donuts₹762.86
Specialty Box of 12 Donuts ₹977.14
Signature Box of 12 Donuts₹1071.43
My Original Donut – M.O.D ₹591.43

Box of 6 Donuts (Buy 5 Get 1 Free)

Classic Box of 6 Donuts₹423.81
Speciality Box of 6 Donuts₹542.86
Signature Box of 6 Donuts₹595.24
My Original Donut – M.O.D₹328.57

Box of 3 Donuts

#WFH Box of 3₹312.38
Classic Box of 3 Donuts₹254.29
Speciality Box of 3 Donuts₹325.71
Signature Box of 3 Donuts₹357.14
My Original Donut – M.O.D (Box of Three)₹197.14

Chef Recommended Boxes

Chocolate Overload Box 2.0₹346.67
The Dark Sweet Triple Treat Box (3 Donuts)₹336.19
Bestsellers – Party Box (Buy 5 Donuts Get 1 Free)₹563.81
Bestsellers Celebration Box (Buy 9 Donuts Get 3 Free)₹1019.05
Divine Therapy – Triple Treat Box₹312.38
Cheer Me Up Triple Treat Box₹325.71
Bites Duo – Save Rs.100₹904.76


Signature Bites₹547.62

Box of Happiness

Box Of Happiness – Thank You₹903.81
Box of Happiness – I Love You₹903.81
Box of Happiness – Best Wishes₹903.81
Box of Happiness – Happy Birthday₹903.81

Classic Donuts

M.O.D – My Original Donut₹65.71
Midnight Beauty₹84.76
Original Sin₹84.76
Coco Loco (Coconut)₹84.76

Signature Donuts

Brownie Crumble₹119.04
Salted Caramel₹119.04
Chocolate Therapy₹119.04
Mocha Truffle₹119.04
Red Velvet₹119.04

Specialty Donuts

Choco Bomb₹108.57
Chocolate Decadence₹108.57
Cool Blue Ice₹108.57
Double Trouble₹108.57
Divine Crush₹108.57
Hazel Dazzle₹108.57
Perk Me Up₹108.57
Rainbow Surprise₹108.57
Dark Knight₹107.57
Cookie Overload₹108.57

Must Try Belgian Waffles

Chocolate Brownie Waffle₹157.14
Nutty-ella Waffle₹157.14
Chocolate Chip Waffle₹157.14
Cookies and Cream Waffle₹157.14
Salted Caramel Waffle₹157.14
Strawberry Dream Waffle₹157.14
Dark Wonder Waffle₹157.14

Irresistible Eclairs

Box of 4 Eclairs₹438.10

Refreshing Drinks

Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Classic (200 ml)₹142.86
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Sweet (200 ml)₹142.86
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Hazelnut (200 ml)₹142.86
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Salted Caramel (200 ml)₹142.86
Coco High – Swiss Chocolate₹123.81
Coco High – Cafe Mocha₹123.81
Coco High – Dark Chocolate₹123.81
Tender Coconut Water (200 ml)₹100
Alphonso Mango (180 ml)₹100
Valencia Orange (240 ml)₹150
Sugarcane (240 ml)₹100

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Mad Over Donuts Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.