Mamagoto Menu

Mamagoto Menu

Mamagoto is a gem in the world of pan-Asian restaurants and the best option when it comes to having great Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, South East Asian, as well as Thai cuisines. Right from the service to the lip-smacking items on the Mamagoto menu, Mamagoto leaves nothing to be desired.

Mamagoto has grown over years to become a well-known and respected destination for all who want to enjoy great and unique tasting food.

Mamagoto now has 24 outlets spread across India – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Chennai, Lucknow, Guwahati, and even Nepal.

Mamagoto Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Mamagoto restaurant with the latest prices.

Dimsum Platter Sushi Platter Sushi And Maki Family Aunty’S Platter Small Plates Wok To Share Signature Rice Bowls Signature Noodle Bowls From The Grill Soups Salads Rice Noodles Dessert Small Bites

Dimsum Platter (10 pcs)

Menu ItemsPrice
Dumpling Veg Platter₹879
Dumpling Non-Veg Platter₹999

Sushi Platter (12 pcs)

Non Veg Maki Platter₹ 1299
Veg Maki Platter₹ 1099

Sushi And Maki Family

Avocado Maki (8 pcs)₹769
Avocado Nigiri (5 pcs-m)₹659
Crispy Kale And Chives Uramaki (8 pcs)₹769
Edamame Maki Roll (8 pcs)₹769
Hokkaido Maguro Roll (8 pcs)₹929
Kani Nigiri (5 pcs)₹659
Rainbow Sushi (8 pcs)₹929
Salmon Nigiri (5 pcs)₹659
Soft Shell Crab Roll (8 pcs)₹929
Tekka Maki (8 pcs)₹929
Tuna Nigiri (5 pcs)₹659
Unagi And Avocado Maki (8 pcs)₹929
Unagi Nigiri (5 pcs)₹929
Kapa Maki – Cucumber Rolls₹769
Asparagus Tempura And Cream Cheese Roll (8 pcs)₹769
Crispy Fried Mix Vegetable Rolls (8 pcs)₹709
Veg California Rolls₹769
Crunchy Enoki Mushroom Rolls₹769
Caterpillar Avocado, Asparagus & Cucumber Rolls₹769
Sake Maki Salmon Rolls₹929
Spicy Salmon Rolls₹929
Salmon Tataki Seared Salmon With Yuzu Sauce₹819
Salmon Sushi Sandwich₹819
Salmon Katsu Roll₹879
Ebi Tempura Crispy Prawn Rolls₹929
California Rolls With Crab Stick And Avocado₹929
Spicy Tuna Rolls₹929

Aunty’S Platter (appetizer)

Aunty’S Veg Platter₹749
Aunty’S Non Veg Platter₹849

Small Plates (appetizer)

Crispy Chilli Potato₹389
Bite Size Corn Fritter Balls₹389
Mussourie Mall Road Chinese Spring Rolls Veg₹389
Indonesian Sticky Rice Roll Veg₹429
Crispy Lotus Stem₹479
Hongkong Style Tofu₹479
Vegetable Basil Cups₹499
Water Chestnut Spring Roll₹479
Lantern Chilli And Peanuts Veg₹479
Mussourie Mall Road Chinese Spring Rolls Chcken₹549
Hot Basil Chicken Cups₹549
Honey Chicken With Bell Peppers Mild Schezwan Pepp₹549
Classic Chicken Wings₹549
Dry Red Chilli – Non Veg₹549.1
Lantern Chilli And Peanuts – Non Veg₹549.1
Hongkong Style – Non Veg₹549.1
Black Pepper Fish – Dry₹709
Traditional Crispy Lamb With Spring Onion & Bell₹709
Vegetable Basil Cups C₹479

Wok To Share (mains)

Vegetable Kung Pao – Veg₹549
Butter Beans And Edamame₹549
Stir Fried Vegetables With Burnt Garlic₹549
Stir Fried Vegetables With Crunchy Almond₹549
Stir Fried Pok Choy With Frizzled Onion₹549
Hong Exotic Mushrooms₹549
Tofu In A Black Pepper Sauce₹549
Mixed Vegetables And Tofu With Schezwan Sauce₹549
Mixed Vegetables Black Bean Sauce₹549
Tofu Three Pepper Bomb₹499
Ginger Soy Sauce Tofu Silkon – Veg₹549
Thai Green Curry Veg₹599
Thai Red Curry Veg₹599
Black Pepper Sauce – Non Veg₹579.1
Schezwan Sauce – Non Veg₹579.1
Black Bean Sauce – Non Veg₹579.1
Three Pepper Bomb – Non Veg₹579.1
1990’S Chilli Chicken₹579
Chicken With Garlic & Star Anissed Aroma With Cr₹579
Wan Chai Midnight Chicken₹579
Sambal Go-Go Sauce – Non Veg₹579.1
Thai Green Curry – Non Veg₹659.1
Thai Red Curry Non Veg₹659.1
Ginger Soy Sauce Fish₹709
Steamed Fish With Chilli Oyster Sauce & Spring O₹709
Cumin Lamb With Fresh Coriander₹709

Signature Rice Bowls (sharing portion)

Soggy Thai Basil Fried Rice Veg₹769.1
Spicy Bangkok Bowl Veg₹769.1
Street Vendor’S Panang Curry Bowl Mixed Vegetables₹769
Teriyaki Meal In A Bowl Tofu₹769
Crispy Rice Pok Choy Veg₹769
Soggy Thai Basil Fried Rice Chicken₹819.1
Spicy Bangkok Bowl Chicken₹819.1
Street Vendor’S Penang Curry Bowl- Non Veg₹819.1
Crispy Rice Chk₹819
Fiery Thai Shrimp Fried Rice With Asian Green Chil₹819
Mamagoto Goreng₹819
Teriyaki Meal In A Bowl Non Veg₹819.1
8 Treasure Bowl – Non Veg₹819.1
Smoky Bbq Pork Belly Bowl₹989

Signature Noodle Bowls (sharing portion)

Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles Veg₹769
Kolkata Spicy Noodles – Veg₹769
Stir Fried Udon Noodles Vegetables₹769
Mama S Spicy Ramen Bowl Veg₹769
Thai White Curry Noodle Veg₹769
The Laksa Tribute Veg₹769
Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles Non Veg₹819.1
Kolkata Spicy Noodles – Chicken₹819
Stir Fried Udon Noodles Non Veg₹819.1
Mama S Spicy Ramen Bowl – Chicken₹819
Thai White Curry Noodle Chk₹819
The Laksa Tribute – Non Veg₹819.1
Mamagoto’S Chicken Broth For The Hungry Soul₹819

From The Grill

Garlic Butter Mushrooms₹479
Teriyaki Skewer Tofu₹479
Java Grilled Tofu₹479
Street Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce₹549
Teriyaki Skewer Non Veg₹589.1
Java Grilled Fish In Red Hot Sambal Salsa With Riv₹719
Prawns Wrapped In Bacon₹959


Tom Yum Veg₹329
Oriental Clear Vegetables Soup₹329
Sweet Corn Soup Veg₹329
Chinese Sour & Pepper Soup With 22 Ingredients V₹329
Bhupi’S Office Soup Veg₹329
Tom Yum Non Veg₹379.1
Oriental Clear Chicken Soup₹339
Sweet Corn Soup Chicken₹379
Chinese Sour & Pepper Soup With 22 Ingredients C₹379
Bhupi’S Office Soup Chk₹379
Floating Market Seafood Soup Nv/Mr₹439


Som Tam Salad₹309
Snow Peas & Green Bean Salad₹379
Thai Chicken And Water Chestnut Salad₹549
Nippon Brococcoli & Date Salad Veg₹449
Gomai Salad₹449


Steamed Rice₹269
Plain Sticky Rice₹309
Fried Rice Veg₹299
Sticky Fried Rice Veg₹329
Mama’S Hot Spicy Fried Rice Veg₹379
Fried Rice Egg₹299
Fried Rice Chicken₹329
Sticky Fried Rice Egg₹329
Sticky Fried Rice Chicken₹399
Mama’S Hot Spicy Fried Rice Egg₹379
Mama’S Hot Spicy Fried Rice Chicken₹439
Yangchow Champions Fried Rice₹439


Hakka Noodles Veg₹299
Spicy Bali Bamie Noodles Veg₹329
Hawker’S Noodles (Pad Thai) Tofu₹389
Hakka Noodles Chicken₹329
Pan Fried Noodles Veg₹419.1
Hakka Noodles Egg₹299
Spicy Bali Bamie Noodles Chicken₹389
Hawker’S Noodles (Pad Thai) Egg₹489
Hawker’S Noodles (Pad Thai) Chicken₹599
Pan Fried Noodles Chicken₹529.1
Pan Fried Noodles Shrimp₹639.1


Mama’S Chocolate Slice₹329
Date Pancake With Vanilla Ice Cream₹549
Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake With Toffee Sauce₹329
Coconut Ice Cream Box₹499
Baked Cheesecake₹329

Small Bites

Rice Crackers₹49
Som Tam Sauce₹10

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Mamagoto Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Mamagoto Online Delivery in India

Looking forward to a pleasant evening coupled with good food that’ll leave you refreshed? You need to head directly to Mamagoto!

You can now have your favorite Mamagoto meal in a few simple steps; all you have to do is go to Swiggy, Zomato, or the Mamagoto website. Go through the Mamagoto menu and select your favorite dish from their wide range of offers. Depending on your appetite and craving, you have the option of including desserts with your order.