Pikwik Menu

Pikwik Menu

Pikwik offers a good range of North Indian and Chinese cuisine. They have 4 outlets in Mukherjee Nagar, Rohini, Rajouri Garden, and Pitampura. They offer lunch, dinner, and home delivery options as well. Pikwik menu is extensive. They have over 20 vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters on their menu and more than a few dozen side dishes. They also have salads and breads.

Those who are interested in Chinese cuisine, they have a good variety of rice, noodles, and gravy. The shredded chicken in hot garlic sauce and the lemon fish are big hits.

Pikwik Menu with Prices

Check down below the latest menu of Pikwik restaurant with a price list.

Combo’s With Drink Rice Bowls with Drink Momo’s + Drink Combo, Kathi Rolls + Drink Combo World Cuisine Pastas Soups Chinese Veg Starter Chinese Non-Veg Starter Chinese Veg Main Course Chinese Non-Veg Main Course Noodles Fried Rice Veg Appetizers Chicken Appetizers Meat and Fish Appetizers Indian Veg Main Course Paneer Main Course Chicken Main Course Meat and Fish Main Course Egg Main Course Rice, Pulao and Biryani Sides Breads Salads Desserts Drinks

Combo’s With Drink

Menu ItemsPrice
Dal Meal + Bombay Banta Drink₹289
Shahi Paneer Meal (Serves 1) + Bombay Banta Masala Digestive Fizz Drink₹299
Butter Chicken Meal + Bombay Banta Drink₹329
Midnight Vegetable Biryani Meal For One₹289
Midnight Chicken Biryani Meal For One₹329
Green Thai Curry Meal + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹299
Red Thai Curry Chicken Meal + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹329
Vegetable Manchurian Meal + Bombay Banta Drink₹299
Chilli Paneer Meal + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹299
Chilli Chicken Meal + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹329

Rice Bowls with Drink

Rajmah Masala + Jeera Pulao Bowl + Bombay Banta Drink Masala₹220
Kadhi Pakoda + Jeera Pulao Bowl + Bombay Banta Drink Masala₹220
Channa Masala + Jeera Pulao Bowl + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹220
Soya Chaap Curry + Jeera Pulao Bowl + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹220
Veg In Hot Garlic Sauce + Steamed Rice Bowl + Bombay Banta Peach Ice Tea₹220
Veg Manchurian Gravy + Steamed Rice Bowl + Bombay Banta Lemon Ice Tea₹220

Momo’s + Drink Combo, Kathi Rolls + Drink Combo

Spicy Paneer Tikka Sandwich (2 mini pcs)₹99
Paneer Tikka Roll (serves 1) + Bomaby Banta Masala Drink₹249
Soya Chaap Masala Roll (serves 1) + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹249
Chicken Tikka Roll (serves 1) + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹249
Chilly Chicken Roll (serves 1) + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹249
Classic Veg Tibetan Momo (8 pcs) + Bombay Banta Lemon Ice Tea₹220
Classic Chicken Tibetan Momo (8 pcs) + Bombay Banta Peach Ice₹290
Spicy Chicken Tikka Sandwich (2 mini pcs)₹110
Chicken Seekh Roomali Kathi Roll + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹259
Mutton Seekh Roomali Kathi Roll + Bombay Banta Masala Drink₹269

World Cuisine

Fresh Hummus with Pita (4 pcs) and Pickle₹340
Falafel (6 pcs), Hummus with Pita (4 pcs)₹390
Falafel (8 pcs) and Hummus₹275
Chicken Satay With Pikwik₹375


Penne Arrabbiata Veg Pasta₹390
Penne Arrabbiata Chicken Pasta₹430
Fussili with Mushrooms In White Sauce₹390
Fussili White Sauce, Chicken And Mushrooms₹430


Veg Manchow Soup (500 ml)₹240
Veg Hot & Sour Soup (500 ml)₹240
Veg Talumein Soup (500 ml)₹260
Veg Lemon Coriander Soup (500 ml)₹240
Veg Sweet Corn Soup (500 ml)₹240
Cream of Tomato Soup (500 ml)₹240
Cream of Mushroom Soup (500 ml)₹240
Chicken Manchow Soup (500 ml)₹260
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup (500 ml)₹260
Chicken Talumein Soup (500 ml)₹260
Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup (500 ml)₹260
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (500 ml)₹260
Cream of Chicken Soup (500 ml)₹260
Veg Thupka Soup₹240
Chicken Thupka Soup₹260

Chinese Veg Starter

Chilli Mushroom Dry (serves 3)₹360
Thai Paneer (12 pcs)₹360
Vegetable Salt and Pepper (serves 3)₹360
Corn Pepper Salt (serves 3)₹350
Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes (serves 3)₹350
Vegetable Spring Roll (10 pcs)₹350
Chilli Paneer Dry (12 pcs)₹360
Vegetable Manchurian Dry (12 pcs)₹360
Stir Fried Paneer Black Pepper Sauce Dry (12 pcs, serves 3)₹350
Stir Fried Paneer Black Bean Sauce Dry (12 pcs, serves 3)₹350
Cottage cheese in Black Bean Sauce (dry)₹360
Crispy lotus Stem with circa sauce₹340
Crispy Chilly basil vegetables₹370
Crispy tofu celery and salt₹525
Kaffirlime Vegetable Spring Rol (chef special)₹370

Chinese Non-Veg Starter

Lemon Garlic Chicken (serves 3)₹430
Stir Fried Chicken Black Bean Sauce Dry (serves 3)₹430
Chilli Chicken Dry (12 pcs)₹410
Chicken Manchurian Dry (12 pcs)₹410
Crispy Honey Chicken – (Serves 3)₹410
Drums Of Heaven (8 pcs)₹410
Chicken Lollipop (8 pcs)₹410
Fish Orly – Sole (8 pcs)₹520
Fish Finger – Sole (8 pcs)₹520
Stir Fried Chicken Black Pepper Sauce Dry (serves 3)₹410
Lemon Fish Dry (serves 3-4)₹480
Kung pao chicken dry₹410
Stir fried Chicken with Ginger – spring onion₹410
Grilled Chicken, Glazed Black Bean₹445
Pikwik’s Crisp Whole Sole Fillet₹1100

Chinese Veg Main Course

Vegetable In Hot Garlic Sauce (serves 3)₹350
Vegetable In Black Bean Sauce (serves 3)₹350
Vegetable In Schezwan Sauce (serves 3)₹350
Vegetable Manchurian Gravy (serves 3)₹350
Sweet & Sour Vegetable (serves 3)₹350
Chilli Paneer Gravy (serves 3)₹360
Vegetable Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice (serves 3)₹520
Stir Fried Paneer Black Pepper Sauce Gravy (serves 3)₹360
Stir Fried Paneer In Black Bean Sauce Gravy (serves 3)₹360
Stir Fried Asian Greens, Garlic Sauce₹360
Pikwik’s Stir Fried Asian Vegetables with Cashewnuts₹350

Chinese Non-Veg Main Course

Chicken In Black Bean Sauce Gravy (serves 2-3)₹410
Chilli Chicken Gravy (serves 2-3)₹410
Shredded Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce (serves 3)₹410
Chicken In Szechwan Sauce₹410
Sweet and Sour Chicken (serves 3)₹410
Chicken Manchurian Gravy (serves 3)₹410
Chicken In Black Pepper Sauce Gravy (serves 2-3)₹410
Fish In Hot Garlic Sauce₹490
Chicken Thai Red Curry with Steamed Rice (serves 3)₹550
Fish In Hot Garlic Sauce Gravy (serves 2-3)₹490
Grilled Fish Sole (250g), Lemon Butter Sauce₹520
Kung pao chicken (gravy) ₹410


Chicken Noodles (serves 3)₹320
Veg Chopsuey (serves 3)₹380
American Chicken Chop Suey (serves 3)₹380
Veg Pan Fried Noodles₹495
Veg Noodles (serves 3)₹295
Chicken Pan Fried Noodles₹510

Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice (serves 2- 3)₹320
Vegetable Fried Rice (serves 2-3)₹295

Veg Appetizers

Tandoori Vegetable Platter (20 pcs)₹690
Dahi Kebab₹360
Soya Malai Tikka (8 pcs)₹360
Soya Tandoori Tikka (8 pcs)₹390
Paneer Tikka (5 pcs)₹410
Paneer Malai Tikka (5 pcs)₹360
Tandoori Stuffed Aloo (9 pcs)₹360
Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom (8 pcs)₹390
Masaledar Khumbi (12 pcs)₹380
Mawa Veg Seekh Kabab – Pikwik Special₹370
Hara Bhara Veg Seekh Kebab₹360

Chicken Appetizers

Bhatti Ki Murgh Chaamp (4 pcs)₹450
Tandoori Chicken₹390
Chicken Malai Tikka (8 pcs)₹460
Chicken Tikka (8 pcs)₹460
Chicken Seekh Kebab (8 pcs)₹460
Chicken Tangdi Kebab (4 pcs)₹490
Chicken Reshmi Kebab (8 pcs)₹460
Tandoori Chicken Platter₹799
Chicken Gilaffi Kebab (8 pcs)₹460
Murgh Changezi Tikka₹510
Afghani Chicken₹390
Bhatti Chicken (roh)₹390

Meat and Fish Appetizers

Tandoori Non Veg Platter₹790
Mutton Seekh Kebab (8 pcs)₹460
Amritsari Karari Sole Machhi (10 pcs)₹540
Ajwaini Fish Tikka – Sole (5 pcs)₹540
Tawa Machi Sole (5 big pcs0₹540
Fish Curry Masala (5 pcs)₹530
Beer Battered Fish And Chips₹590

Indian Veg Main Course

Bahaduri Kofta (serves 3)₹395
Malai Kofta (serves 3)₹395
Kadai Mushroom (serves 3)₹395
Mushroom Masala (serves 3)₹395
Corn Capsicum Tawa (serves 3)₹395
Mixed Vegetables (serves 3)₹365
Gobi Masala (serves 3)₹365
Channa Punjabi (serves 3)₹365
Yellow Dal Tadka (serves 3)₹365
Navratan Korma (serves 3)₹395
Khumb Hara Pyaaz (serves 3)₹395
Palak Kofta Butter Masala (serves 3)₹385
Dum Aloo Bhojpuri (serves 3)₹365
Mattar Paneer₹395
Mattar Malai Methi (serves 3)₹395
Jeera Aloo (serves 3)₹365
Dal Makhani Pikwik (serves 3)₹360
Black Dal fry (Butter)₹360

Paneer Main Course

Fresh Methi Malai Paneer (12 pcs, (serves 3)₹395
Paneer Butter Masala (12 pcs, serves 3)₹395
Shahi Paneer (serves 3)₹395
Kadai Paneer (serves 3)₹395
Palak Paneer (serves 3)₹395
Mattar Paneer (serves 3)₹395
Paneer Lababdar (serves 3)₹395

Chicken Main Course

Boneless Chicken Methi Malai (7 pcs)₹560
Chicken Boti Masala (7 pcs)₹560
Chicken Tikka Makhanwala (7 pcs)₹560
Chicken Kali Mirch (7 pcs)₹560
Butter Chicken₹310
Chicken Butter Masala₹320
Butter Chicken Boneless₹320
Kadai Chicken₹310
Chicken Curry Homestyle₹315
Tawa Chicken (Punjab)₹310
Saag Murgh (Punjab)₹315
Chicken Rara₹325

Meat and Fish Main Course

Mutton Rogan Josh (4 pcs)₹460
Mutton Keema Mattar (4 pcs)₹460
Laal Maas (4 pcs)₹460
Railway Mutton Curry (4 pcs)₹460
Saag Gosht (Punjab) (4 pcs)₹460
Mutton Rara (4 pcs)₹460
Mutton Masala (4 pcs)₹460

Egg Main Course

Egg Curry (serves 3)₹385

Rice, Pulao and Biryani

Steamed Rice (serves 2)₹265
Vegetable Pulao (serves 2)₹310
Jeera Pulao (serves 2)₹310
Veg Dum Biryani – 1kg, Gravy, and Raita₹395
Chicken Dum Biryani – 1kg, Gravy, and Raita₹440
Mutton Dum Biryani – 1kg, Gravy, and Raita₹440
Navratan Pulao (serves 2)₹310


Roasted Papad (2 pcs)₹95
Fried Papad (2 pcs)₹95
Boondi Raita (500g)₹185
Pineapple Raita (500g)₹185
French Fries₹190
Masala Papad (2 pcs)₹95
Mixed Vegetable Raita (500g)₹185
Paneer Pakora (8 pcs)₹345
Chinese Crispy Noodle Salad₹220


Pikwik’s Khameeri Roti₹80
Butter Roti₹65
Missi Roti₹95
Khasta Roti₹95
Butter Paratha₹85
Pudina Paratha₹95
Chilli Paratha₹95
Stuffed Paratha₹120
Mirch Pyaj Ka Kulcha₹120
Paneer Kulcha₹145
Butter Naan₹95
Garlic Naan₹110
Keema Kulcha – Gravy and Raita₹270
Rumali Roti₹50
Olive – Jalapeno Cheese Kulcha₹145


Green Salad₹130
Midnight Paneer Tikka Salad₹229
Chicken Tikka Salad₹249
Chicken Malai Tikka Salad₹249
Veg Seekh Salad₹229
Tandoori Soya Tikka Salad₹229
Chicken Seekh Kebab Salad₹259


Honey Cake Pastry (1 pc0₹210
Matka Rabri Phirnee (500g)₹325
Matka Rabri Phirnee (500g, Serves 3)₹325

Drinks (Beverages)

Mint Spritzer Bombay Banta (250 ml)₹84.76
Lemon Ice Tea Bombay Banta (250 ml)₹84.76
Peach Ice Tea Bombay Banta (250 ml)₹84.76
Bombay Banta (Masala Digestive Fizz Drink) (250 ml)₹75.24

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Pikwik menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.