Pizza Express Menu

Pizza Express Menu

Pizza Express is a multinational pizza chain that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1965. It has since expanded to many other countries like India, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many more. They are known for their authentic freshly baked pizzas, made with fresh ingredients and hand-made dough made by their expert pizzaiolos. Pizza Express menu also offers pasta, salad, desserts, and soft drinks.

Pizza Express has 9 outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. You can order pizza online on Zomato or Swiggy from Pizza Express and await delivery at your doorstep.

Pizza Express Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of Pizza Express India with pricing in rupees.

Combo for 1

Veg Combo for 1 (Starter + Pizza + Drink)₹345
Non-Veg Combo for 1 (Starter + Pizza + Drink)₹455
Veg Combo for 1 (Pizza + Drink)₹445
Non-Veg Combo for 1 (Pizza + Drink)₹495
Veg Combo for 1 (Pizza + Dessert)₹495
Non-Veg Combo for 1 (Pizza + Dessert)₹555

Combo for 2

Veg Combo for 2 (Pizza + Starter)₹655
Non-Veg Combo for 2 (Pizza + Starter)₹725
Veg Combo for 2 (2 Veg Pizzas)₹795
Non-Veg Combo for 2 (2 Non-Veg Pizzas)₹855
Veg Combo for 2 (Pizza + Pasta)₹855
Non-Veg Combo for 2 (Pizza + Pasta)₹955
Veg Combo for 2 (Starter + Pizza + Dessert + 2 Drinks)₹955
Non-Veg Combo for 2 (Starter + Pizza + Dessert + 2 Drinks)₹1055

Combo for 4

Veg Combo for 4 (2 Pizzas + Risotto)₹1255
Non-Veg Combo for 4 (2 Pizzas + Risotto)₹1355
Veg Combo for 4 (Starter + Pizza + Pasta + Dessert)₹1355
Non-Veg Combo for 4 (App + Pizza + Pasta + Dessert)₹1455
Veg Combo for 4 (2 Starters + 2 Pizzas + 4 Drinks)₹1455
Non-Veg Combo for 4 (2 Starters + 2 Pizzas + 4 Drinks)₹1555


Dough Balls Doppio₹345
Chicken wings₹495
Garlic Bread Mozzarella₹225
Garlic Bread₹175
Bruschetta Piccante₹275
Bruschetta Originale₹195
Dough Balls PizzaExpress₹195


Pizza American Hottest₹695
Pizza Padana₹545
Pizza American₹675
Pizza Cipolla Piccante₹495
Pizza Formaggi 65₹595
Pizza Giardiniera₹555
Pizza Soho 65₹595
Pizza Polpette Bolognese₹545
Pizza Pomodoro Pesto₹575
Pizza Pollo Coriander Pesto₹575
Pizza Pollo Forza₹595
Pizza Pollo Ad Astra₹545
Pizza Melanzane Piccante₹455
Pizza Margherita with Bufala₹495
Pizza Margherita₹455
Pizza Il Padrino₹595
Pizza Apollo₹575
Pizza Arrabiata₹495
Pizza Funghi di Bosco₹545
Calabrese Veg₹795
Calabrese With Chicken₹825


Penne con Peppadew₹525
Pollo Arrabiata₹525
Risotto Con Funghi Veg₹445
Risotto Pollo Fungi₹525
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio₹455
Lasagna Verde₹525
Pollo Lasagna₹575
Pollo Pesto₹525
Penne pollo piccante₹525
Penne Siciliana₹525
Spaghetti Arrabiata ‘Nduja₹575
Spaghetti ala Genovese₹525

Pizza Combo

Combo of 4 Vegetarian Pizzas₹875
Combo of 4 Non-Vegetarian Pizzas₹1075
Combo of 2 Veg and 2 Non-Veg Pizzas₹975


Grand Chicken Caesar Salad₹475
Warm Veg & Goat’s Cheese Salad₹425
Watermelon & Goat’s Cheese Salad₹395
Mozzarella & Tomato Salad₹295
Protein Bomb₹395
Warm Veg and Goat’s Cheese Salad₹425
Mozzarella & Tomato Salad₹525


Chocolate Cheesecake₹375
Dough Balls with Nutella₹375
Chocolate Fudge Cake₹375
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake₹375
Chocolate Fudge Cake₹225
Chocolate Cheesecake₹295
Dough Ball Nutella₹345

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola₹33.34
Coke Zero₹38.10
Diet Coke₹38.10
Orange – Raw Pressery₹240
Tender Coconut -Pressery₹100

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Pizza Express Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.