The Burger Club Menu

The Burger Club Menu

If you’re craving a burger, the Burger Club is the place to go. The Burger Club offers a selection of big and juicy burgers at many price points. The Burger Club menu offers plenty of choices for hungry individuals. From a veg club burger to a chicken pizza burger, the options are endless.

They used freshly baked buns, handmade patties, and in-house sauces for their burgers. They have over 30 outlets across Delhi NCR and 1 outlet in Amritsar.

The Burger Club Menu with Prices

  Below is the updated menu of the Burger club with a price list in rupees.

Must Try New In The Club Club Meals Combos Burgers Wraps Salad Sides Club Cafe Kids Meal Fries Dessert & Beverages Dipping Sauce

Must Try

Menu ItemsPrice
Garlic Bread₹169
Royal Veg Club₹89
Junior Devil Veg Club₹119
Ultimate Mutton Club₹289
Club Spicy Chicken Wrap₹189
Choco Blast₹129

New In The Club

Orange Delight Cake₹169
Orange Delight Muffin₹69

Club Meals

Chicken Cheese Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹239
Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹218
Chicken Pizza Burger + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹288
Classic Egg N Cheese Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹208
Crispy Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹208
Devil Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹328
Devil Veg Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹298
Double Cheese Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹348
Double Cheese Veg Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹338
Double Paneer Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹298
Island Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹318
Island Veg Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹298
Junior Devil Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹238
Royal Veg Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹198
Spicy Chicken Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹288
Ultimate Mutton Burger + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹408
Veg Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi₹178
Veg Pizza Club + Crinkle Fries + Pepsi ₹278


Crispy Chicken Club + Crispy Chicken Club + Chessy Fries + 2 Pepsi₹379
Royal Veg Club +Royal Veg Club + Chessy Fries + 2 Pepsi₹379
Devil Veg Club + Devil Veg Club + Cheesy Fries + 2 Pepsi₹579
Spicy Chicken Club + Chicken Cheese Club + Cheesy Fries + 2 Pepsi₹539
Crispy Chicken Club + Tangy Bites₹219
Royal Veg Club + Tangy Bites₹209
Devil Veg Club + Magic Platter + Pepsi ₹379
Spicy Chicken Club + Magic Platter + Pepsi₹379
Crispy Chicken Club + Onion Rings + Pepsi ₹209
Royal Veg Club + Onion Rings + Pepsi₹195
Chicken Cheese Club + Cheesy Fries + Cooler₹339
Junior Devil + Cheesy Fries + Cooler₹339
Classic Egg N Cheese Club + 1 Cookie + Chicken Nuggets (4 pcs) + 1 Cappuccino₹329
Chicken Salad + Lemon Iced Tea₹339
Paneer Salad + Lemon Iced Tea₹319
Island Chicken Club + Cooler₹299
Island Veg Club + Cooler₹285
Crispy Chicken Club + Crispy Chicken Club₹178
Junior Devil Club + Junior Devil Club₹238
Royal Veg Club + Royal Veg Club₹158
Spicy Chicken Club + Chicken Cheese Club₹309


Devil Veg Club Burger₹179
Double Cheese Veg Club Burger₹219
Double Paneer Club Burger₹179
Island Veg Club Burger₹179
Junior Devil Veg Club Burger₹119
Royal Veg Club Burger₹89
Veg Club Burger₹59
Veg Pizza Burger₹159
Chicken Cheese Club Burger₹129
Chicken Club Burger₹99
Chicken Pizza Burger₹169
Classic Egg N Cheese Club Burger₹99
Crispy Chicken Club Burger₹89
Devil Chicken Club Burger₹199
Double Chicken Cheese Club Burger₹229
Island Chicken Club Burger₹189
Spicy Chicken Club Burger₹169
Ultimate Mutton Club Burger₹289


Mr. Spicy Chicken Wrap₹189
Mr. Chicken Wrap₹169
Mr. Paneer Wrap₹159


Chicken Salad₹229
Paneer Salad₹209
Veg Salad₹189


Cheesy Wedges (10 pcs)₹59
Magic Platter₹149
Onion Rings (6 pcs)₹59
Tangy Bites₹129
Chicken Nuggets₹59
Twisty Chicken Fries₹99

Club Cafe

Big French Butter Cookie₹59
Double Choco Chip Cookies₹59
Oatmeal Cookie₹59
Tbc Almond & Butter Cookie Box₹139
Tbc Double Choco Chip Cookie Box₹139
Tbc Festive Big Gift Box₹619
Tbc Festive Mini Gift Box₹309
Tbc Oat Meal Cookie Box₹139
Tbc Premium Gift Box₹619
Plum Muffin₹59
Red Velvet & Cheese Cookie Jar₹179

Kids Meal

Kids Meal – Chicken Nuggets₹199
Kids Meal – Non Veg₹209
Kids Meal – Veg₹199


Chipotle Cheese Fries₹109
Sweet Chilli Cheese Fries₹109
Tandoori Cheese Fries₹109
Chicken Cheesy Fries₹199
Overloaded Cheesy Fries₹149
Paneer Cheesy Fries₹189
Crinkle Fries Medium₹89
Sweet Potato Fries Medium₹99

Dessert & Beverages

Green Tea₹59
Masala Tea₹59
Cafe Latte₹109
Caramel Cappuccino₹119
Caramel Latte₹119
Hazelnut Cappuccino₹119
Hot Chocolate₹89
Vanilla Cappuccino₹119
Vanilla Latte₹119
Spicy Mango Mojito₹119
Virgin Mojito₹109
Watermelon Shikanji₹109
Caramel Frappe₹119
Hazelnut Frappe₹119
Iced Caramel Mocha₹149
Iced Frappe₹119
Iced Hazelnut Mocha₹149
Iced Mocha₹119
Iced Vanilla Frappe₹149
Iced Vanilla Mocha₹149
Classic Ice Tea₹109
Lemon Ice Tea₹109
Watermelon Ice Tea₹109
Cookies And Cream Shake₹229
Strawberry Blunder Shake₹159
Triple Chcolate Shake₹209
Blueberry Cheese Cake₹129
Choco Lava Cake₹89

Dipping Sauce

Aioli Dips₹15
Cheese Dip₹25
Club Sauce₹15
Salsa Mayo Dip₹15
Siracha Dip₹15
Sour Cream Dip₹15
Sweet Chilli Dip₹15
Tandoori Dip₹15

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate The Burger Club Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.