The Chocolate Room Menu

The Chocolate Room Menu

The Chocolate Room – For the chocoholics! The Chocolate Room brings to you the ultimate chocolate shop for all your chocolate cravings. One among the best chocolate dessert café in India, The Chocolate Room menu is just the right for you to grab a bite of sandwiches or cakes or sundaes, or just about anything chocolatey!

The Chocolate Room has a presence of over 200 cafes in 50+ cities across India.

Ensnare your senses in the richness and the luxury of chocolate in a variety of foods at The Chocolate Room! If you are the type who loves chocolate on anything and everything, then, The Chocolate Room is your haven of bliss! You can now order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from The Chocolate Room and have it home delivered!

The Chocolate Room Menu with Prices

Here is the updated menu of The Chocolate Room with the latest price details in rupees.


Black Forest Cake₹500
Chocolate Truffle Cake₹576
Chocochip Truffle Cake₹576
Chocolate Cream Cake [500 grams]₹540
Mocha Cake [500 grams]₹575


Chocolate Truffle Pastry₹115
Coffee Pastry₹120
Black Forest Pastry₹95
Chocolate Cream Pastry₹115

Garlic Breads

Cheese Garlic Bread₹169
Chilli and Corn Garlic Bread₹179
Tandoori Paneer Garlic Bread₹199
Exotic Garlic Bread₹219
Chicken Cheese Garlic Bread₹249
Chicken Chilli and Corn Garlic Bread₹249
Chicken Exotic Garlic Bread₹249

Cheesy Italian Toast

Onion and Capsicum Cheesy Toast₹249
Onion and Tomato Cheesy Toast₹249
Sweet Corn and Chilli Cheesy Toast₹249
Exotic Open Italian Toast₹249
Chicken Onion and Capsicum Cheesy Toast₹299
Chicken Onion and Tomato Cheesy Toast₹299
Chicken Sweet Corn and Chilli Cheesy Toast₹299
Chicken Exotic Open Italian Toast₹299

Veg Pizza

Margarita Pizza [9 inches]₹349
Nepolitan Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Veg Supreme Pizza [9 inches]₹439
Garden Fresh Pizza [9 inches]₹439
Tandoori Paneer Pizza [9 inches]₹439
Jungle Pizza [9 inches]₹469
Spicy Paneer Pizza [9 inches]₹449
Mexican Pizza [9 inches]₹449
Barbeque Paneer Pizza [9 inches]₹449

Non Veg Pizza

Tandoori Chicken Pizza [9 inches]₹489
Barbeque Chicken Pizza [9 inches]₹499
Chilli Chicken Pizza [9 inches]₹489
Salami Chicken Pizza [9 inches]₹489
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza [9 inches]₹489


American Burger₹189
Aloo Tikki Burger₹189
Italian Burger₹189
Tex Mex Burger₹239
Chilli Cottage Cheese Steak Burger₹239
Mushroom Burger₹239
TCR Classic Desi Burger₹239
TCR Classic Chicken Burger₹299
Grilled Chicken Burger₹299
Mushroom Chicken Burger₹299
Barbeque Chicken Burger₹299

Veg Sandwiches

Cheese Tomato Chilli Sandwich₹179
Coleslaw Sandwich₹179
Veg Cheese Sandwich₹189
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich₹199
Garden Fresh Sandwich₹199
3 Tier Club Sandwich₹239

Veg Fusion Sandwiches

Mexican Grilled Sandwich₹259
Spicy Cottage Cheese Sandwich₹259
Barbeque Paneer Sandwich₹259
Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich₹259
Cajun Spiced Sandwich₹299

Non Veg Sandwiches

Country Road Chicken Sandwich₹299
Roasted Chicken sandwich₹299
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich₹299
3 Tier Chicken Sandwich₹329

Non Veg Fusion Sandwiches

Pesto Chicken Sandwich₹329
Cajun Spiced Chicken Sandwich₹329

Crepes [Savoury]

Kumbhi Crepes₹299
Mexican Crepes₹299
Creamy Paneer and Capsicum Crepes₹299
Farmer’s Brunch₹299
Tandoori Chicken Crepes₹349
Mexican Chicken Crepes₹349
Roasted Chicken Crepes₹349

French Fries

French Fries₹149
Masala Fries₹149
Potato Wedges₹149
Cheese Garlic Pops₹179
Salsa Mexican Fries₹249
Chicken Salsa Mexican Fries₹299
Peri Peri Fries₹249
Chicken Peri Peri Fries₹299
Schezwan Fries₹249
Chicken Schezwan Fries₹299
Chicken Nuggets₹299

Pasta and Spaghetti

Mediterranean Pasta [Red Sauce]₹379
Al Funghi Pasta [White Sauce]₹379
Alfredo Pasta [White Sauce]₹379
TCR Sunday Mood Pasta [Green Sauce]₹379
Veg Judwaa Pasta [Mix Sauce]₹379
Aglio Olio Spaghetti₹369
Pomodoro Spaghetti [Red Sauce]₹369
Alfredo Spaghetti [White Sauce]₹369
Spicy Chicken Pasta [Red Sauce]₹449
Creamy Chicken Pasta [White Sauce]₹449
Pesto Chicken Pasta [Green Sauce]₹449
Creamy Miso Chicken Spaghetti [White Sauce]₹449


Caesar Salad Wrap₹299
Veg Club Wrap₹299
Salsa Wrap₹299
The Traditional Wrap₹299
Lebanese Chicken Wrap₹349
The Traditional Indian Chicken Wrap₹349
Non Veg Club Wrap₹349


Cheese Nachos₹229
Nachos Grande₹249
Nachos Supreme₹249
Chicken Nachos Supreme₹299
Chicken Nachos Bellgrande₹289
Grilled Chicken Enchiladas₹449


Pesto Panino₹269
Russian Panino₹269
Garden Fresh Panino₹269
Spinach Corn and Cheese Panino₹269
Country Road Chicken Panino₹399
Open House Chicken Panino₹399

Italian Hot Chocolates

Classic Cuddle Cup₹199
Hazelnut Cuddle Cup₹199
Caramel Cuddle Cup₹199
Dark Cuddle Cup₹199
Torroncino Cuddle Cup₹199
Strawberry Cuddle Cup₹199
Mint Cuddle Cup₹199
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Cuddle Cup₹199
Tiramisu Cuddle Cup₹199

Shots on the Bar

Choco Bailey₹89
Choco Brulee₹89
Green Knight₹89


Granita Mocktail₹199
Iced Tea₹199
Fruit Frapper₹249

Belgian Frappe

Double Choco Chip Frappe₹349
Choco Crunch Mocha Frappe₹349
Nutella Frappe₹349
Peanut Butter Almond Frappe₹349


Cappuccino Coffee₹169
Cafe Latte₹179
Cafe Mocha Coffee₹209
Cookie Crumble Coffee₹209
Hazelnut Delight Coffee₹209
Caramel Macchiato Coffee₹219
Red Velvet Latte Coffee₹219

Frozen Coffee

Diet Iced Coffee₹199
Iced Cafe Americano₹199
Iced Cappuccino₹199
Coffee Frappe₹249
Irish Coffee₹249
TCR’s Coffee₹249
Tripple Sec Coffee₹249
Iced Caramel Macchiato Coffee₹249

Old School Shake

Kit Kat Shake₹249
Oreo Cookie Shake₹249
Black Forest Shake₹249
Cookies and Cream Shake₹249
Dutch Truffle Cake Shake₹249
Toblerone Shake₹249
TCR’s in House Shake₹289
Snickers Bar Shake₹299
M&M Shake₹299
Brownie Shake₹299
Mars Bar Shake₹299
Bounty Shake₹299
Lindt Milkshake₹299
Dark Chocolate Shake₹299
Ferrero Rocher Shake₹349

Hot coffee

Americano Hot Coffee₹79
Cappuccino Hot Coffee₹99
Latte Hot Coffee₹119
Mochaccino Hot Coffee₹129
Cookie Crumble Hot Coffee₹129
Cafe Mocha Hot Coffee₹149
Hazelnut Delight Hot Coffee₹149
Caramel Macchiato Hot Coffee₹149


Classic Chocolate Granita₹299
Hazelnut Choctail₹299
Caramel Choctail₹299
Dark Choctail₹299
Torroncino Choctail₹299
Coffee Nirvana₹299
Tiramisu Choctail₹299
Mint Split Latte₹299
Strawberry Choctail₹299

Chocolate Pizza

Brownie Fudge Chocolate Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Nutella Banana Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Rocky Road Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Choco Date Pizza [9 inches]₹399
Choco Ecstasy Surprise [9 inches]₹399


Waffle Wonder [Serves 2]₹299
Sugar Rush Waffle₹349
Eskimo Waffle₹349
Oreo Waffle₹349
Peanut Butter Waffle₹349
Nutella Waffle₹349
Banana and Caramel Waffle₹349
Honey Dew Waffle₹349
Dry Fruits Waffle₹349
Brownie Waffle₹349
Kitkat Blast Waffle₹349
Marshmallows Waffle₹349

Mouth Watering Pancakes

Choc O Block Pancake₹349
Death by Chocolate Pancake₹349
Choc N Troppo Pancake₹349
Bananarama Pancake₹349
Our Famous Pancake Stacks₹349
Vanilla and Choc Surprise Double Pancake₹349
Melting Marshmallows Pancake₹349
Strawberry Pancake₹349
The Chunk Munk Pancake₹349
Kit Kat Blast Pancake₹349


The Chocolate Room Brownie Sundae₹249
Chocolate Molten Pudding Sundae₹249
Chocolate Fudge Sundae₹299
Mousse Made of Pure Chocolate Sundae₹299
Chocolate Chocolate Sundae₹299
Smoking Brownie Sundae₹349
Mount Brownie Sundae₹349
Chocolate Mess Sundae₹349
Thank God its Sundae₹349
Mashed Brownie Muffin Sundae₹349
Midas Special Sundae₹359
Chocolate Sizzler Sundae₹449


Pineapple Almond₹249
Strawberry Almond₹249
Mango Almond₹249
Almond Coated in Dark Chocolate₹249
Cashew Coated in Dark Chocolate₹249
Gulkand Almond₹249
Kulfi Almond₹249
Rabadi Almond₹249
Rasmalai Almond₹249

Chocolate Bars

Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate Bar₹179
Dark Chocolate Bar₹149
Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar₹199
Pistachio and White Chocolate Bar₹199
Dark Cherry Bar₹199
Dark Orange Bar₹199
Dark Mint Bar₹199
Pan Anjeer Milk Chocolate Bar₹199
Sugar Free Chocolate Bar₹199

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate The Chocolate Room Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.