Urban Tadka Menu

Urban Tadka Menu

For all you Punjabi food lovers! Urban Tadka gives you the perfect mix of both mirch as well as masala, which suits the Indian palate. If it’s Punjabi style paneer and chicken which you long for, Urban Tadka menu is the right to go to! Serving some of the tastiest and authentic Punjabi dishes, Urban Tadka is one of the best Punjabi restaurants in Maharashtra.

With the popularity it has gained over time, Urban Tadka now has 40+ outlets in Maharashtra. Fond of that desi Punjabi tadka which leaves your taste buds tingling? Simply head to Urban Tadka ! You may also order food online on Swiggy or Zomato from Urban Tadka and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Urban Tadka Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of Urban Tadka restaurant with price details in rupees.

Milejule Kebabs

Paneer Tikka + Hara Bhara Kabab₹345
Kalimiri Paneer Tikka + Tandoori Stuffed Aloo₹345
Tandoori Soya Chaap + Malai Paneer Tikka₹345
Tandoori Broccoli + Dahi Ke Sholey₹335
Murgh Tikka + Murgh Reshmi Kebab₹365
Happy Murgh Tikka + Tandoori Jheenge₹365
Fish Tikka + Murgh Seekh Kebab₹365
Paneer Tikka + Murgh Banjara Kebab₹355
Hara Bhara Kebab + Fish Koliwada₹365
Tandoori Brocolli + Murgh Tikka₹355

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Naked Mini Cake₹245

IRISS Desserts

Motichoor Cheese Cake [eggless]₹259
Date & Nuts [eggless]₹249
Chocolate Truffle [eggless]₹239
Black Forest [with Egg]₹249
Berry Velvet [eggless]₹199
Blueberry Cheesecake [Eggless]₹179
Red Velvet [Eggless]₹179
Hazelnut Praline [Eggless]₹179
Honey Orange Cheesecake [Eggless]₹175
Whie Forest [With Egg]₹185
Opera [With Egg]₹185
Baked Velvet Cheesecake [With Egg]₹185
Baked Chocolate Cheesecake [With Egg]₹179
Baked New York Cheesecake [With Egg]₹179
Nutella Mousse [Eggless]₹149
Chocolate Mousse [With Egg]₹325
Gooey Dark Chocolate [Eggless]₹215


Tadkewala Tamatar Shrorba₹192
Palak Shorba₹192
Murgh Shorba₹196


Mix Vegetable Raita₹175
Veg Raita₹164
Pudina Raita₹164
Green Salad₹152
Peanut Chaat₹149
Masala Papad₹ 104
Plain Curd₹99
Fried Papad₹92
Roasted Papad₹82

Veg Starters

Nimbu Paneer₹360
Kalimiri Paneer Tikka₹355
Paneer Chilli₹354
Malai Paneer Tikka₹352
Tandoori Mushrooms & Babycorn₹352
Paneer Tikka₹350
Paneer Pakoda₹350
Chilli Cheese Seekh₹348
Tandoori Broccoli₹335
Tandoori Soya Chap₹294
Dahi Ke Sulay₹292
Corn Kurkure₹292
Wah Wah Choley₹292
Tandoori Shakarkand₹292
Aloo Pyaz Ki Tikki₹288
Hara Bhara Kebab₹288
Tandoori Stuffed Aloo₹288
Tandoori Bhutta₹274

Non Veg Starters

Butter Garlic Prawns₹418
Chutneywale Prawns₹418
Sookhe Prawns₹418
Sunahare Prawns₹418
Tandoori Jheenge₹418
Murgh Tangri Kebab₹392
Nimbu Chicken [With Bone]₹368
Chicken Tadka Sichuani₹364
Fish Koliwada₹364
Murgh Mirch Kebab₹364
Kalimiri Murgh Tikka₹362
Fish Tikka₹362
Murgh Malai Kebab₹362
Murgh Banjara Kebab₹360
Happy Murgh Tikka₹360
Chicken Pakoda₹360
Chicken Chilli₹360
Murgh Reshmi Kebab₹360
Murgh Seekh Kebab₹360
Tandoori Chicken Lollipop₹360
Murgh Tikka₹358
Murgh Tandoori₹260

Veg Main Course

Paneer Bhurji₹362
Kadhai Paneer₹346
Paneer Butter Masala₹346
Paneer Tikka Masala₹346
Nimbu Paneer Kari₹346
Methi Paneer₹345
Paneer Makhani₹345
Saag Paneer₹344
Sarson Da Saag₹338
Tawa Mushroom₹338
Lasooni Palak₹338
Corn Palak Ki Subzi₹338
Subzi Kheema₹336
Choley Palak₹330
Soya Chap Butter Masala₹325
Subzi Banjara₹320
Subzi Makhani₹316
Subzi Kolhapuri₹316
Tawa Subzi₹315
Bhindi Masala₹310
Rajasthani Gatta Curry₹310
Sauteed Vegetables₹292
Aloo Jeera₹275

Non Veg Main Course

Bhuna Gosht Boneless₹508
Peshawari Meat Boneless₹508
Mutton Boti Tawa Masala₹508
Mutton Saagwala (Boneless)₹508
Handi Meat₹468
Bhuna Gosht₹448
Peshawari Meat₹448
Mutton Saagwala₹448
Tawa Prawns₹425
Achari Prawns Masala₹422
Prawns Goan Curry₹422
Dilliwala Butter Chicken₹418
Machhi Punjabi Masala₹415
Fish Goan Curry₹415
Handi Murgh₹398
Murgh Mussallam₹398
Dhaniya Murgh Curry₹382
Nimbu Murgh Kari₹382
Tariwala Murgh₹382
Murgh Lasooni Curry₹380
Murgh Tikka Masala₹380
Murgh Makhanwala₹378
Kukkad Punjabi Masala₹378
Ut Style Murgh Curry₹378
Rajasthani Laal Murgh₹378
Murgh Ambarsariya₹374
Murgh Saagwala₹372
Egg Masala₹352


Vegetable Khichdi₹314
Palak Khichdi₹305
Dal Khichdi₹299


Paneer Tikka Biryani₹360
Choley Palak Biryani₹348
Aloo Choley Biryani₹348
Subzi Biryani₹348
Mutton Biryani Boneless₹498
Mutton Biryani₹442
Jheenga Biryani₹425
Fish Tikka Biryani₹384
Tandoori Murgh Biryani₹384
Murgh Makhani Biryani₹382
Murgh Tadka Biryani₹381
Murgh Biryani₹379
Egg Biryani₹358

Dal & Chawal

Dal Makhani₹285
Dal Tadka₹272
Rajma Tariwale₹272
Jeera Rice₹194
Safed Chawal₹185

Parathe Da Kamal

Choley Bhature₹348
Palak Wale Choley Chawal₹348
Paneer Paratha₹325
Aloo Paratha₹320
Gobi Paratha₹320


Cheese Garlic Naan₹119
Cheese Naan₹119
Garlic Naan₹94
Aatewala Butter Naan₹92
Butter Naan₹92
Lachha Paratha₹92
Butter Kulcha₹92
Rumali Roti₹85
Missi Roti₹80
Makai Roti₹80
Plain Kulcha₹78
Butter Tandoori Roti₹58
Tandoori Roti₹52


Jalebi With Rabdi₹196

Soft Beverages

Lemon Iced Tea₹135
Peach Iced Tea₹135
Sweet Lassi₹119
Salted Lassi₹119
Red Bull 250 Ml₹115
Ut Style Nimbu Paani₹109
Chaas Plain₹99
Chaas Masala₹99
Aam Panna Cooler₹99
Jamun Shikanji Cooler₹99
Raw Mango Cooler₹99
Tonic Water₹50
Ginger Ale₹50
Smart Water 750 Ml₹50
Coca-cola 200 Ml₹20
Thums Up 200 Ml₹20
Sprite 200 Ml₹20

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Urban Tadka Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.