Wokies Menu

Wokies Menu

Wokies – For an authentic Chinese meal! Wokies invites you to soulful Chinese dining with authentic Chinese recipes to tantalize your tastebuds! Wokies menu offers some of the most classic Chinese dishes at affordable prices. Wokies has deemed itself worthy of being one of the best Chinese restaurants in Kolkata and the first 2D restaurant in India.

When it’s classic Chinese food at its best, it’s got to be Wokies! You can now order Chinese food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Wokies, await a food delivery at your doorstep, and relish it at home!

Wokies Menu with Prices

Below is the latest menu of Wokies restaurant with pricing details.

Soups Veg Starters Non Veg Starters Veg Momos Non Veg Momos Rice Veg Noodles Non Veg Noodles Rice/Noodle Bowls Veg Main Course Non Veg Main Course Wokies Dokies Salad


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Mushroom Soup₹250
Chicken Clear Soup₹200
Veg Clear Soup₹190
Chicken Hot And Sour Soup₹200
Veg Hot And Sour Soup₹190
Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup₹210
Veg Lemon Coriander Soup₹200
Chicken Lung Fung Soup₹200
Chicken Manchow Soup₹210
Veg Manchow Soup₹190
Meat Ball Soup₹230
Meat Ball Soup Fish & Prawn₹270
Meat Ball Soup Pork₹290
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup₹200
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹190
Tomato Egg Soup₹220
Chicken Wonton Soup₹190
Wanton Soup Pork₹210

Veg Starters

American Corn Salt And Pepper₹210
Crispy Chilli Baby Corn₹220
Crispy Chilli Potato₹150
Shanghai Roll₹260
Stir Fried Bok Choy₹270
Three Pepper Mushroom₹320

Non Veg Starters

Chicken Wings In Soya Sauce₹320
Congee Crispy Pork₹340
Crispy Fried Sesame Chicken₹280
Chilli Chicken Dry₹270
Chilli Fish Dry₹320
Chilli Pork Dry₹330
Five Spice Chicken₹270
Five Spice Pork₹340
Golden Fried Prawn₹390
Pan Fried Chili Chicken₹290
Pan Fried Chilli Fish₹320
Pepper Chilli Garlic Chicken₹280
Pepper Chilli Garlic Fish₹330
Roasted Chilli Pork₹350
Roasted Pork In Chili Plum Sauce₹350
Shanghai Roll Chicken₹280
Tod Mun Pla₹340
Thread Chicken₹310

Veg Momos

Fried Momo Veg (6 pcs)₹160
Fried Wanton Veg (6 pcs)₹150
Pan Fried Momo Veg (6 pcs)₹180
Steam Momo Veg (6 pcs)₹150
Steam Wanton Veg (6 pcs)₹150

Non Veg Momos

Fried Momo Chicken (6 pcs)₹190
Fried Momo Pork (6 pcs)₹220
Fried Wanton Chicken (6 pcs)₹180
Fried Wanton Pork (6 pcs)₹200
Pan Fried Momo Chicken (6 pcs)₹200
Pan Fried Momo Pork (6 pcs)₹230
Steam Momo Chicken (6 pcs)₹180
Steam Momo Pork (6 pcs)₹200
Steam Wanton Chicken (6 pcs)₹170
Steam Wanton Pork (6 pcs)₹190
Sui Mai Chicken₹250
Sui Mai Fish & Pork₹280
Wothib (Chicken) (6 pcs)₹230


Chili Burnt Garlic Rice Chicken₹220
Chili Burnt Garlic Rice Mix₹300
Chili Burnt Garlic Rice Veg₹190
Fried Rice Chicken₹220
Fried Rice Mixed₹280
Fried Rice Veg₹180
Malaca Fried Rice Mixed₹320
Manchurian Rice Mix₹310
Mushroom Rice₹200
Oriental Basil Fried Rice Chicken₹230
Oriental Basil Fried Rice Mix₹280
Oriental Basil Fried Rice Veg₹190
Schezwan Fried Rice Chicken₹230
Schezwan Fried Rice Mixed₹290
Schezwan Fried Rice Veg₹190
Spinach Corn Fried Rice₹240
Star Anise Flavoured Rice Chicken₹230
Star Anise Flavoured Rice Mix₹290
Star Anise Flavoured Rice Veg₹190

Veg Noodles

Burnt Garlic Noodles₹180
Chinese Chopsuey₹180
Drunken Noodles₹200
Lo Mein [Hakka] Noodles₹170
Pan Fried Noodles₹190
Sichuan Hakka Noodles Veg₹190
Singapore Noodles₹190
Stir Fried Flat Noodle Veg₹220
Thai Style Basil Noodles Veg₹200

Non Veg Noodles

Burnt Garlic Noodle Chicken₹210
Burnt Garlic Noodle Mixed₹280
Chinese Chop Suey Chicken₹230
Chinese Chop Suey Mixed₹320
Drunken Noodle Chicken₹250
Drunken Noodle Mixed₹310
Lo Mein Noodle [Hakka] Chicken₹200
Lo Mein Noodle Hakka Mixed₹280
Pan Fried Noodle Chicken₹220
Pan Fried Noodle Mixed₹280
Sichuan Hakka Noodles Chicken₹200
Sichuan Hakka Noodles Mix₹270
Singapore Noodle Chicken₹230
Singapore Noodle Mixed₹310
Soupy Noodle₹280
Stir Fried Flat Noodle Chicken₹240
Stir Fried Flat Noodle Mix₹320
Thai Style Basil Noodles Chicken₹240
Thai Style Basil Noodles Mix₹270

Rice/Noodle Bowls

Veg Fried Rice + Schezwan Mushroom₹280
Bibimbap Chicken₹380
Bibimbap Pork₹400
Dan Dan Noodles Chicken₹280
Dan Dan Noodles Pork₹340
Phad Krapow Chicken₹280
Phad Krapow Pork₹320
Udon Noodles+ Roasted Sliced Pork₹380
Udon Noodles+Meat Ball (Chicken)₹320
Udon Noodles+Meat Ball (Fish)₹350

Veg Main Course

Chilli Black Bean₹240
Devils Choice Veg₹270
Farm Fresh Veg In Hot Garlic Sauce₹190
Manchurian Veg₹220
Mushroom In Chilli Plum Sauce₹280

Non Veg Main Course

Bamboo Shoot Chicken₹300
Bamboo Shoot Fish₹350
Bamboo Shoot Prawn₹400
Bak Choy Delight Chicken₹290
Bok Choy Delight Fish₹330
Bok Choy Delight Prawn₹380
Butter Garlic Chicken₹280
Butter Garlic Fish₹320
Butter Garlic Prawn₹390
Chilli Black Bean Chicken₹280
Chilli Black Bean Fish₹310
Chili Black Bean Prawn₹390
Chilli Chicken₹280
Chilli Fish₹330
Chili Garlic Basil Chicken₹300
Chili Garlic Basil Fish₹350
Chili Garlic Basil Prawn₹400
Chilli Oyester Chicken₹290
Chilli Oyester Fish₹330
Chili Oyster Prawn₹390
Chilli Plum Chicken₹280
Chilli Plum Fish₹310
Chili Plum Prawn₹370
Chilli Pork₹340
Devils Chicken₹310
Devil’s Fish₹340
Devils Pork₹380
Hansu Style Chicken₹290
Hansu Style Pork₹380
Hansu Style Prawn₹380
Hunan Chicken₹290
Hunan Fish₹330
Hunan Prawn₹390
Hupak Style Pork₹390
Kung Pao Prawn₹390
Kungpao Chicken₹290
Kungpao Fish₹340

Wokies Dokies

Barbque Prawn₹380
Char Sui₹380
Nasi Goreng Rice₹320
Smoke Fish₹350
Spider Chicken₹280


Crispy Noodle Salad₹170
Chicken Cashewnut Salad₹200
Grilled Pork Salad₹240

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Wokies Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.