WoodBox Cafe Menu

WoodBox Cafe Menu

Wood Box Cafe is a restaurant located in Delhi that offers a variety of delicious Fast Food at affordable prices. WoodBox Cafe menu also has a great selection of shakes and mocktails. The cafe has a screening facility available that entertains all diners. Plus, the cozy seating and vibrant atmosphere make it the perfect place to relax and catch up with your friends.

Having become one of the most popular cafes in Delhi, WoodBox Cafe has three outlets scattered all over the city – in Indirapuram, Hudson Lane, and Satya Niketan. You may also order food online on Swiggy or Zomato from WoodBox Cafe and await delivery at your doorstep.

WoodBox Cafe Menu with Prices

Scroll down below is the menu of WoodBox Cafe with updated prices in rupees.

Momos Oriental Meal Combos Munching Meals Meal Bowls Soups & Salads Burgers & Sandwich Momos Main Course Veg Rice and Noodles Pastas Fusion Fries Tortilla Wraps Pizza Appetizers Platters Drinks Desserts and Beverages

Momos (8 pcs)

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Baked Pizza₹310
Chicken Barbeque₹280
Chicken Butter Gravy₹280
Chicken Creamy Butter₹300
Chicken Mixed Sauce₹280
Veg Baked Pizza₹280
Veg Barbeque₹250
Veg Butter Gravy₹250
Veg Creamy Butter₹270
Veg Mixed Sauce₹250

Oriental Meal Combos

Chilli Chicken + Veg Noodles + Chicken Spring Roll₹279
Chilli Paneer + Veg Noodles + Veg Spring Roll₹269
Steamed Momos Chicken (6 pcs) + Lemon Virgin Beer₹249
Steamed Momos Veg (4 pcs) + Chilli Garlic Noodles₹229
Steamed Momos Veg (6 pcs) + Lemon Virgin Beer₹229
Veg Manchurian + Veg Noodles + Veg Spring Roll₹249
Veg Wontons With Hot Garlic Sauce + Coke Can (350 ml)₹299

Munching Meals

American Salad Burger (veg) + Masala Fries + Coke Can (350 ml)₹289
Barbeque Chicken Wings (6 pcs) + Citrus Fruit Fusion₹319
Doner Wrap + Cold Coffee₹289
Falafel Wrap + Cold Coffee₹269
Farmer John Burger + Brownie Shake₹289

Meal Bowls

Chicken Hot Garlic Meal Bowl₹259
Chilli Chicken Meal Bowl₹259
Chilli Paneer Meal Bowl₹249
Veg Hot Garlic Meal Bowl₹229

Soup & Salads

Chicken And Black Pepper Soup₹170
Chicken Clear Soup₹150
Chicken Hot N Sour Soup₹170
Chicken Manchow Soup₹170
Chicken Talumein Soup₹170
Chicken Caesar Salad₹240
Non Veg Manchow Soup₹170
Non Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹170
Veg Caesar Salad₹210
Veg Clear Soup₹150
Veg Hot N Sour Soup₹150
Veg Manchow Sou₹150
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹150
Veg Talumein Soup₹150

Burgers & Sandwich

2 Minutes Maggi Burger₹239
American Salad Chicken Burger₹230
American Salad Veg Burger₹190
Falafel Burger₹239
Farmer John Burger₹200
Mother Of Chicken Burger₹260
Beat The Beast Burger₹280
Van Style Chicken Burger₹250
Cheesy Chicken Sandwich₹270
Chicken Tikka Sandwich₹270
Exotic Veggies Sandwich₹210
Herbs And Mushroom₹210
Mediterranean Sandwich₹210


Chicken Schezwan Momos₹270
Chicken Steamed Momo₹240
Pan Fried Momo’s (veg)₹220
Pan Fried Momos (chicken)₹250
Schezwan Momos₹240
Veg Steamed Momos₹210

Main Course

Barbequ Cottage Cheese₹340
Chilli Mushrooom With Gravy₹290
Chilli Paneer₹290
Peri-Peri Cottage Cheese₹340
Veg American Chopsuey₹260
Veg Wontons With Hot Garlic Sauce₹280
Vegetable Balls In Manchurian Sauce₹270
Vegetables In Lemon And Black Pepper Sauce₹380
Barbeque Chicken₹380
Chilli Chicken With Gravy₹390
Chicken American Chopsuey₹310
Chicken Wontons With Hot Garlic Sauce₹340
Peri Peri Chicken₹380

Veg Rice & Noodles

Chilli Garlic Fried Rice₹220
Chilli Garlic Noodles₹220
Singapore Fried Rice₹200
Singapore Noodles₹220
Steamed Rice₹160
Veg Fried Rice₹200
Veg Noodles₹210


Fifty – Fifty Pasta₹290
Arrabbiata Pasta₹290
Fusion Lasagne Veg₹340
Milano Pasta₹290
Fusion Lasagne Chicken₹370
Peri Peri Pasta₹290
Pesto Pasta₹290

Fusion Fries

Garlic Mayo Frie₹170
Mexican Salsa Frie₹170
Salted Fries₹140
Spicy Chicken Fries₹200
Veg Peri Peri Mayo Fries₹170

Tortilla Wraps

Chilli Chicken Wrap₹260
Chilli Mushroom Wrap₹210
Chilli Paneer Wrap₹210
Doner Wrap₹260
Falafel Wrap₹210
Greek Souvlaki Wrap (chicken)₹260


Four Season Pizza₹320
Maggi Pizza Jar₹270
Margherita Pizza₹250
Picante Pizza₹280
Veg Maggi Masala Pizza₹280
Veg Peri Peri Pizza₹310
Veg Pizza [1 Jar]₹230
Barbeque Meat Balls Pizza₹340
Butter Chicken Pizza₹350
Indiano Chicken Tikka Pizza₹320
Chicken Peri Peri Pizza₹340
Chicken Maggi Masala Pizza₹310
Chicken Pizza [1 Jar]₹280


Chilli Mushroom₹300
Chilli Paneer₹300
Crispy Corn Salt & pepper₹260
Crispy Veggies₹260
Garlic Bread With Cheese₹170
Giant Cheesy Spring Roll₹300
Honey Chilli Potatoes₹260
Loaded Nachos Mexicana Veg₹250
Veg Dragon Rolls₹240
Veg Loaded Nachos₹250
Veggie Manchurian Balls₹280
Barbeque Chicken Wings₹350
Chilli Chicken₹350
Crispy Fried Chicken₹350
Crispy Honey Chicken₹350
Drumstick Of Heaven₹350
Giant Cheese Spring Rolls (chicken)₹330
Loaded Nachos Mexicana Chicken₹310
Chicken Dragon Rolls₹270
Chicken Loaded Nachos₹280


Bachchan Tower Chicken₹380
Non Veg Jar Bazaar Platter₹810
Veg Jar Bazaar Platter₹710
Veg Momos Platter₹390
Herbivorous Plate₹490
Chicken Momos Platter₹420
Carnivorous Plate₹570

Drinks (Beverages)

Aerated Drinks₹70
Diet Coke₹60

Desserts & Beverages

Blueberry Cheesecake Shake₹220
Brownie Shake₹190
Coffee Toffee Crunch Shake₹180
Ferrero Rocher Shake₹220
Kit Kat Shake₹190
Nutella Cheesecake Shake₹220
Oreo Cheesecake Shake₹220
Oreo Shake₹190
Redvelvet Shake₹220
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake₹220
Tiramisu Shake₹180
Ginger Mojito₹150
Green Apple Mojito₹150
Mango Mojito₹150
Chocolate Shake₹170
Cold Coffee₹170
Ginger Frappe₹190
Hazelnut Frappe₹190
Mango Shake₹170
Strawberry Shake₹170
Vanilla Shake₹170
Green Apple Lemoade₹120
Strawberry Lemonade₹120

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate WoodBox Cafe Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.