Xero Degrees Menu

Xero Degrees Menu

Xero Degrees – the haven of fast food lovers! Xero Degrees brings to you a range of snacks that are equally high on taste and easy on the pocket! One of the best fast-food restaurants, Xero Degrees is just the right place for delicious snacking. Xero Degrees menu is particularly famed for its great variety of delicious fries served in a Jar that is sure to ensnare the senses of every foodie!

Given its popularity, Xero Degrees now has outlets in almost every nook and corner of Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai city. Pizza, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, garlic breads, shakes, and more await you at Xero Degrees… You may now order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Xero Degrees, await a food delivery at your doorstep, and relish it at home!

Xero Degrees Menu with Prices

Below down is the complete menu of Xero Degrees restaurant with a price list.


Hot and Spicy Chicken Strips₹239
Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings [4 Pieces]₹203


Cheesy Margherita Pizza₹239
Golden Corn Delight Pizza₹251
Veggie Affair Pizza₹251
Cow Boy Medley Pizza₹275
Peri Peri Delight Pizza₹275
Crispy Peppy Paneer Pizza₹287
Makhani Paneer Pizza₹287
Xero Extravaganza Pizza₹299
Chicken and Cheese Pizza₹299
Chicken Dominator Pizza₹311
Chicken Tikka Pizza₹311
Pepperoni Pepper Pizza₹323
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza₹323
Butter Chicken Pizza₹323
Xero Chicken Delight Pizza₹323
Veg Pizza in Jar₹191


Penne Barbaresca White Sauce₹227
Spaghetti Barbaresca White Sauce₹227
Penne Arrabiata Red Sauce₹227
Spaghetti Arrabiata Red Sauce₹227
Penne Sugo Rosa Mixed Sauce₹227
Spaghetti Sugo Rosa Mixed Sauce₹227
Penne Sugo Rosa Pink Sauce₹227
Spaghetti Sugo Rosa Pink Sauce₹227
Veg Alfredo Baked Penne₹227
Veg Pink Sauce Baked Penne₹227
Veg Alfredo Baked Spaghetti₹227
Veg Pink Sauce Baked Baked Spaghetti₹287
Penne Lousiana White Sauce₹299
Spaghetti Lousiana White Sauce₹263
Penne Mama Rosa Red Sauce₹263
Spaghetti Mama Rosa Red Sauce₹263
Penne Non Veg Sugo Rosa Mixed Sauce₹263
Spaghetti Non Veg Sugo Rosa Mixed Sauce₹263
Penne Non Veg Sugo Rosa Pink Sauce₹263
Spaghetti Non Veg Sugo Rosa Pink Sauce₹263
Non Veg Alfredo Baked Penne₹311
Non Veg Pink Sauce Baked Baked Penne₹323
Non Veg Alfredo Baked Spaghetti₹311
Non Veg Pink Sauce Baked Baked Spaghetti₹323


Super Veggie Burger₹179
Paneer Zinger Burger₹203
Peri Peri Zinger Burger₹215
X Veg Burger₹215
Peri Peri Chicken Burger₹239
Chicken Zinger Burger₹227
Tandoori Chicken Burger₹227
Butter Chicken Burger₹227


Green Goblin Sandwich₹215
Cheese Monger Sandwich₹215
Peri Peri Paneer Sandwich₹227
Chicken Tikka Sandwich₹227
Chicken Idea Sandwich₹239
Xero Chicken Sandwich₹251


Indiana Jones Slider₹215
Big Bang Theory Slider₹227
Game of Thrones Slider₹227
Scared Games Slider₹251
Money Heist Slider₹251
Friends Slider₹263

Fries in Jar

Classic Fries in Jar₹155
Cheesy Fries in Jar₹167
Pizza Fries in Jar₹191
Tandoori Fries in Jar₹191
Mushroom Fries in Jar₹191
Peri Peri Cheesy Fries in Jar₹215
Paneer Popcorn Makhani Fries in Jar₹227
Chilli X Fries in Jar₹227
Chicken and Cheese Fries in Jar₹239
Peri Peri Chicken Cheesy Fries in Jar₹251
Butter Chicken Cheesy Fries in Jar₹251
Chicken Pizza Fries in Jar₹251
Chicken Tandoori Fries in Jar₹263
Chilli X Chicken Fries in Jar₹263
Chicken Popcorn Fries in Jar₹263


Mexican Nachos₹203
Baked Cheesy Nachos₹215
Mexican Chicken Nachos₹251
Baked Chicken and Cheese Nachos₹263

Garlic Breads

Cheesy Garlic Bread₹203
Exotic Garlic Bread₹215
Peri Peri Paneer Garlic Bread₹227
Chicken and Cheese Garlic Bread₹251
Butter Chicken Garlic Bread₹263

Classic Shakes

Vanilla Shake₹203
Strawberry Shake₹203
Chocolate Shake₹203
Black Currant Shake₹203
Blueberry Shake₹203

Cold Coffee

Classic Cold Coffee₹227
Hazelnut Cold Coffee₹227
Oreo Cold Coffee₹227
Chocolate Cold Coffee₹227
Caramel Cold Coffee₹227
Cinnamon Cold Coffee₹227


Lemon Iced Tea₹179
Peach Iced Tea₹179
Fresh Lime Cooler₹179
Cucumber Mint Cooler₹179
Spicy Xero Degrees Cooler₹179
Ocean Blue Cooler₹179

Premium Cooler

Mango Mint Premium Cooler₹191
Passion Fruit Premium Cooler₹191
Bubble Gum Premium Cooler₹191
Blueberry Premium Cooler₹191
Watermelon Mint Premium Cooler₹191
Green Apple Premium Cooler₹191
Kiwi Mint Premium Cooler₹191
Let The Sun Go Up Premium Cooler₹191

Premium Shakes

Nutella Choco Punch Premium Shake₹227
Nutella Caramel Premium Shake₹227
KitKat Premium Shake₹227
Nutella Premium Shake₹227
Bubble Gum Premium Shake₹227
Black Choco Forest Premium Shake₹227

Freak Shakes

Nutella Oreo Freak Shake₹275
Red Velvet Freak Shake₹275
Choco Crunch Freak Shake₹275
Popcorn Caramel Freak Shake₹275
Alphonso Cocaine Freak Shake₹275

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