Zaika Restaurant Menu

Zaika Restaurant Menu

For lip-smacking north Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese food! Zaika Restaurant is the favorite haunt of Delhiites who love their sizzlers and curries. Be it soups, appetizers, and curries in the north Indian section or a variety of rice, noodles, and salad in the Chinese section, there is something to suit everyone’s palate at the Zaika Restaurant. The highlight of the Zaika Restaurant menu is the authentic mughlai food on offer – there’s chicken, mutton, and even fish that you can choose from – each one more tastefully prepared than the last.

Zaika Restaurant is situated in the culturally-rich and buzzing Daryaganj neighbourhood in the heart of Delhi. Though most of the items on the menu are bound to be delectable, here are a select few must-haves which you just can’t afford to miss – tandoori chicken, chicken rara, chicken lababdar, and last but not the least, the special Hyderabadi biryani which is considered to be a delicacy of the place.

You may also order food online on Swiggy or Zomato from Zaika Restaurant and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Zaika Restaurant Menu with Prices

Below down is the latest menu of Zaika Restaurant with price information in rupees.


Tomato Soup₹70
Veg Swt Corn Soup₹60
Veg Hot N Sour Soup₹75
Chicken Clear Soup₹60
Chi. Sweet Corn Soup₹80
Chi. Hot N Sour Soup₹90

Mutton Roasted

Mtn Burra₹380


Broast Chi. – Full₹550
Chi. Bonless Strips – Half₹160
Chi. Popcorn₹220
Broast Chi. – Half₹280
Chi. Bonless Strips – Full₹300


Veg Burger₹70
Veg Cheese Burger₹90
Veg Crunchy Cheesy Burger₹120
Chi Zinger Burger₹100
Chi Zinger Cheese Burger₹120
Chi. Zinger Double Down₹160


Chi. Seekh Kabab₹180
Mtn Seekh Kabab₹240


Crispy Fish N Chips₹310


Chi. Fry – Qtr₹130
Chi. Fry – Half₹250
Chi. Fry – Full₹450
Chicken Fingers B/L – Qtr₹180
Chi. Fingers B/L – Half₹350
Chi. Fingers B/L – Full₹650
Chi. Lollypop [Plate]₹190
Fish Finger B/L₹280


Chi. Burra – Half₹300
Chi. Burra – Full₹550
Chi. Afghani – Half₹260
Chi. Afghani – Full₹500
Chi. Malai Tandoori – Half₹350
Chi. Malai Tandoori – Full₹600
Chi. Malai Tikka B/L – Half₹250
Chi. Malai Tikka B/L – Full₹480
Paneer Tikka – Half₹250
Paneer Tikka – Full₹480
Chi. Tikka – Half₹180
Chi. Tikka – Full₹350


Paneer Rumali Roll₹90
Paneer Tikka Roll₹90
Zaika Paneer Kathi Roll₹100
Egg Roll₹70
Chi. Kabab Rumali Roll₹90
Chi. Tikka Roll₹90
Chi. Kabab Paratha Roll₹95
Mtn Kabab Rumali Roll₹100
Zaika Chicken Kathi Roll₹100
Chi. Malai Tikka Roll₹110
Mtn Kabab Paratha Roll₹110
Chi. Malai Kathi Roll₹130
Zaika Spl Roll [Double Chi. Double Egg] [1 Piece]₹130


French Fries₹95
Masla Fries₹115
Chilli Potato₹150
Honey Chilly Potato₹160
Chilli Paneer₹220
Chi. Spring Roll₹160
Paneer Manchurian₹220
Thread Paneer₹230
Chi. Schezwan₹220
Chicken Manchurian₹220
Chicken Manchurian Gravy₹220
Chilli Chicken₹220
Chi. Chilli Garlic Lollipop₹250
Chilli Chicken Gravy₹220
Chi. Satey₹230
Honey Chilli Chi.₹240
Thread Chi.₹230
Chilli Paneer Gravy₹220
Mustard Chicken₹230
Chilli Fish₹320
Zaika Chinese Platter₹340


Veg Steam Momo [6 Pcs]₹90

Chicken Gravy

Handi Chicken₹300₹550₹1000
Dhaba Chicken₹280₹500₹900
Chi. Tikka Masala₹280₹500₹900
Zaika Spl Changezi₹260₹500₹900
Butter Chi₹220₹420₹750
Tawa Chi.₹280₹500₹900
Chi Curry₹210₹400₹750
Chi Qorma₹210₹400₹750
Kadhai Chi.₹280₹500₹900
Tawa Chi.₹280₹500₹900
Kali Mirch Chi.₹280₹500₹900
Chi. Shahi Qorma ₹280₹500₹900
Chi. Labadar ₹280₹500₹900
Chi. Rara ₹300₹550₹1000
Chi Stew₹210₹400₹750

Mutton Items

Mtn Qorma₹240₹450₹850
Mtn Stew₹240₹450₹850
Mtn Curry₹240₹450₹850
Mtn Tawa₹280₹520₹950
Mtn Kadhai₹280₹520₹950
Mtn Nahari ₹310₹580₹1000
Mtn Shahi Qorma₹310₹580₹1000
Mtn Lababdar ₹310₹580₹1000
Mtn Rara₹310₹580₹1000

Veg Items

Dal Tadka₹150
Dal Makhni₹180
Mix Veg₹230
Dal Zaika Spl.₹180
Paneer Lababdar₹230
Shahi Paneer₹220
Paneer Btr Masala₹250
Kadhai Paneer₹250
Paneer Bhujia₹280
Paneer Tikka Masala₹250
Zaika Spl. Paneer₹280


Tandoori Roti₹18
Tandoori Butter Roti₹24
Khamiri Roti₹25
Khamiri Butter Roti₹30
Laccha Tandoori Paratha₹45
Plain Naan₹50
Butter Naan₹60
Garlic Naan₹80
Paneer Paratha₹90
Keema Paratha₹95


Plain Curd₹55
Boondi Raita₹65


Chocolate Brownie₹65

Mocktail & Shakes

Oreo Shake₹99

Beverage Combos

Paneer Tikka Roll + Pepsi (300 Ml)₹120
Chicken Malai Tikka Roll + Cold Drink (300 Ml)₹140
Chicken Fry + Cold Drink (300 Ml)₹160
Chicken Lollipop+ Pepsi (300 Ml)₹210

Mineral Water

Mineral Water₹19.04


Biryani Rice₹140
Veg Biryani₹170
Chi. Biryani – Qtr₹170
Hyderabadi Chi. Biryani – Qtr₹180
Mtn Biryani – Qtr₹200
Hyderabadi Mtn Biryani – Qtr₹200

Healthy Section

Veg Diet Soup₹60
Plain Paneer Paratha₹80
Mix Veg [Diet]₹190
Diet Chicken Soup₹70
Chicken Tikka Roasted₹180
hicken Roasted₹260

Fried Rice And Noodles

Veg Fried Rice₹160
Veg Chowmein₹180
Veg Garlic Fried Rice₹180
Chi. Chowmein₹190
Chi. Fried Rice₹190
Chi. Hakka Noodles₹200
Chi. Schezwan Rice₹190
Chi. Garlic Fried Rice₹210

Zaika Combos

Zaika Combo One₹399
Zaika Combo Four₹499
Zaika Combo Five₹549
Zaika Combo Two₹349
Zaika Combo Three₹349

Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti₹10

Tawa Paratha

Laccha Tawa Paratha₹30

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Zaika Restaurant Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.