Jugadi Adda Menu

Jugadi Adda Menu

Jugaadi Adda is the first brand in Mumbai to serve fusion Vada pav. Jugaadi Adda menu has over 15 types of vada pav, and pav bhaji, and samosa served with handmade sauces.

They also offer all their food items with a touch of Jain flavor. 

Jugadi Adda Menu with Prices

Here is the full menu of Jugadi Adda restaurant with latest prices in rupees.

Meal Combos

Indi Italia Samosa Pav + Vip Vada Pav + Machayenge Vada Pav + Coca Cola Can₹175
Jantar Mantar Vada Pav + Vip Vada Pav + Jumbo Vada Pav + 2 Coca Cola Can₹210
Peri Peri Vada Pav + Godfather Vadapav + Coca Cola Can₹115
Vip Vada Pav + Jumbo Vada Pav + Coca Cola Can ₹115

Vada Pav

Achari Mango Vada Pav₹30
Bbq Vada Pav₹30
Cheese Vada Pav₹30
Jumbo Vada Pav₹20
Jungli Vada Pav₹30
Mayo Vada Pav₹30
Peri Peri Vada Pav₹30
Schezwan Vada Pav₹30
Tandoori Vada Pav₹30
Tangy Sunny Vada Pav₹35
Vada Plate (2 Pcs)₹30
VIP Vada Pav₹40

Jain Vada Pav

Jain Achari Mango Vada Pav₹35
Jain Bbq Vada Pav₹35
Jain Cheese Vada Pav₹35
Jain GODFATHER Vada Pav₹40
Jain Harrisa Vada Pav₹35
Jain INDI-ITALIA Vada Pav₹45
Jain JANTAR MANTAR Vada Pav₹45
Jain Jumbo Vada Pav₹25
Jain Jungli Vada Pav₹35
Jain MACHAYENGE Vada Pav₹40
Jain Mayo Vada Pav₹35
Jain Peri Peri Vada Pav₹35
Jain Schezwan Vada Pav₹35
Jain Tandoori Vada Pav₹35
Jain Tangy Sunny Vada Pav₹35
Jain Vada Plate (2 Pcs)₹35
Jain VIP Vada Pav₹45

Samosa Pav

Achari Mango Samosa Pav₹35
Bbq Samosa Pav₹35
Cheese Samosa Pav₹35
Chocolate Samosa Pav₹45
Chocolate Samosa₹40
GODFATHER Samosa Pav₹40
INDI-ITALIA Samosa Pav₹45
Jumbo Samosa Pav₹25
Jungli Samosa Pav₹35
MACHAYENGE Samosa Pav₹35
Mayo Samosa Pav₹35
Peri Peri Samosa Pav₹35
Samosa Plate (2 Pcs)₹35
Schezwan Samosa Pav₹35
Tandoori Samosa Pav₹35
Tangy Sunny Samosa Pav₹40
VIP Samosa Pav₹45

Pav Bhaji

Achari Mango Bhaji Pav₹35
Bbq Bhaji Pav₹35
Bhajiya Plate₹25
Cheese Bhaji Pav₹35
Godfather Bhaji Pav₹40
Indi Italia Bhaji Pav₹45
Jantar Mantar Bhaji Pav₹45
Jumbo Bhaji Pav₹40
Jungli Bhaji Pav₹35
Machayenge Bhaji Pav₹40
Mayo Bhaji Pav₹35
Peri Peri Bhaji Pav₹35
Schezwan Bhaji Pav₹35
Tandoori Bhaji Pav₹35
Tandoori Bhajiya Plate₹45
Tangy Sunny Bhaji Pav₹40
Vip Bhaji Pav₹45

Drinks (Beverages)

Coke Can (330 ml)₹70
Sprite Bottle (200 ml)₹30
Thums Up Bottle (200 ml)₹30
Water Bottle 1l₹25

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Jugadi Adda Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.