La Pino’z Pizza Menu

La Pino'z Pizza Menu

La Pino’z Pizza serves one of the healthiest pizzas among all other pizza outlets. La Pino’z Pizza menu has finger-licking pizzas, pasta, and garlic bread prepared by the usage of fresh ingredients and innovative techniques. The difference between La Pino’z Pizza and the other pizza outlets is the La Pino’z Pizza Experience!

La Pino’z Pizza has over 350 outlets in India covering all the major areas. To make their offering even better La Pino’z Pizza has numerous offers to tickle your taste buds. With great pizzas, offers and a very prompt home delivery La Pino’z Pizza is a must-try for all you pizza lovers.

La Pino’z Pizza Menu with Prices

Check out the complete menu of La Pino’z Pizza with price details.

Classic Pizzas Starting @ Rs 89

Bbq Chicken Pizza₹99
Capsicum & Chicken Tikka Pizza₹109
Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami Pizza₹119
Chicken Seekh & Chicken Salami Pizza₹129
Keema & Onion Pizza₹139
Onions Pizza₹59
Tomatoes Pizza₹69
Capsicum Pizza₹75
Sweet Corns Pizza₹79
Onions & Capsicum Pizza₹99
Onions & Paneer Pizza₹109
Capsicum & Paneer Pizza₹109
Jalapenos & Olives Pizza₹119
Jalapenos, Sweet Corns & Paneer Pizza₹129
Capsicum, Paneer & Red Paprika Pizza₹139

Veg Pizzas Starting @ Rs 120

Margherita Pizza₹99
Garden Delight Pizza₹140
Lovers Bite Pizza₹140
Country Side Pizza₹140
Spring Fling Pizza₹140
Cheezy-7 Pizza₹160
Burn To Hell Pizza₹160
Garden Special Pizza₹160
Macaroni Special Pizza₹160
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala Pizza₹160
Veg. hawaiian Pizza₹160
Farm Villa Pizza₹160
La Pino’z Paneer Pizza₹180
Cheese Lover Pizza₹180
English Retreat Pizza₹180
Korma Special Pizza₹180
African Peri Peri Veg Pizza₹180
Peri Peri Veg Pizza₹180
Las Vegas Treat Pizza₹180
Cheesy Macaroni Veg Pizza₹180
Hot Passion Pizza₹180
Veg Tamer Pizza₹210

Non-veg Pizzas Starting @ Rs 165

Exotic Tikka Pizza₹140
Tandoori Chicken Pizza₹160
Texas Bbq’ed Pizza₹160
Chicken De-light Pizza₹160
Chicago Delight Pizza₹160
Indian Chicken Special Pizza₹180
Non-veg Hawaiian Pizza₹180
Korma Chicken Pizza₹180
Mixed Grill Pizza₹180
La Pino’z Chicken Pizza₹180
Pepperoni Pizza₹180
Hot Tandoori Pizza₹180
Cheesy Macaroni Non-veg Pizza₹210
Cheesy Chicken Pizza₹210
Peri Peri – Chicken Pizza₹210
California Chicken Pizza₹210
Chicken Tikka Lababdar Pizza₹210
Spanish Sizzles Pizza₹210
Meat Blast Pizza₹210
Fire-e-chicken Pizza₹210
Non-veg Tamer Pizza₹230

Classic Pizza Pack Of 4

Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Veg.₹269
Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Veg. (Premium)₹399
Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Non-veg.  ₹469

Garlic Bread

Cheezo Garlic Sticks₹79
Veg Stuffed Garlic Sticks₹89
Non Veg Stuffed Garlic Sticks₹99
Plain Garlic Bread₹99
Cheesy Garlic Bread₹99
Supreme Garlic Bread₹99
Paneer Tikka Garlic Bread₹99
English Chicken Garlic Bread₹99
Chicken Tikka Garlic Bread₹99
Mutton Keema Garlic Bread₹109


Americano Pasta Non-veg₹189
Americano Pasta Veg₹169
Mexicana Pasta Non-veg₹189
Mexicana Pasta Veg₹169
Italiano Pasta Non-veg₹189
Italiano Pasta Veg₹169
Indiana Pasta Non-veg₹189
Indiana Pasta Veg₹169


Macaroni & Cheese Veg₹149
Macaroni & Cheese Non-veg₹169
Smoke Chilli Macaroni Veg₹149
Smoke Chilli Macaroni Non-veg₹169
Mushrooms, Corns & Onion Taco’s₹129
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala & Red Paprika Taco’s₹129
Paneer & Corns Taco’s₹129
Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami Taco’s₹139
Chicken Seekh Kebab & Chicken Bbq Taco’s₹139
Paneer, Sweet Corn & Cheese Quesadillas₹129
Mushroom, Olives & Cheese Quesadillas₹129
Chicken Tikka, Jalapenos & Cheese Quesadillas₹139
Bbq Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas [3 Pcs]₹139
Hot & Spicy Wings₹149
Peri Peri Wings₹149
Mutton Shammi Kabab₹119
Chicken Meatballs₹119

Coolers & Beverages

Green Apple [350 Ml]₹89
Orange Ice Tea [350 Ml]₹89
Spicy Mango [350 Ml]₹89
Blue Curacao [350 Ml]₹89
Mint Mojito [350 Ml]₹89

Desserts & Milkshakes

Cold Coffee [350 Ml]₹109
Blue Berry Shake [350 Ml]₹109
Strawberry Shake [350 Ml]₹109
Peanut Butter Shake [350 Ml]₹109
Oreo Shake [350 Ml]₹109
Mango Shake [350 Ml]₹109
Choco Lava₹89

Regular Pizza Combo

Peri Peri Veg Pizza + Coke [500 Ml]₹199
Las Vegas Treat + Coke [500 Ml]₹199
Mixed Grill Pizza + Coke [500ml]₹199
Farm Villa Pizza + Coke [500 Ml]₹179
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala + Coke [500ml]₹179
Garden Delight Pizza + Coke [500 Ml]₹159
Lovers Bite Pizza + Coke [500 Ml]₹159
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza + Coke [500ml]₹205
Meat Blast Pizza + Coke [500ml]₹205
La Pinoz Chicken Pizza + Coke [500ml]₹199
Exotic Tikka Pizza + Coke [500 Ml]₹169
Chicken Delight Pizza + Coke [500ml]₹169

Medium Pizza Combo

Garden Special Pizza + Garlic Bread Slice + Coke [500 Ml]₹499
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala Pizza + Cheese Garlic Bread + Coke [500 Ml]₹499
California Chicken Pizza + Garlic Bread Sticks + Coke [500 Ml]₹545
Tandoori Chicken Pizza + Cheese Garlic Bread + Coke [500 Ml]₹499

Large Pizza Combo

Cheesy 7 Pizza + Cheese Garlic Bread + Coke [500 Ml]₹559
Americal Peri Peri Veg + Cheese Garlic Bread + Coke [500 Ml]₹559
Garden Delight Pizza + Pasta [white Sauce] + Coke [500 Ml]₹549
Spanish Sizzles Pizza + Garlic Bread Sticks + Coke [500 Ml]₹649
Hot Tandoori Pizza + Cheese Garlic Bread + Coke [500 Ml]₹609
Texas Bbq’ed Pizza + Garlic Bread Sticks + Coke [500 Ml]₹589

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate La Pino’z Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.