Lassi Shop Menu

Lassi Shop Menu

For an extensive collection of lassi of every kind! Lassi Shop is as good as the name sounds – name it, and you have it at Lassi Shop. Lassi Shop menu also has a wide variety of mocktails, smoothies, and fresh juices at affordable prices.

Having become immensely popular over the past few years, Lassi Shop now has 500+ shops across India. You may also order beverages online on Swiggy or Zomato from Lassi Shop and await delivery at your doorstep.

Lassi Shop Menu with Prices

Check out the updated menu of Lassi Shop with pricing details.

Lassi Shop Lassi

Sweet Lassi₹50
Mango Lassi₹70
Fruit Lassi₹70
Mango Strawberry Lassi₹70
Saffron Lassi₹70
Dry Fruit Lassi₹80

Special Lassi

Chocolate Lassi₹80
Strawberry Lassi₹70
Lychee Lassi₹89
Orange Lassi₹79
Kiwi Lassi₹89
Blueberry Lassi₹89
Cranberry Lassi₹89
Blackcurrant Lassi₹89
Pineapple Lassi₹89

Super Saver Combos

Sweet Lassi with French Fries₹140
Sweet Lassi with Mango Lassi and Strawberry Lassi₹170
Mango Lassi with Peri Peri Fries₹160
Sweet Lassi with Cheese Corn Nuggets₹160
Kiwi Lassi with Chilli Garlic Pops₹160

Oreo Shakes

Oreo Shake₹99
Chocolate Oreo Shake₹115
Strawberry Oreo Shake₹115
Oreo Chips Shake₹125
Nutella Oreo Shake₹129
Oreo Nut shake₹140
Banana Oreo Blast Shake₹130

Cold Coffee

Oreo Coffee₹145
KitKat Coffee₹145
Nutella Coffee₹145
Vanilla Coffee₹135
Strawberry Coffee₹135


French Fries₹99
Peri Peri Fries₹99
Mexican Cheesy Fries₹119
Cheese Corn Nuggets₹119
Chilli Garlic Potato Pops₹119


Kesar Falooda₹119
Kulfi Falooda₹139
Delhi Style Falooda₹139


Fruit Salad with Ice Cream₹89
Mexican Brownie Ice Cream Sundae₹89
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Sunade₹109
Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae₹109
Fruit Overload Ice Cream Sundae₹119
Butterscotch Ice Cream Sundae₹109
Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae₹149
Litchi with Ice Cream Sundae₹149
Choco Nut Sundae₹149
Nutella Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae₹159
Nutella Brownie Ice Cream Sundae₹159
Nutella Dry Fruit Ice Cream Sundae₹159
Nutella Lychee Ice Cream Sundae₹159
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae₹159
Dry Fruit Sundae₹159

Smoothies With Ice Cream

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Ice Cream₹109
Mango Banana Smoothie with Ice Cream₹109
Blueberry Smoothie with Ice Cream₹109


Fresh Lime Juice₹49
Ginger Lime Juice₹59
Watermelon Juice₹59
Pineapple Juice₹59
Mexican Britto Lime Juice₹79
Blue Curacao₹79
Orange Juice₹99


Oreo Shake₹109
KitKat Shake₹119
Milo Shake₹119
Special Berry Blueberry Shake₹119
Berry Cranberry Shake₹119
Dry Fruit Shake₹109
Nutella Shake₹110
Berry Blueberry Shake₹110
Apple Shake₹79
Pomegranate Shake₹79
Papaya Shake₹49


Apple Smoothie₹110
Banana Smoothie₹90
Mango Smoothie₹90
Strawberry Smoothie₹90
Blueberry Smoothie₹110
Cranberry Smoothie₹110
Mango Banana Smoothie₹110
Strawberry Banana Smoothie₹110

Cold Coffee

Hard Rock Coffee₹70
Turkish Coffee₹70
Coffee on the Rocks₹70
Swedish House Mafia Coffee₹90
Mud Coffee₹90
Belgian Coffee₹110
Ferrero Coffee₹110


Natural Protein₹90
Whey Protein₹110


Saffron Kesar Pista₹70
Naked Pista₹70
Banana Bonkers₹59
Belgian Chocolate₹59
Naked Peanut₹70
Ferrero Automatic₹70
Very Berry Strawberry₹70
Mango Alphonso₹70
Tropical Mixed Fruit₹70
Mango Strawberry₹90
Mississippi Mud₹90
Hip Hop₹110
Blueberry Lychee₹110
Lychee and Mango₹110
Hot Scotch Butterscotch₹110
Cranberry Dry Fruit₹129
Pure Pomegranate₹129
Mosambi Sweet Lime₹89

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Lassi Shop Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.