London Yard Pizza Menu

London Yard Pizza Menu

For deliciously cheesy and melt-in-the-mouth pizzas! London Yard Pizza brings to you an extensively designed menu with the choicest pizzas and pastas on offer. There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap, especially if it contains a London Yard Pizza! London Yard Pizza menu has some of the best pizzas in Ahmedabad.

The immense popularity that London Yard Pizza has garnered over the past some time has led it to open 11 outlets in Ahmedabad. You may also order pizza online on Zomato or Swiggy from London Yard Pizza and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

London Yard Pizza Menu with Prices

Check out the complete menu of London Yard Pizza with prices information in rupees.

BOGO Offer

Bhut Jolokia Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Bhut Jolokia Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Dragon On Fire Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Dragon On Fire Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Farm Fresh Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Farm Fresh Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Hawaiian Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Hawaiian Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
London Retreat Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
London Retreat Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Mac & Cheese Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Mac & Cheese Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Mac & Spicy Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Mac & Spicy Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Mexicano Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Mexicano Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Mushroom Tikka Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Mushroom Tikka Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Paneer Butter Masala Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Paneer Butter Masala Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Paneer Korma Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Paneer Korma Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Paneer Tikka Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Paneer Tikka Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Pasta Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Pasta Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Piri Piri Paneer Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Piri Piri Paneer Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Queen Cheese Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Queen Cheese Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Signature All In One Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Signature All In One Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Tabasco Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Tabasco Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Talk Of The Town Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Talk Of The Town Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Triple Tango Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Triple Tango Pizza [13 Inch]₹780
Veggie Paradise Pizza [10 Inch]₹610
Veggie Paradise Pizza [13 Inch]₹780

Classic Pizza

Cheese & Corn Pizza₹130
Classic Veggie Pizza₹130
Double Cheese Margherita Pizza₹120
Margherita Pizza₹104

Premium Pizza

Country Feast Pizza₹150
Supreme Veg Pizza₹150
Triple Tango Pizza₹150
Veggie Delight Pizza₹150

Royal Pizza

Bhut Jolokia Pizza₹210
Dragon On Fire Pizza₹210
Farm Fresh Pizza₹210
Hawaiian Pizza₹210
London Retreat Pizza₹210
Mac & Cheese Pizza₹210
Mac & Spicy Pizza₹210
Mexicano Pizza₹210
Mushroom Tikka Pizza₹210
Paneer Butter Masala Pizza₹210
Paneer Korma Pizza₹210
Paneer Tikka Pizza₹210
Pasta Pizza₹210
Piri Piri Paneer Pizza₹210
Queen Cheese Pizza₹210
Signature All In One Pizza₹210
Tabasco Pizza₹210
Talk Of The Town Pizza₹210
Veggie Paradise Pizza₹210

Pizza Bash

Capsicum & Paneer Pizza₹119
Capsicum Pizza₹69
Capsicum, Paneer & Red Peprika₹129
Jalapeno, Sweet Corn & Paneer Pizza₹129
Jalapenos & Olives Pizza₹109
Onion & Capsicum Pizza₹99
Onion & Paneer Pizza₹119
Onion & Tomato Pizza₹99
Onion Pizza₹59
Sweet Corn Pizza₹79
Tomato Pizza₹69


Mushroom, Corn & Onion Tacos₹145
Paneer & Corn Tacos₹145
Paneer Butter Masala & Red Peprika Tacos₹145

Pasta (Penne)

Alfredo Cheese Sauce Pasta₹170
Arrabiata Sauce Pasta₹170
Pink Sauce Pasta₹170

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread Sticks₹99
Stuffed Garlic Bread Sticks₹149
Four Cheese Garlic Bread₹159
Queen Cheese Garlic Bread₹159
Paneer Tikka Garlic Bread₹179

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread₹350
Piri Piri Cream Cheese Garlic Bread₹370


Piri Piri₹50


Choco Lava₹99
Red Velvet Lava₹99

Drinks (Beverages)

Coke Zero₹40
Kinley (500 Ml)₹10
Thums Up₹40

Meal For 1

1 Reg Pizza (7′ Pizza Classic, Premimum) + 1 Choco Lava + 1 Beverage₹299
1 Reg Pizza(7′ Pizza Royal Category ) + 1 Tacos + 1 Beverage₹399

Meal For 2

2 Medium Pizza (10’Pizza From All Category) + 1 Stuff Garlic Bread + 1 Pasta + 1 Beverage₹799
2 Medium Pizza (10’Pizza From All Category) + 1 Tacos + 1 Beverage + 1 Choco Lava₹799

Meal For 4

2 Medium Pizza (10′ Pizza ) + 2 Reg Pizza (7′ Pizza ) + 2 Beverage + 2 Choco Lava₹1199
3 Medium Pizza (10’Pizza From All Category) + 1 Stuff Garlic Bread + 2 Beverage + 2 Choco Lava₹1199

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate London Yard Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.