Monginis Menu

Monginis Menu

For divine, exquisite, and delightful cakes! Monginis is the ideal cake shop where you can choose your favorite flavor of cakes from the extensive variety on offer plus get it home delivered too.

Name it, and you have it in Monginis Menu – appetizing pineapple cakes, tempting truffle chocolate cakes, gratifying black forest cakes, heavenly caramel cakes – plus a whole lot more to take your pick from! Well-known for some of the best cakes, Monginis is a very popular cake shop in India with over 1000 locations. 

Monginis Menu with Prices

Check out the latest menu of Monginis with pricing information.

Premium Cakes

Alpine Chocolate Cake₹318
Dutch Chocolate Cake₹318
Pineapple Cake₹318
Black Forest Cake₹318
Hazelnut Cake₹318

Exotic Cakes

Dutch Chocolate Heart Cake₹403
Butterscotch Caramello Cake₹403
Black Forest Heart Cake₹403
Pineapple Heart Cake₹403
Shimmer Cake₹403

Designer Cakes

Swan Couple Cake₹487
Choco Ivory Cake₹487

Special Cakes

Rainbow Cake₹403
Blueberry Sapphire Cake₹403
Rasmalai Cake₹487
Choco Bow & Cherry Cake₹487
Dark Sensation Cake₹403
Devil’s Delight Cake₹403
Choco Crunch Cake₹636

Fresh Cream Pastries

Zebra Torte Pastry₹81
Rainbow Pastry₹72
Black Forest Pastry₹59
Pineapple Pastry₹55

Chocolate Pastries

Dutch Pastry₹76
Dutch Almond Pastry₹76
Devil’s Delight Pastry₹51
Truffle Chocolate Pastry₹51
Swiss Miss Pastry₹59

Brownie & Mousse

Brownie Square Pastry₹59
Rasmalai Cup₹81
Choco Bomb Pastry₹38

Special Pastries

Red Velvet Cheese Pastry₹72
Irish Coffee₹76
Creamy Cookies Pastry₹85

Veg. Savouries

Veg Pizza 4″ Square Shape₹51
Paneer Tikka Roll₹51
Veg Pattice₹30

Non Veg. Savouries

Chicken Pizza 4″ Square Shape₹55
Chicken Tikka Roll₹51
Bbq Chicken Pattice₹34

Special Savouries

Chicken Burger₹55
Veg Burger₹51
Paneer Pattice₹34
Chicken Internet₹38
Chicken Cutlet₹34


Dry Fruit Florentine Bar₹34

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Monginis Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Monginis Delivery

Already feeling those cravings welling up inside you for melt-in-the-mouth cakes? Just head to Monginis website straightaway! Or else, you can also order cakes online on Swiggy or Zomato from Monginis and await a cake delivery at your doorstep.

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