Nik Bakers Menu

Nik Bakers Menu

For melt-in-the-mouth desserts, cookies, and cakes! Nik Bakers is the ideal place to go to when you want to make any occasion special, be it wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or just any day you’d like to party. Rest assured, you’ll surely get to experience a little slice of heaven at the bakery. Nik Bakers menu has some of the best freshly baked products. Nik Bakers is one of the most popular bakeries run by a professional baker (Nikhil Mittal) from Australia.

Having gained immense popularity over the years, Nik Bakers now has numerous outlets spread all over Chandigarh, New Delhi, Dear Bassi, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mohali, Panchkula, and Patiala.

Right from apple pies, mousses, croissants, and special celebration cakes to puffs, quesadillas, and sandwiches, Nik Bakers has something to suit every palate. You may also order cakes online on Zomato from Nik Bakers and await a cake delivery at your doorstep.

Nik Bakers Menu with Prices

Here is the latest menu of Nik Bakers with a price list in rupees.


Veg Salad₹404.77
Chicken Salad₹457.15

Essential Breads

Sour Dough Bread₹195.24
Sour Dough Multigrain Bread₹204.77
100 Percent Atta Bread₹100
Brown Bread₹105
Burger Bread₹100
High Fibre Bran Bread₹100
Garlic Bread₹114.29
Multigrain Bread₹114.29
Masala bread₹114.29
White Bread₹95
Sprouted Bread₹114.29
Bran Loaf Bread₹100
Loaf Multigrain Bread₹100
Loaf Oregano Bread₹100
Italian Garlic Loaf Bread₹114.29
Italian Focaccia Bread₹147.62
Pav Bread₹100
Pizza Base₹100
Soup Sticks Bread₹200
Sesame Lavash Bread₹219.05
Multigrain Lavash Bread₹219.05
Seven Grain Bagel Bread₹142.86
Cheese Straw Bread₹250
Pita Herb Chips₹183.04
Mini Burger Bread₹76.20
French Bread₹180.96
Croissant Multigrain Bread₹139.83
Rye & Chia Seeds Bread₹114.29

Whole Wheat Breads

Whole Wheat Burger Bread₹114.29
Whole Wheat Hot Dog Breads₹100
Whole Wheat Pita Bread₹100
Whole Wheat Pizza Base₹114.29

Rose Pastas

Veg Rose Pasta₹547.62
Smoked Chicken Rose Pasta₹585.72
Spicy Sausage Rose Pasta₹585.72
Mutton Rose Pasta₹590.48


Veg Burger₹180.96
Chicken Burger₹219.05
Grilled Chicken Burger₹238.10
Roasted Mutton Burger₹242.86
Peri Peri Mutton Burger₹242.86
Grilled Chicken Burger [Double Decker]₹295.24
Roast Mutton Burger [Double Decker]₹323.81
Peri Peri Mutton Burger [Double Decker]₹323.81

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg N Cheese Sandwich₹390.48
Tomato, Cheese, Lettuce & Egg Sandwich₹395.24
BLT Sandwich₹495.24
Smoked Chicken N Egg Sandwich₹428.58

Grilled Sandwiches

Club Veg Grilled Sandwich₹542.86
Veg N Corn Grilled Sandwich₹428.58
Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich₹471.43
Mushroom N Cheese Grilled Sandwich₹471.43
Homestyle Cheese and Onion Grilled Sandwich₹390.48
Panini Mushroom Grilled Sandwich₹295.24
Three Cheese Grilled Sandwich₹366.67
Club Chicken Grilled Sandwich₹566.67
Mutton Grilled Grilled Sandwich₹566.67
Chicken BBQ Grilled Sandwich₹566.67
Ham N Cheese Grilled Sandwich₹485.72
Salami N cheese Grilled Sandwich₹485.72
Chicken Tikka Grilled Sandwich₹542.86
Panini Chicken Grilled Sandwich₹352.39

Baked Sandwiches

Focaccia with Paneer₹300
Paneer Tikka Baked Sandwich₹295.24
Focaccia Chicken N Cheese₹347.62
Chicken Tikka Sandwich₹309.53
Ham Jalapeno Sandwich₹309.53
Smoked Chicken Mayo Sandwich₹309.53
Ham N Cheese Croissant Sandwich₹295.24

Flat Bread Sandwiches

Paneer Flat Bread Sandwich₹333.34
Cheesy Flat Bread Sandwich₹295.24
Smoked Chicken Flat Bread Sandwich₹376.20

Cold Sandwiches

Healthy Veg Sandwich₹186.44
Healthy Paneer Tikka Sandwich₹190.67
Healthy Chicken Sandwich₹199.15
Chicken Barbeque Sandwich₹216.12

Kathi Rolls

Kathi Roll Veg₹390.48
Kathi Roll Chicken₹428.58
Kathi Roll Mutton₹447.62


Omelette Plain₹328.58
Omelette Sunny Side Up₹328.58
Omelette Scrambled Eggs₹328.58
Omelette Mushroom n Onion₹352.39
Omelette Cheese₹347.62
Omelette Indian Style Veggie₹376.20
Omelette Ham n Cheese₹423.81
Omelette Smoked Chicken₹433.34


Quesadillas Mushroom₹442.86
Quesadillas Paneer₹442.86
Quesadillas Non Veg₹552.39
Quesadillas Mutton₹552.39


Cinnamon Roll₹122.88


Bagels Cream Cheese₹333.34
Bagels Butter₹309.53
Bagels Paneer Tikka₹357.15
Bagels Salami and Cheese₹347.62
Bagels Egg and Bacon₹409.53
Bagels Spicy Chicken Tikka₹390.48
Bagels Ham and Cheese₹376.20


Nachos Veg₹323.81
Nachos Chicken₹428.57


Pancakes with Maple and Whipped Cream₹509.53
Pancakes with Blueberries and Whipped Cream₹509.53
Pancakes with Nutella and Whipped Cream₹509.53

Hot Dogs

Veg Hot Dog₹209.53
Chicken Hot Dog₹223.81


Veg Slider₹114.29
Paneer Slider₹114.29
Grilled Chicken Slider₹119.05
Roast Mutton Slider₹138.10
Peri Peri Mutton Slider₹119.05


Atta Suji Rusk₹119.04
Gift Pack Cookies [4 Packs]₹1025.42
Almond Apricot Biscotti₹466.10
Pista Cranberry Biscotti₹483.05
F. Almond Cookies [500 g]₹987.28
F. Assorted Cookies [500 g]₹792.37
F. Italian Cookies [500 g]₹987.28
F. Butter Cookies [400 g]₹559.32
F. Chocochip Cookies [500 g]₹805.08
J. Turkish Baklava [300 g]₹1266.95
N. Almond Cookies [500 Grams]₹987.28
N. Assorted Cookies [500 Grams]₹792.37
N. Butter Cookies [400 Grams]₹559.32
N. Chocochip Cookies [500 Grams]₹805.08
Chocolate Almond Cookies [50 g]₹152.54
Dry Fruit Roasted Almond [125 g]₹343.75
Dry Fruit Roasted Cashew [125 g]₹370.53
Dry Fruit Roasted Hazelnut [125 g]₹343.75
Dry Fruit Walnut Kernels [75 g]₹325.89
Dry Fruit Pistachio Roasted N Salted [100 g]₹334.82
Cake Rusk₹390.47
French Macaron Cookies₹334.74
Chew Chocochip Cookies [100 g]₹80.51
Chocolate Fudge Cookie [75 g]₹105.93
Mini Box Baklava [125 g]₹368.64
Box Of Joy₹1326.27

Cookies Jars

Almond Cookies Jar₹817.79
Assorted Cookies Jar₹707.62
Atta Muselli Cookies Jar₹538.13
Bran Cookies Jar₹644.06
Butter Cookies Jar₹500
Butterscotch Cookies Jar₹639.83
Chocolate Chip Cookies Jar₹720.33
Italian Biscotti Cookies Jar₹817.79
Oats and Raisins Cookies Jar₹648.30
Salted Cookies Jar₹563.55
Multigrain Cookies Jar₹758.47
Sugar Free Almond Cookies Jar₹817.79
Sugar Free Oats Cookies Jar₹809.32
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies Jar₹733.05

Mini Jar Cookies

Almond Cookies Mini Jar₹262.71
Biscotti Cookies Mini Jar₹254.23
Butter Cookies Mini Jar₹203.38
Choco Chip Cookies Mini Jar₹237.28
Sugar Free Almond Cookies Mini Jar₹220.33
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies Mini Jar₹203.38
Atta Muesli Cookies Mini Jar₹169.49
Bran Cookies Mini Jar₹177.96
Butterscotch Cookies Mini Jar₹173.72
Multigrain Cookies Mini Jar₹199.91
Oats and Raisins Cookies Mini Jar₹194.91

Mini Pack Cookies

Classic Salted Cookies Mini Pack₹173.72
Multigrain Cookies Mini Pack₹322.03
Butterscotch Cookies Mini Pack₹300.84
Salted Cookies Mini Pack₹309.32
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies Mini Pack₹334.74


French Garlic Toast₹223.81
French Fries [Large]₹238.10
Garlic Bread and Cheese₹238.10
Focaccia Garlic and Cheese₹257.15
Sides Potato Wedges₹209.53
Sides Sausages₹257.15
Sides Bacon₹333.34
Chicken Keema and Pav₹323.81


Veg Alfredo Pasta₹547.62
Veg Arrabiata Penne Pasta₹547.62
Non Veg Alfredo Pasta₹585.72
Non Veg Arrabiata Penne Pasta₹585.72
Mutton Penne Pasta₹590.48
Spicy Sausage Penne Pasta₹585.72


Bruchetta Mushroom₹209.53
Bruchetta Cheese Chilli₹166.67
Bruchetta Chicken Tikka₹233.34


Veg Fajita₹361.91
Paneer Fajita₹409.53
Chicken Fajita₹442.86

Cheesy Fries

Cheesy Fries Original₹276.20


Samosa Baked Veg Puff₹93.22
Veg Puff₹97.45
Mushroom & Cheese Puff₹97.45
Mutton Keema Patty₹114.41
English Sausage Roll₹144.07


Chicken Quiche₹131.35


Cinnamon Sugar Crisp₹250
Nik Bits Filled Donuts₹165.25


Belgium Chocolate Almond Bar₹258.47
Belgium Chocolate Crunchy Bar₹241.52
Date and Fig Chocolate Bar₹266.94
Fruit and Nut Bar₹275.42
Hazelnut Bar₹292.37
No Added Sugar Bar₹283.89
Cranberry Chocolate Bar₹266.94
Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar₹275.42
Classic Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar₹250
Caramel Toffee₹326.27
Belgian Almond Rocks₹1177.97
Belgian Chocolate Coated Almonds₹495.76
Belgian Chocolate Coated Cashews₹406.77
Belgian Chocolate Coated Raisins₹394.59
Belgian Crunchy Chocolate₹385.59
Belgian Dark Almond Rocks₹334.74
Belgian Milk Almond Rocks₹334.74
Turkish Baklava₹1266.95

Chocolate Box

Assorted Belgian Chocolate Box₹588.98

Dry Cakes Tray

Chocolate Dry Cake Tray₹398.31
Chocolate Walnut Dry Cake₹406.78
Apple Cinnamon Dry Cake Tray₹372.89
Red Velvet Dry Cake Tray₹368.65
English Plum Dry Cake Tray₹381.36
English Fruit Dry Cake Tray₹406.78
Lemon Tea Dry Cake Tray₹338.99
Marble Dry Cake Tray₹360.17
Vanilla Dry Cake Tray₹347.46
Banana Walnut Dry Cake Tray₹398.31


Eggless Chocolate Brownie₹152.55
Chocolate Walnut Brownie₹144.07
Nutella Fudge Brownie₹161.02


Banoffee Pudding₹182.20
Red Velvet Pudding₹177.96
Triffle Pudding₹173.72
Twin Choco Mousse Pudding₹173.72
Snicker and Mars Pudding₹173.72


Lemon Tart₹156.78
Fresh Fruit Tart₹165.25
Nutella Oreo Tart₹173.72


Apple Pie₹165.25
Walnut Pie₹182.20

Cream Cakes

Black Forest Cream Cake₹1169.50
Butterscotch Cream Cake₹1161.10
Cappuccino Cream Cake₹1161.10
Chocolate Truffle Cream Cake₹1245.77
Fresh Fruit Cream Cake₹1266.95
Pineapple Cream Cake₹1182.21
Red Velvet Cream Cake₹1266.95
Strawberry Chocolate Cream Cake₹1266.95
Strawberry Gateau Cream Cake₹1144.07
Rainbow Cream Cake₹1326.28
Chocolate Mousse Cream Cake₹1178
Chocolate Mud Cream Cake₹1165.26
Blueberry Cheese Cream Cake₹1161.10
New York Cheese Cream Cake₹1266.95

Swiss Rolls

Red Velvet Swiss Cream Roll₹466.10
Vanilla Swiss Roll₹165.25


Waffles with Nutella₹471.43
Waffles with Nutella and Banana₹485.72
Waffles with Blueberry Jam₹471.43
Waffles with Maple Syrup₹471.43
Waffles with Banana Maple Syrup₹485.72
Waffles with Belgian Chocolate₹471.43
Waffles with Banana Chocolate₹485.72


Nutella Crepes₹485.72
Maple & Butter Crepes₹485.72
Mushroom & Jalapeno Crepes₹495.24
Chicken Jalapeno Crepes₹495.24

Dessert Combos

Wicked Croissant₹266.67
Apple Delight₹295.24
Sinful Chocochip Muffin₹319.05
Sinful Blueberry Muffin₹319.05
Sinful Chocolate Brownie₹366.67


Custard Danish₹144.06
Nutella Danish Roll₹169.49


Butter Croissant₹131.35
Chocolate Croissant₹131.35
Chicken Croissant₹139.83


Chocolate Cake Lamington₹250
Strawberry Cake Lamington₹250


Chocochip Muffin₹135.60
Blueberry Muffin₹135.60

Cake Slice

Black Forest Cake Slice₹216.12
Butterscotch Cake Slice₹228.82
Cappuccino Cake Slice₹216.12
Chocolate Praline Cake Slice₹241.53
Chocolate Truffle Cake Slice₹228.82
Fresh Fruit Cake Slice₹241.53
Kitkat Cake Slice₹228.82
Oreo Royal Cake Slice₹228.82
Pineapple Cake Slice₹216.12
Red Velvet Cake Slice₹241.53
Strawberry Chocolate Cake Slice₹216.12
Rainbow Cake Slice₹241.53
Strawberry Gateau Cake Slice₹241.53
Chocolate Mud Cake Slice₹216.11
Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice₹216.10
Blueberry Cheese Cake Slice₹228.82
New York Cheese Cake Slice₹241.53


Dark Almond Rock [100 g]₹389.83
Hazelnut Rock [100 g]₹389.83
Milk Almond Rock [100 g]₹389.83
Mix Fruit Rock [100 g]₹389.83
Choco Lolly [20 g]₹88.98
Premium Box Red [100 g]₹889.83
Premium Box Black [200 g]₹1305.08
Slab Chocolate Marble [120 g]₹1008.47

Hot coffees

Triple Sec Mocha Coffee₹266.67
French Kiss Coffee₹266.67
Caramel Mocha Coffee₹266.67
Spice Latte Coffee₹261.91
Irish Coffee₹261.91
Macchiato Coffee₹180.96
Cafe Latte Coffee₹223.81
Cappuccino Hazelnut Coffee₹261.91
Cappuccino Caramel Coffee₹261.91
Cappuccino Coffee₹209.53
Americano Coffee₹209.53
Cafe Mocha Coffee₹233.34
Espresso Coffee₹180.96
Hot Chocolate₹319.05
Hazelnut Latte Coffee₹285.72
Vanilla Hot Chocolate₹404.77
Caramel Hot Chocolate₹404.77
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate₹404.77
Vanilla Latte Coffee₹285.72
Caramel Latte Coffee₹285.72

Cold Coffee

Iced Caramelo Cold Coffee₹300
Mocha Freeze Cold Coffee₹285.72
Iced Coffee₹276.20
Cafe Frappe₹328.58
Swiss Choco Frappe₹342.86
Cold Coffee₹290.48
Sugar Free Cold Coffee₹290.48
Iced Americano Cold Coffee₹266.67
Cafe Brownie Cold Coffee₹361.91

Chai On High

Lemon Tea₹200
Nik’s Special Masala Tea₹200
English Breakfast Tea₹200
Assam Tea₹200
Darjeeling Tea₹200
Green Tea₹200
Lemon & Ginger Tea₹200
Honey & Ginger Tea₹200
Chai Latte Tea₹219.05

Iced Tea

Peach Iced Tea₹309.53
Lemon Iced Tea₹309.53


Chocolate Banana Shake₹300
Strawberry & chocolate Shake₹300
Oreo Shake₹333.34
Chocolate Mint Shake₹323.81
Ferrero Rocher Shake₹409.53
Nutella Shake₹390.48
Brownie Blast Shake₹366.67

All Time Favourite Shake

Banana Shake₹323.81
Mango Shake₹323.81
Chocolate Shake₹323.81
Vanilla Shake₹323.81
Strawberry Shake₹323.81
Kiwi Shake₹328.58
Blueberry Shake₹328.58

Protein Shakes

Vanilla Protein Shake₹352.39
Strawberry Protein Shake₹352.39

Cake Shakes

Red Velvet Slice Shake₹323.81
Black Forest Slice Shake₹300
Oreo Royal Slice Shake₹323.81
Cappuccino Slice Shake₹300
Strawberry Chocolate Slice Shake₹300
Kitkat Slice Shake₹323.81
Pineapple Slice Shake₹300
Chocolate Truffle Slice Shake₹319.05
Fresh Fruit Slice Shake₹333.34
Strawberry Gateau Slice Shake₹333.34
Chocolate Mousse Slice Shake₹300
Blueberry Cheese Slice Shake₹319.05
New York Cheese Slice Shake₹323.81
Chocolate Mud Slice Shake₹300


Green Apple Cooler₹333.34


Virgin Mojito₹333.34
Fruit Punch₹333.34

Fresh Lime

Fresh Lime with Soda Sweet₹214.29
Fresh Lime with Soda Salty₹214.29
Fresh Lime with Soda Mix₹214.29
Fresh Lime with Water Sweet₹214.29
Fresh Lime with Water Salty₹214.29
Fresh Lime with Water Mix₹214.29


Iced Caramel Frappe₹276.20
Iced Hazelnut Frappe₹276.20
Iced Vanilla Frappe₹276.20


Peach Masala Lemonade₹266.67
Strawberry Masala Lemonade₹266.67

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Nik Bakers Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.