Nirulas Menu

Nirulas Menu

Nirula’s is the oldest fast food restaurant brand in India. The majority of the restaurants are in Northern India and it is the most popular chain in Delhi. Their first restaurant opened in 1977, and nowadays, there are around 70 in various states such as Patna, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Punjab, and many others, Nirulas Menu also has Western fast food apart from Indian cuisine dishes.

Nirulas Menu with Prices

Below is the updated menu of nirulas restaurant with price details.

Ice Cream Cakes

Chocolate Chip₹857
Manhattan Mania ₹857
Red Velvet₹857

LegenDairy Ice Creams

Ice Cream Party Pack Combo₹900
Flavour Of The Month – Coffee Caramel₹48
Strawberry Cheese Cake₹86
Almond Praline₹86
Alpha Mango 650Ml Tub₹381
Pineapple Pop₹86
Jamoca Almond Fudge₹86
Manhattan Mania₹86
Belgian Cocoa Chunk₹86
Butterscotch Crunch₹86
Espress O’ Fudge₹86
Delhi Delight₹86
Choc N’ Chip₹86
Coffee Walnut Brownie₹86
Da Fudge Brownie₹86
Zafrani Badaam Pista₹86
Zafrani Badaam Pista Lite₹95
Tooti Frooti₹86
Black Currant₹86
Cookies ‘N Creme₹86
Vicious Chocolate₹86
Red Velvet₹86
Badam Kewra₹381
Mint Chocolate Chip₹86
Vanilla Lite₹95
21 Love₹86
Cafe De Lite₹95

Original HCF

Hot Chocolate Fudge Original₹281
Brownie Hot Chocolate Fudge₹324
Hot Chocolate Fudge Junior₹233

Epic Burgers

Chatpata Aloo Burger₹99
The UnMeatable Burger₹249
Cheese Burst Burger₹189
Crispy Paneer Burger₹229
Fiery Bird Burger₹189
Pulled Chicken Burger₹229
Big Boy Mutton Burger₹229
Big Boy Mutton Cheese Burger₹249

Rockin’ Sundaes

Fruit Salad Sundae₹248
Hot Butter Scotch Sundae₹248
Pineapple Sundae₹248
Death By Chocolate₹324
Chocolate Brownie Overload₹267
Classic Fudge Brownie₹210

Ice Cream Shakes

Cold Coffee₹133
Oreo Shake₹162
Kit Kat Shake₹162
Brownie Shake₹162
Red Velvet Shake₹162
Butterscotch Shake₹133
Pineapple Shake₹133
Vanilla Shake₹133

Hot Classics

Mutton Chop₹305
Chicken Chop₹271
Mutton Sausage Cap-Oni Footlong₹210
Capsicum Onion Mushroom Footlong₹190
Hot Shoppe Footlong Veg₹190
Hot Shoppe Footlong Nonveg₹219
Chicken Tikka Footlong₹210

Side Kicks

Cheese N Garlic Toast₹95
French Fries₹86

Iconic Pizzas

Cheese Capsicum Onion Mushroom Pizza₹238
Cheese Capsicum Onion Pizza₹238
Veggie Supremo Pizza₹238
Roma Margherita Pizza₹238
Hot Shoppe Veg Pizza₹286
Teekha Paneer Tikka Pizza₹286
Italiano Pesto Vegetarian Pizza₹405
Mutton Sausage Capsicum Onion Pizza₹314
Chicken Delight Pizza₹286
Chicken Tikka Pizza₹286
Chilli Chicken Pizza₹286
Mutton Keema Do Pyaaza Pizza₹314
Pepperoni (Mutton) Pizza₹314
Italiano Pesto Chicken Pizza₹452
Hot Shoppe Nonveg Pizza₹314


Pepsi Can₹57
Mirinda Can₹57
Mountain Dew Can₹57

Syrups’n Sauces

Mustard Sauce – 190 Gm₹90
Chocolate Syrup – 230ML₹133
Lime Syrup – 230ML₹114
Golden Glow Syrup – 230ML₹114
Red Chilli Sauce – 190 Gm₹90
Green Chilli Sauce – 190 Gm₹90
Strawberry Syrup – 230ML₹114
Pineapple Syrup – 230ML₹114

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Nirulas Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.

Nirulas Delivery

Using Swiggy or Zomato or through Nirulas website, the ordering steps are very similar and easy. You just need to write your location, after that place your order choosing the way you want to pay, and it is done. Only wait a few minutes until the food arrives and the only thing you have left to do is enjoy the food.

Take advantage of the permanent discounts and offers of the restaurant that are available on their website and make use of them before placing your order.