Octant Pizza Menu

Octant Pizza Menu

Octant Pizza is all about a huge celebration of tastes, comprising of a plethora of delights of the finest quality. Be it pizzas, pastas, soups, or all types of Chinese dishes, or even noodles, rice, and breads- you will literally be spoilt for choice at the Octant Pizza! Octant Pizza menu also has a wide variety of Maggi. Octant Pizza is the largest pizzeria in Gujarat.

Having become immensely popular among the foodies, Octant Pizza now has many outlets spread across India. Simply walk into the Octant Pizza for a delicious treat or you may also order food online on Zomato or Swiggy from Octant Pizza and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Octant Pizza Menu with Prices

Here is the latest menu of Octant Pizza with price information in rupees.

Special Veg Pizza Mania

Corn Capsicum Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Onion Capsicum Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Onion Corn Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Onion Tomato Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Peri Peri Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Tomato Capsicum Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150
Tomato Corn Pizza Mania [9 Inches]₹150

Classic Pizza

Margherita Pizza [9 Inches]₹220
Ame Gujarati Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Cheese Burst Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Four Cheese Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Fresh Garden Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Green House Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Hawaiian Hunt Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Mexican Delight Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Red Chilli Spicy Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Bombay Veg Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Veg Makhani Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Veg Tandoori Pizza [9 Inches]₹290
Veggie Nation Pizza [9 Inches]₹290

Exotic Pizza

Fantastic Five Pizza [9 Inches]₹340
Hot And Spicy Pizza [9 Inches]₹340
Peri Peri Exotic Pizza [9 Inches]₹340
Rainbow Fresh Pizza [9 Inches]₹340
Veg Exotica Pizza [9 Inches]₹340

Gourmet Pizza

Kurkure Pizza [9 Inches]₹380
Peri Peri Mushroom Pizza [9 Inches]₹380
Veg Clubhouse Pizza [9 Inches]₹380

Amul Paneer Pizza

Paneer Pataka Pizza [9 Inches]₹390
Paneer Pleasure Pizza [9 Inches]₹390
Paneer Tikka Pizza [9 Inches]₹390
Paneer Veg Bonanza Pizza [9 Inches]₹390
Peri Peri Paneer Pizza [9 Inches]₹390
Tandoori Paneer Pizza [9 Inches]₹390


Veg Hot And Sour Soup₹190
Hot Garlic Soup₹190
Lemon Coriander Soup₹190
Veg Manchow Soup₹190
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹190
Tomato Soup₹190
Veg Clear Soup₹190
Veg Toofani Soup₹190
Veg Thai Soup₹190

Firing Wok Starters

Baby Corn Chilli Dry₹340
Crispy Veg₹340
Dragon Paneer₹340
Mushroom Chilli Dry₹340
Paneer 65₹340
Paneer Chilli₹340
Schezwan Paneer Chilli₹340
Veg 65₹340

Hot Starters

Dragon Potato₹280
Honey Chilli Potato₹280
Potato Masala Chilli₹280
Spicy Schezwan Potato₹280
Veg Manchurian₹280


Baby Corn Paneer Fried Rice₹280
Mexican Fried Rice₹280
Mushroom Onion Fried Rice₹280
Oriental Fried Rice₹280
Schezwan Fried Rice₹280
Singapore Fried Rice₹280
Veg Fried Rice₹280
Veg Pulao₹280
Veg Triple Fried Rice₹280


Schezwan Noodles₹220
Singapore Noodles₹220
Veg Hakka Noodles₹220
Veg Manchurian Noodles₹220
Chinese Chopsuey₹280
American Chopsuey₹340


Cheesy Vegetable Pasta₹280
Penne Arrabiata In Peri Peri₹280
Tadka Macaroni₹280
White Sauce Pasta₹280


Burnt Garlic Maggi₹190
Chinese Maggi₹190
Manchurian Maggi₹190
Peas Paneer Maggi₹190
Peri Peri Maggi₹190
Punjabi Tadka Maggi₹190
Veg Jain Maggi₹190
Veg Masala Maggi₹190
Veg Schezwan Mayo Maggi₹190

Classic Breads

Garlic Bread Toast₹120
Cheese Garlic Bread₹180

Gourmet Breads

Chocolate Cheese Bread₹220
Executive Garlic Bread₹220
Red Hot Bread₹220
Supreme Garlic Bread₹220


Indian Style Bruschetta₹220
Italian Bruschetta₹220
Veg Bruschetta₹220


Chinese Bhel₹280

Family Drink

Pepsi [2.25 Ltr]₹190

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Octant Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.