Oudh 1590 Menu

Oudh 1590 Menu

Oudh 1590 is the first-period dining restaurant in India. They serve traditional Awadhi-Mughlai cuisine. Oudh 1590 menu features vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, biryanis, and salaan.

The murgh tandoori and shahi dahi kabab are popular. The main course includes vegetarian, chicken, mutton, and lamb delights. The Awadhi dishes are a specialty at Oudh 1590 as it simply melts in your mouth. The galawati kabab and biriyani are also big hits. Besides these, they also offer varieties of Indian bread and dessert. A typical meal for two costs Rs.1200 (approx.) and they offer home delivery as well. They have eight outlets in Kolkata (Naktala, Sodepur, Madhyamgram, Jessore Road, Salt lake, Deshapriya Park, Vivekananda Park, and Behala)

Oudh 1590 Menu with Prices

Check out the full menu of Oudh 1590 restaurant with a price list.

Veg Starters Non Veg Starters Veg Biryani Non Veg Biryani Veg Salaan Non Veg Salaan Veg Awadhi Specialities Non Veg Awadhi Specialities Indian Breads Desserts Accompaniments

Veg Starters

Menu ItemsPrice
Corn Seekh Kabab (4 pcs)₹270
Mushroom Galwati Kabab (4 pcs)₹330
Paneer Sugandhi Kabab (4 pcs)₹270
Shahi Dahi Kabab (4 pcs)₹270
Veg Galwati Kabab (4 pcs)₹275
Veg Seekh Kabab (4 pcs)₹240

Non Veg Starters

Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi (4 pcs)₹450
Gosht Burrah Kabab (3 pcs)₹410
Galawati Kabab (4 pcs)₹395
Gosht Kakori Kabab (4 pcs)₹395
Gosht Shammi Kabab (2 pcs)₹320
Mahi Tikka Kabab (4 pcs)₹440
Mahi Zafrani Kabab (4 pcs)₹440
Murgh Afghani Kabab (4 pcs)₹320
Murgh Qalmi Kabab (4 pcs)₹320
Murgh Seekh Kabab (4 pcs)₹310
Murgh Shahi Tangri Kabab (4 pcs)₹320
Murgh Sugandhi Kabab (4 pcs)₹320
Murgh Tandoori₹270
Murgh Zafrani Kabab (4 pcs)₹320

Veg Biryani

Awadhi Palak Biryani₹325
Peas Pulao₹215
Subz Soya Biryani₹310
Veg Biryani₹235

Non Veg Biryani

Gosht Awadhi Handi Biryani₹445
Jhinga Biryani₹430
Kolkata Style Gosht Biriyani (serves 1)₹295
Kolkata Style Murgh Biriyani (serves 1)₹275
Moti Biryani₹420
Murgh Awadhi Handi Biryani₹420
Murgh Kofta Biryani₹420
Murgh Paradah Biryani₹425
Oudh 1590 Special Raan Biryani₹525

Veg Salaan

Awadhi Dal₹250
Paneer Korma₹275
Shahi Dal₹275
Subz Kofta Kalia₹270
Subz Makhan Masala₹250

Non Veg Salaan

Egg Bhuna (4 pcs)₹250
Murgh Kassa (2 pcs)₹295
Kolkata Style Murgh Chaap (1 pc)₹265
Murgh Irani (2 pcs)₹295
Murgh Rezala (2 pcs)₹310
Murgh Bhuna (4 pcs)₹330
Murgh Kundan Kalia (4 pcs)₹330
Murgh Shahi Korma (4 pcs)₹330
Gosht Bhuna (4 pcs)₹410
Kolkata Style Gosht Chaap (2 pcs)₹380
Gosht Kunadan Kalia (4 pcs)₹410
Gosht Rezala (4 pcs)₹410
Gosht Rogan Josh (4 pcs)₹410
Gosht Shahi Korma (4 pcs)₹410
Mahi Chaap (4 pcs)₹450
Mahi Kalia (4 pcs)₹450
Jhinga Irani Masala (6 pcs)₹460

Veg Awadhi Specialities

Awadhi Dum Aloo₹260
Awadhi Paneer Zafrani₹280
Lasuni Palak₹280
Paneer Rezala₹265

Non Veg Awadhi Specialities

Awadhi Gosht Chaap₹410
Awadhi Murgh Chaap (2 pcs)₹295
Awadhi Murgh Zafrani (2 pcs)₹320
Awadhi Murgh Malai (4 pcs)₹340
Dal Gosht₹360
Brain Masala₹385
Keema Kaleji₹395
Nehari Khaas₹415
Nargisi Kofta₹400
Awadhi Jhinga Malai (6 pcs)₹485
Murgh Mosallam₹1150
Nawabi Kabab Platter₹1950

Indian Breads

Roomali Roti₹50
Tandoori Roti₹50
Lucknowi Paratha70
Laccha Paratha70
Butter Naan₹80
Keema Paratha Non-Veg₹180


Gajar Ka Halwa₹140


Green Salad₹110
Onion Salad₹90
Anaras Raita₹140

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Oudh 1590 Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.