Oven Story Pizza Menu

Oven Story Pizza Menu

Oven Story Pizza has a good choice of pizza in local and international flavors. Oven Story Pizza menu features vegetarian favorites like mushroom fiesta semizza, garden fresh veggie, and paneer extravaganza. You can also create your own pizza with toppings of your choice. The cheese enthusiasts will love the double cheese margherita pizza and the desi enthusiasts will love the grilled paneer deep dish pizza.

Some of the popular non-vegetarian pizzas include smoked chicken sausage, chicken tikka, and BBQ chicken. You can also choose from a side order of cheesy chicken meatballs and potato chill shots. if you are ready to experiment or make your own pizza, head to Oven Story Pizza!

Oven Story Pizza Menu with Prices

Below is the latest menu of Oven Story Pizza with pricing information in rupees.

Bogo Pizza Combo

Choose any 2 Non-Veg₹575
Choose any 2 Veg Pizzas₹525
Half- &-Half pizzas₹349
Choose 1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg Pizza₹550
Choose any 2 Cheeseburst Pizzas₹725
Choose any 3 Medium Pizzas₹750
Make your Pizza meal₹475

Cheesy Deep Dish Pizzas

Veggie Summer Feast Deep Dish Pizza [Medium]₹587
Grilled Paneer Deep Dish Pizza [Medium]₹629
Chicken Exotica Deep Dish Pizza [Medium]₹702
Ultimo chicken Deep Dish Pizza [Medium]₹681

Personal Half Pizzas (Semizzas)

Napoli Veggies Semizza [Half Pizza]₹209
Maharaja Veg Semizza [Half Pizza]₹282
Margherita Semizza [Half Pizza]₹177
Paneer Extravaganza Semizza [Half Pizza]₹251
Chicken Meatball and Onion Semizza₹230
Smokey Sausage and Onion Semizza₹230
Chicken Tikka and Onion Semizza [Half Pizza]₹251
Double Chicken Treat Semizza [Half Pizza] ₹251
Double Paneer Supreme Semizza₹282
Veggie Supreme Semizza [Half Pizza]₹282
Mushroom Fiesta Semizza [Half Pizza]₹282
Very Veggie Semizza [Half Pizza]₹251
Mutton Overload Semizza [Half Pizza]₹366
BBQ Chicken Semizza [Half Pizza]₹251
Double Chicken Feast Semizza [Half Pizza] ₹282
Chicken Maximus Semizza [Half Pizza]₹335
Chicken Tikka & Kheema Semizza₹282
Double Cheese Margherita Semizza₹209

Big 11 Inch Cheese Burst Pizzas

Middle Eastern Supreme Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹634
Farmfresh Supreme Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹650
Famous Five Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹634
Big Western Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹634
Kheema and Sausages Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹634
Chicken Tikka & Kheema Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹635
Non-Veg Paradise Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹739
Mutton Overload Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹772
Corn and Cheese Cheese Burst Pizza₹450
Double Cheese Margherita Cheese Burst Pizza₹503
Chicken Tikka Cheese Burst Pizza₹571
Caramelized Onion Cheese Burst Pizza₹450
Maharaja Veg Cheese Burst Pizza Pizza [Medium]₹676
Margherita Cheese Burst Pizza [Medium]₹441

Big 11 Inch Signature Pizzas

Caramelized Onion Pizza [Medium]₹341
Corn and Cheese Pizza [Medium]₹341
Garden Fresh Veggie Pizza [Medium]₹482
Exotica Paneer Pizza [Medium]₹482
Double Cheese Margherita Pizza [Medium]₹394
Margherita Pizza [Medium]₹331
Smoked Chicken Sausage Pizza [Medium]₹387
Corn Veggie Delight Pizza [Medium]₹387
Kheema and Sausage Pizza [Medium]₹524
Chicken Delight Pizza [Medium]₹461
Non-veg Paradise Pizza [Medium]₹629
Chicken Tikka Pizza [Medium]₹461
Mutton Overload Pizza [Medium]₹660
Spanish Sunshine Pizza [Medium]₹482
Big Western Pizza [Medium]₹524
Chicken Maximus Pizza [Medium]₹629
Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza [Medium]₹524
Double Chicken Feast Pizza [Medium]₹524
Famous Five Pizza [Medium]₹524
Maharaja Veg Pizza [Medium]₹566
Middle Eastern Supreme Pizza [Medium]₹524
Double Paneer Supreme [Medium]₹566
BBQ Chicken Pizza [Medium]₹461

Combos (Serves 4) starting at 699

Two Classic Veg Medium Pizza₹734
Corn and Cheese and Double Cheese₹660
Two Classic Mix Medium Pizza₹734
Two Special Veg Medium Pizza₹839
Two Special Non-Veg Medium Pizza₹839
Two Special Mix Medium Pizza₹839
Two Loaded Veg Medium Pizza₹944
Two Loaded Non-Veg Medium Pizza₹944
Two Loaded Mix Medium Pizza₹944
Two Classic Non-Veg Medium Pizza₹734
Non Veg Semizza Combo for 4₹944
Veg Medium Pizza Combo for 4₹1049
Non Veg Medium Pizza Combo for 4₹1049
Chicken Tikka and Double Cheese₹713
Veg Semizza Combo for 4₹944

Combos (Serves 2) starting at 399

Two Classic Veg Semizza Combo₹419
Non Veg Cheese Burst Pizza Combo₹734
Two Classic Mix Semizza Combo₹419
Two Loaded Veg Semizza Combo₹461
Two Loaded Non-Veg Semizza Combo₹461
Two Loaded Mix Semizza Combo₹461
Veg Medium Pizza Meal₹576
Paneer Medium Pizza Meal₹629
Two Classic Non-Veg Semizza Combo₹419
Corn Veggie Delight Pizza Combo₹576
Maharaja Veg Pizza Combo₹629
Big Western Pizza Combo₹681
Veg Cheese Burst Pizza Combo₹734
Chicken Medium Pizza Meal₹681

Combos (Serves 1) starting at 249

Veg Semizza Meal₹387
Paneer Semizza Meal₹387
Chicken Semizza Meal₹387
Veg Semizza Combo₹261
Paneer Semizza Combo₹261
Chicken Semizza Combo₹261

Sides & Beverages

Cheese Infused Garlic Bread (with Free Cheese Dip)₹142
Chipotle Cheese Dip₹25
Potato Chill Shots (with Free Mint Mayonnaise Dip)₹100
Falafel shots (with Free Mint Mayonnaise Dip)₹100
Coca-Cola (475 ML)₹60
SWIG Jeera Masala₹50
Cheesy Chicken Meatballs₹115
4 Cheese Dips Combo₹89
Cheese Dip₹25
Peri Peri Cheese Dip₹25
SWIG Green Apple₹50

Pastas and Lasagne

Paneer Tikka Mac N Cheese Pasta₹294
Punjabi Butter Chicken Mac N Cheese Pasta₹326
Chatpate Chole Quesadilla₹194
Bombay Masala Quesadilla₹194
Kheema Paratha Quesadilla₹226
Smokey Sausage Quesadilla₹226
Chipotle Meatball Quesadilla₹226
Bhuna Chicken Quesadilla₹242

Desserts (upto 25% savings)

Chocolate Crusted Cheesecake (Contains Egg)₹152
Rich Red Velvet Pastry (Eggless) ₹158
Mango Cheesecake (Eggless)₹152
New York Cheesecake (Contains Egg) ₹194
Chocolate Truffle Pastry (Eggless) ₹147
Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (500gm) (Eggless) ₹734
Indulgence Brownie (Eggless)₹110
Molten Lava Cake₹104
Hazelnut Brownie (Eggless)₹110


Oreo Brownie (Eggless)₹121
Belgian Chocolate Cake (500gm)₹782
Chocolate Truffle Cake (500 gm)₹679
Red Velvet Cake (500 Gms) (Eggless)₹683
Chocolate Lava (Eggless) ₹100
Chocolate Lava (Pack Of 5)₹452

Disclaimer: We are always trying to get the most accurate Oven Story Pizza Menu information. Let us know if you notice anything that’s outdated.